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Did you know that some of those over-the-counter medicines in your medicine cabinet right now could be responsible for your tinnitus? There may be reason for you to look at some other causes of your tinnitus – namely some common drugs that cause tinnitus as a side effect. About 50% of the American population is taking at least one prescription drug, many for common ailments such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and depression. In addition to the drug performing as advertised in treating a particular ailment, that drug also causes other reactions in your body that are not desired, but tolerated in order to receive the positive benefits. I’ve researched 5 common drugs taken by large segments of society that can cause tinnitus as a side effect. Also known as Sumatriptan, Imitrex is a receptor subtype agonist, used in the treatment of migraine headaches. Levaquin is in a class of drugs called quinolones and is usually prescribed to treat serious cases of bacterial infections of the lungs, skin and urinary tract. A beta blocker, used in the treatment of high blood pressure, angina (chest pain caused by blocked arteries in the heart) and heart attack. Neurontin is an anti-epileptic medication that is also used to treat nerve pain from the herpes virus (shingles). Pepcid(Famotidine) is a histamine-2 blocker that reduces the amount of acid in the stomach.

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Have you seen your doctor, only to be told that your tinnitus was caused by damage to the sensitive parts of the cochlea, and there is no cure, and only limited treatments available?
Simply put,Imitrex works by constricting blood vessels (vasoconstriction) to relieve that intense pain from a migraine headache.
One of the major side effects of Levaquin is the rupture and injury of tendons – mainly in the elderly. Lopressor is also used as a preventative for migraine headaches and the for treatment of anxiety.
Neurontin is a powerful drug that can have serious side effects relating to kidney, liver and heart disease. Heel USA defines modern homeopathy with advanced combination formulas backed by science, and the recommendations of thousands of healthcare practitioners delivering safe, effective health care solutions for the entire family.

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Those with chronic vascular disease or heart conditions should be careful when using the drug.
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