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At Tinnitus Treatment Solutions, we understand how moderate to severe tinnitus can truly disrupt one's life.
Our patient-centred telehealth approach allows you to remain connected to your clinician, anywhere and anytime, without having to schedule face-to-face appointments. Sound therapy includes different types of treatment sounds, and therapies differ by the volume of the treatment sound relative to the tinnitus.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 999 or go to an accident and emergency services facility to seek immediate care. Our approach is to evaluate patients' tinnitus and potential hearing loss, and then work with the patient to find the best solution to meet his or her needs. No longer is there a need to drive in - just pick up the phone, or send a quick email message to ask questions and discuss treatment options in near real time.

Suitable sound therapy candidates may take advantage of a free, 30 day device trial, including personal patient education and follow-up.

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