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Most clinicians have little experience with tinnitus treatments, and are unsure of how to help a patient suffering from the condition. Richard Tyler, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head Neck Surgery and in the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at the University of Iowa.
As a sign of growing interest in transhumanism, the Washington Post recently featured a symposium with several distinguished writers. At the moment, transhumanism is a ill-defined and fractured movement with many different strands, ranging from more-or-less mainstream to whacky.
Filling a significant gap in literature, this book offers a variety of in-depth protocols to treat tinnitus.

Tyler and Sergei Kochkin, PhD recently sat down to talk about the results of a survey they conducted about tinnitus treatment and the effectiveness of hearing aids, which was published in the December 2008 edition of The Hearing Review. It may indicate a growing interest in its aspirations, in an election year when a transhumanist, Zoltan Istvan, is seriously running for President. Most of them were solidly in favour and relatively conservative on the transhumanist spectrum. It envisages technology which will help the elderly to cope with disability and soldiers to perform superhuman feats of strength, agility and alertness. Highly experienced clinicians give you the practical strategies to apply such therapeutic modalities as cognitive-behavioral therapy, individual and group sessions, sound therapy, habituation therapy, and narrative therapy.

On the whacky side, there are visions of a new species of humanity and uploading consciousness to the internet.
With key clinical information for implementing all current therapies, this text is an essential professional tool for audiologists, psychologists, and other practitioners involved in managing otologic disorders.

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