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Laser therapy has been used in hospitals for inner ear disorders, such as tinnitus, partial deafness due to tinnitus, ear pressure, dizziness, vertigo, acute hearing loss and hearing distortion for a number of years. There is now a clinically proven treatment to help reduce and prevent loud indistinct sound in your ears, mild to moderate hearing loss, Meniere’s disease and dizziness, pain or the feeling of pressure in the ear. Tinnitus occurs when the filters in your brain and ears that determine how you respond to sound “tune in” to a tinnitus signal. Tinnitool Ear Laser harnesses the exact same soft laser therapy used in ENT hospitals and clinics.
The Tinnitool Ear Laser fits simply and snugly on the ear projecting the pain free laser treatment directly to the inner ear. As head of the medical negligence department, I have a particular interest in complex and high-profile clinical negligence cases, several of which have been widely reported in the local and national media. Overseeing EAD’s success and expansion of the Clinical Negligence department, and obtaining the right outcomes for my clients.

When not in the office and looking after my daughter (which is most of the time), the thing I love to do most is read, especially classic literature. EAD Solicitors LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership registered in England (registered number OC334289) and is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (487037). Unfortunately, because the treatment is lengthy and time-consuming, hospital stays and clinic time can be very expensive. There are lots of different reasons why this can happen; exposure to loud noise, hearing loss, a side effect of medication, ear or head injuries, diseases of the ear, ear infections, emotional stress or combination of these.
The proven Tinnitool Ear Laser accelerates the regeneration of damaged cells in the auditory system, reducing tinnitus and symptoms associated with it. This includes a ground-breaking case involving a young women who underwent an emergency hysterectomy at the age of 19 – one of the first where a claim was made to seek compensation for the costs of surrogacy. Following graduation I chose to convert my degree to Law and I studied the GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) and then the LPC (Legal Practice Course) at the College of Law in Chester.

I have been involved in settlement of a number of brain injury cases with damages to in excess of ?5 million. Any reference to a partner in relation to the LLP means a member or employee of, or consultant to, the LLP. I am well known as an expert in cases involving women’s health and have been involved in high profile ‘right to life’ cases.

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