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It’s hard to imagine that the Electro-Swing movement is in its relative infancy in the USA – the country that probably provides the most inspiration for many acts swinging a beat these days.
A native Austinite of the great state of Texas our young bass sorcerer can be found scouring ruins and dungeons in search of fresh booty bass spells to cast on the dance floor. Forged in the sky fires of Austin, TX, our young adventurer has taken on the noble quest of spreading the booty bass to the far reaches of the realm. In your first EP, Retrobeat, released in 2014, we found swing beats but also Brazilian beats. Step Up features Anthony Meade (trombone, vocals, production), eZel (vocals, production, bass), Karolina Lux (trumpet, vocals), Bevin Victoria (vocals), and Jon VanCura (tenor and baritone sax).
Of course there are also original songs on the album: the title track, Step Up, a mid-tempo ghetto-swing track with tight Andrews Sisters style vocals, and The Messenger, an instrumental groove with hard-hitting horn lines.
It’s time to get snazzed up again and get down to the sounds of Oslo?s ElectroSwing, with the forth of a series of shows, every month, from us to you here on mixcloud.
We hope you dig these eclectic swing sounds as much as we do, there’s plenty more for your dancing feet. DJ Greem (C2C) & Mighty Mezz (Caravan Palace) recently were in Buenos Aires, their second gig together in Latin America, after Sao Paulo and before Rio de Janeiro. Mighty Mezz: The set also starts from all the vintage lines, because we cannot really say that a piece as Down the Road is electro-swing.
Dj Greem: The starting point was that we thought that it would be cool to spend New Year’s Eave in Rio de Janeiro. DJ Greem: It was not a big club as here Niceto, but over there they make rather specialized gigs. You’re used to combine digital and organic music in live, Mighty with Caravan Palace and Greem with Hocus Pocus. Mighty Mezz: With Caravan Palace we look for texture, to make tracks that transpired, that we hardly can find today with numeric.
Mighty Mezz: In the 30’ and 40’s, from the moment you were playing Swing, you necessarily had people dancing. Inspired by the music of his grandparents, the Soulbrarian borrows swingin’ grooves and tight ensemble phrases from rare vintage recordings and fuses them with modern production techniques and live instrumentation. New King Dooji is a remix of one of the Soulbrarian’s all-time favorite Swing tunes, composed by the great Duke Ellington and originally recorded in 1939. Juan Villafane is one of the greatest dancer of the actual Vintage Dance scene: from Lindy Hop to Jazz roots and Tap. Without a doubt, the most important performance was at The Apollo Theater in Harlem, NYC in memory of Mr. You recently inaugurated a premises of Swing City, a Swing school in Buenos Aires you created with Manuel Bicain Goral and Mariel Gastiarena. We are proud to present you, our 3 remixes of Friend like me, taken from Aladdin’s OST. Without having practiced at all they had their first live gig in a bar at Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. After some more gigs in that bar BMVT played their first sets in clubs and started producing own tracks and remixes. Despite greatly enjoying music production and studio time, live performances is what they love and do best. But amongst the pioneers over there, two producers Atom Smith and Buck Down, aka The Gentlemen Callers of LA, are shining brightest right now. Nearly all would and should be in the record bags of most Electro-Swing DJs because The Gentleman Callers know how to get a party started. And amongst others it’s their reworking on the latter’s track ‘The Devil Swings Out’ that really stands out here due to the source material’s slightly darker, original take on the electro swing genre. Their remix of Lamuzgueule’ ‘Bada Boom Swing’ has a cheeky dubstep bass line and other warm and bouncy glitch-funk sounds, whilst making good use of the original vocals and guitar groove.
Armed with an arsenal of upbeat, freaky, fresh tunes Buck Fuddy is sure to get your dancin’ shoes grooving. It is a collective of 4 Dj’s, from differents horizons, who produce a tasty Electro-Swing, or Retro Beat, as they call it.
We all four already worked together in the Rio’s night scene in other projects as producers, djs or photographers. The EP contains two covers: one an upbeat, vintage romp of Beyonce’s Partition, and the other a sexy, dance-worthy rendition of the traditional John The Revelator.
The fifth song, Midnight in Hollywood, is a reinvention of a dark Tom Waits-like tune written by another of eZel’s bands, Uncle Nancy and the Family Jewels, based out of Eugene.

