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Tinnitus Masker Pro allows you to choose from 14 different sounds and change their parameters so you can achieve the best masking effect for your tinnitus symptoms.Tinnitus Masker Pro is extremely easy to use and get to grips with, yet versatile enough to cover a wide variety of tinnitus symptoms. Sounds include, white, brown, blue, pink and violet noise, oceansurf, rain, wind, crickets, cicadas, radio static, airliner cabin, fan noise and aircon noise. Your settings are automatically saved on exiting the program, and you can easily restore them with one click when you restart the program. Tinnitus Masker Pro generates various types of noise specifically designed to help mask your tinnitus.
Masking is the use of other sounds to "drown out" or "mask" the annoying noises associated with tinnitus.
Tinnitus Masker Pro goes a step further than standard masking products , allowing you to experiment with an infinite number of combinations of sounds and frequencies until you find the best masking effect for your symptoms. Masking is generally successful because the masking sound and the tinnitus sound are vastly different in quality. Ignoring the masking sound, which covers up the tinnitus, means that the tinitus is automatically ignored as well. Tinnitus Masker Deluxe konnen Sie genau festlegen, welche Sounds finden Sie am besten Ihren Tinnitusmaskieren und mischen sie zusammen,Echtzeit-Maskierung Erleichterung uber Kopfhorer oder Lautsprecherschaffen.
You can also quickly and easily record the output to a .wav file, ready to be burned to CD. So you may pan one sound to one ear, and another sound to the other ear to acheive the desired masking effect for your tinnitus symptoms.

Also built in is the option to convert your saved wav file to mp3 format, for maximum file size reduction. In the past, sufferers wishing to mask their symptoms usually ended up purchasing many masking CDs and hardware maskers in an effort to find a suitable masking effect for their particular tinnitus symptoms.
You can then play the combination of sounds back in realtime, or record the sound output to wav or mp3.
White Noise is basically the mixture of a broad spectrum of frequencies tuned to the same pitch and randomly generated.
The device may come in the form of a machine, a CD or hearing aid while the latest innovation comes in the form of a pillow. Alternativ konnen Sie in wav oder mp3 aufnehmen,benutzerdefinierte tragbaren Maskierung CDserstellen. So you may save as many different combinations of sounds as you like, and play them back at anytime with one click. Sound Machines allow you to ease into sleep with white noise; or you need something as simple as a white noise CD or a relaxing sound CD such as the 980-A for patients who are sufferers of tinnitus or have difficulty sleeping. White noise is a subtle, steady sound, such as the A«shhhhA» sound of ocean waves gently caressing.
Most often, these tinnitus masker devices make use of the white noise technology in order to provide the. These sounds are ignored if they are not too loud or harsh and if they are relatively constant and monotonous.

The benefits of color noise have been utilized in clinics, schools, households, + Mask Tinnitus, + Pacify children and pets + Soothe Migraines.
White Noise is basically the combination of a wide range of frequencies tuned to the same step and randomly generated. Listening to a CD with white noise can distract the listener from the ringing sound, therefore indirectly treating the problem. Tinnitus CD Another method is to listen more carefully focused on the frequency selected on the basis of individual symptoms. The natural sounds of the rain, wind or sounds of a washing machine running can help mask the ringing noise in ears. Also white noise CD's and homeopathic remedies will also help when dealing with bouts of tinnitus attacks.
For years people have been using the white noise from a fan to reduce the annoyance of tinnitus.
White Noise CDs, White Noise Machines and Soothing Nature Sounds for Tinnitus and Ringing Ear symptoms available. Some people use it to help distract their mind away from the Tinnitus sound or tinnitus ear noise.

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