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HEARING VISION provides Tinnitus Masker as a device which can give instant relief for Tinnitus sufferer, and it is a non-invasive alternative to minimize the symptoms of Tinnitus. Tinnitus Masker shape is similar to hearing aid, either hidden in the ear canal or placed behind the ear. It will produce a similar sound to urban noise (also called WHITE NOISE) with loudness and noise types adjusted to the Tinnitus patient’s need. While in use, the tinnitus sound will instantly be covered, thus becoming an instant reliever.
If the Tinnitus symptom is also accompanied with hearing loss, we also provide a device to correct both at the same time. Perhaps it's time to have your hearing checked.   We can help you find out about your hearing health and offer ways to improve the quality of your hearing. At Broadmead Hearing Clinic and Oak Bay Hearing Clinic, we are here to listen to you and your hearing needs, and we can provide the best, most up-to-date hearing solutions to fit your lifestyle.

With clinical expertise as its foundation, the Oak Bay and Broadmead Hearing Clinics aim to set the standard for auditory care in Victoria.
Whether you have a long-term hearing loss or if you are just noticing a lack of “clarity” with speech, we are here to help. My hearing instruments are great for normal conversations, meetings and especially when finalizing sound mixes to make sure I haven't boosted the "top end" of the music to intolerable decibels for normal ears.
I am excited to hear of your big move into new consulting offices with more space, and room for your additional professional staff. I first became aware of my loss of hearing during 2006 and resisted the need to visit an audiologist. Your receptionist Devon always greets us with such a smiling happy face putting us immediately at ease.
If the device is used for certain duration during the day as recommended by the audiologist, slowly the brain will be trained to neglect the tinnitus sound (called the technique Habituation ), and overtime the loudness of the Tinnitus Masker may be reduced until such time that the device is no longer needed.

Embracing advanced technology and innovation, we seek to improve the quality of life for each of our patients through individually tailored solutions.
Erin Wright at Oak Bay Hearing Clinic in Victoria for her efforts in helping with my hearing loss. It was with some trepidation that I had my initial visit with you and subsequent purchase of hearing aids in February 2007. You have made such a difference to the quality of my life and of that of my family around me as well.
Since that initial visit I have visited you on several occasions and found yourself and your staff most helpful.

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