The EP includes their version of the Kool And The Gang song “Ladies Night” and a catchy remix of it. At that time I was not still in Caravan Palace, but I already was looking for things like that.
And then that we had the same way of seeing music and to play this contrast of putting vintage musics in the modern sauce with drums and basses electronics. Our two groups had brought us together by the music and so we thought that could be also a good idea to make some DJ sets. I notice it because I have to mix tracks, and sometimes the alchemy is hard to have to make it sound good. I have a fresher look, more novice of electro-swing than Mighty, because he through it for a long time now. Endless hours of practicing, watching the original dancers on VHS and always on the lookout for more information (that’s music, dancing, history, fashion, you name it). Also, it sets certain standards of professionalism and is definitely a stepping-stone to keep growing as a scene, both locally and internationally. The message of this culture is one of inclusion, tolerance, joy and happiness but it keeps it real. A different style of music that gets touched by Jazz and incorporates it to create a new concept.
Though, the swinging rhythm is the key for real Lindy Hop dancing so when dancing to Electroswing, blending it with house dancing, Chicago footwork and stuff like that is the way to go. It is the new project of electro swing music by Emmanuel Bravo, and Charleston Darknight is the name of the first album.
The barkeeper was amazed, the audience dancing and the musicians exhausted and satisfied after a 7 hours nonstop set. Since then BMVT have featured at almost any Electro Swing party in Germany and hold a residency at the Electro Swing Crew Hamburg.
Big brassy beats and swinging a groove like there’s no tomorrow; what more could one ask for? The Callers add a heavy, funky beat and lots of modulation shenanigans to finely tune the original into a dance floor classic.
Their reworking of Sepiatonic’s ‘Pretty Polly Pepper’ is destined to become an electro-swing club classic, and the vintage electro 808 beats of Pony and Dr. Even before I started spinning electro-swing I was very involved in my town’s swing-dance scene and I am an avid lindy-hopper. There is this kind of pieces with other mixtures that the electro-swing, but they aren’t the most. And then we started pretty early, among 2000, 2001, with musicians, until we were 9 at stage with a horn section. What we thought, with Caravan Palace, is that it would be a shame to miss this experience, since we are trying to mix this music with electronic music. Actually, I’ve been surprised, sometimes, by the poverty of ways to interpret sounds, because it’s still hackneyed. But I remember that I fell in love with the music, the fashion and the dancing in that clip. I watched those clips so many times that I knew every single detail by heart but never had the chance to meet any of them. Unlike most of the other festivals, the Holi Festival is not only about the music, but also about the colours.
I was introduced to electro-swing through a swing dancer friend and I thought it would be perfect to add to my sets. Later, I heard people saying that a mix of the Aristocats we made for the DMC in 2005, could be put in this genre. Mighty is going to be more electro music-swing, thus sometimes he wants to play other musics. And this year they got on him again and we suggested making a set the two of us in this vein. So, with the singer we both decided to take this direction, and make happenings like C2C did with the percussionists or the kora. I started researching and quickly realized that actual Big Band Swing, Lindy Hop and Tap were the thing I was looking for. I traveled by myself to Europe to visit some important Swing Dance Events, specially the legendary Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden. Then, when I started travelling I got the opportunity to met some amazing dancers and performers that greatly influenced my ways of working.

A place where I can share and give to others all the joy that this dance gave me, without having to travel to the opposite side of the planet to do so. Sooner or later the people who stick to it will end up listening to Jazz and most likely would dance as a consequence.
My other musical interests involve soul, funk, jazz, hip-hop, disco, reggae, rock and house. And in fact it is by the deck and by the hip-hop which I managed to try and really dig what there was behind samples. And I am similar I play more hip-hop but I also like jazzy mix, which I cannot necessarily play on trap parties. Dates follow one another and the funny part it’s that we could have begun the tour in Paris, but for the first gig we ended up in Sao Paulo. On the one hand you have the power of modern music but also the soul side of vintage music. Later, with C2C, we started with 4 DJs and when we had to do shows in bigger stages we thought that it would be great to get a 2.0 version. Now, they are things super classy in Swing and Jazz, with which we can do really interesting things.
This is before Internet was everywhere, before YouTube, so you can imagine how deep you had to dig to find the information down in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Meanwhile I can keep studding and growing as a dancer and promote Swing Dance Culture in my own country. I always try to throw in some creative mixes, samples, or unusual tracks to keep things interesting! That was a big work of selection to manage to make an evolutive set with other styles, which we also like: French touch, some pieces a bit housy. So we worked again with the Hocus Pocus horn section, plus percussionists guests, MCs, kora and balafon musicians. I started digging because, with my partner Pfel (C2C), we wanted to do an electro-swing set. I of course had bad runs and made mistakes many times but I rather remember and learn from those experiences.
On the same album, we have Down the Road, which is rather electro, Together, a great hip-hop, and then we have Happy which is more into this jazzy vein. We really tried to make a show where there is exactly what we talk about with Mighty: something with both organic and electronic music. In Tap my biggest influences are Joseph & Josette Wiggan, Sarah Reich, Jason Samuels Smith, Andrew Nemr and Thomas Marek. During 2015 we did Swingin’ Nights, every thursday and it became a steady social dance night in Buenos Aires. It turns out that by mixing styles sometimes it’s transformed into a name, which was already decided.
In 2016 we will go back to the big production format and on Friday January 8th we kick off the season with a special edition of Swingin Party ElectroSwing!
Swing dancing and music is here to stay and it’s just a matter of time before it becomes viral.
For us, who love Lindy Hop and its ways but are modern people, influenced by what’s up in the world right now in terms of music and art in general, ElectroSwing is a perfect fit.
This year K-Paul, Drunken Masters, Thomas Lizzara, Tinush, Izzy Trixx, Schluck den Druck, Bombay Boogie and Soundsystem were performing in Berlin.
We have showed people that our set is not necessarily blocked into electro-swing, but that there is always this spirit of shocks of times.
We traveled around the world, USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, around 25 different countries, and who knows how many cities. Mighty Mezz (Caravan Palace) and DJ Greem (C2C) will be in Buenos Aires for an amazing DJ set as team. Teaching at Dance Festivals and workshops, performing and or competing at the top of the game. Other two big influences in regards of performing and the life of a traveling artists are Victor Rubilar, an Argentinean juggler now living in Stockholm and The Rampin Brothers a trio of exceptional acrobats who performed for Cirque Du Soleil for over a decade and who had give me great words of advice during all these years. And we like to get the original track when a DJ used just a looped brass riff, to maybe pick up more material to complete the sequence.

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