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The fast-paced urbanization across the world is a fact and society faces a great challenge in terms of managing the urban soundscape.
These noise levels can certainly have a negative impact on the citizens’ quality of life in these cities. While there are a lot of great challenges in terms of taking measures to reduce the noise pollution in urban centers, there is a growing movement of people and institutions alike speaking up against noise. The growing grass-roots movement against noise pollution has every opportunity to influence, and even drive, a transformation of society.
Of course you can get a sound pressure meter app for your phone, even the free ones work pretty well. Most Popular Posts Error: cannot ajaxify WordPress Popular Posts on this theme.
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You must carry out regular Noise Risk Assessments and take action to reduce excessive noise exposure. Cirrus Research is here to help you every step of the way, from choosing the right sound level meter or noise dosimeter to providing ongoing UK training and support.
The ideal instrument for you also depends upon what regulations or standards you need to comply with. You can also use a Class 1 or Type 1 sound level meter that meets these standards but you should never use a meter that does not meet these standards to at least Type 2 as it will not meet the requirements laid down by the HSE.

You should also have a suitable acoustic calibrator to check the sound level meter before and after making any measurements. The peak sound pressure (LCpeak) is the maximum value of the 'C'-frequency weighted instantaneous noise pressure. These OSHA Regulations recommend the use of a Type 2 sound level meter (a Class 1 or Type 1 Sound Level Meter can also be used) with "Slow" time weighting. As of August 1981, OSHA noise exposure standards consist of a two-stage program where hearing conservation measures become mandatory at 85 dBA for an 8-hour day but feasible engineering or administrative noise controls are required when exposures exceed 90 dBA. Hearing Conservation Programs - include annual audiometric testing and provision of hearing protectors. Engineering Controls - include reducing machinery noise through redesign, replacement with quieter equipment or by reducing the transmission of noise along the path from source to receiver. Administrative Controls - include reducing noise exposure by limiting the time an employee is exposed to given noise levels.
There is indeed a lot of beauty in the eclectic sounds of city life, but the noise levels have unfortunately gotten out of hand.
It’s essential that this dialogue about sound and noise in our society is not only kept alive, but also intensified.
Hard decibel data makes the case more credible when you then contact whoever is in charge and start a dialogue about how things can be improved. Ignoring this hazard can result in fines or prosecution from the Regulator, as well as leave your business vulnerable to compensation claims.

All of our noise measurement equipment complies with the Noise At Work Regulations, ensuring you are taking accurate measurements. However, there may have an additional period of five years from 15 February 2006 with regard to limit values for personnel on board seagoing vessels.
Your Sound Level Meter should also be calibrated using an Calibrator to check that the meter is operating correctly before making any measurements.
And 92 decibels at an average Boston restaurant does not call for a relaxing dining experience.
Hearing damage is irreversible, so it is vital to ensure you are protecting your employees and your business. It’s interesting to note that restaurant reviews are increasingly factoring in the sound experience as part of the review. The doseBadge is ideal for making non-intrusive measurements of occupational noise on the go and in any environment. And it’s getting more common for people to avoid certain restaurants because of the noise level.

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