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We have said anything you must not say, we have worn anything you must not wear, we have done anything you must not do according to the great book of rules in Heavy Metal. Yet we have ploughed our way to well over 2 million discs sold and played to thousands of fans in 40 countries around the globe. That's not a bad start for a band that's never been taken seriously by the majority of the press?
We have always been true to ourselves, even if record label people may have freaked out over certain decisions we've made.

If you take yourself too seriously you may end up with a heart attack in this crazy Metal business. What counts is that AGE OF THE JOKER is a great album, you know that, the EDGUYs know that, our producer Sascha Paeth knows that, and our fans will find out shortly. It's an enchanting topic, and still I think that there is too much romanticizing about him. At the end of the day Robin Hood wants all people to be equal, while he wants to remain their leader, he steals from the business class and gives it to the lazy ones in coach.

And he hides in the bushes to attack sharp dressed doers in the fast lane of the main road, just like those people on online message boards, that attack us, hiding their identity behind nick names. I'd just call it the best album since the invention of electricity and nothing else!" HC: Are there any songs that stand out to you as being the best from the album?

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