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Zonique is a beautiful young lady, but I would not allow any child living in my home to leave wearing something with her chi chi's hanging out.
I don't think the dress reflects who or what she will be when she grows up but it is a matter of a time and a place for everything.
MsMidwest, being that, in your words, you "dressed grown," I think your point of view is slanted. Oh, and just because YOU don't know any parents like the Huxtable's doesn't mean they don't exist.
I'm so sorry if I had you thinking I GAVE 2 FUCKS about your comments or this post because I ran out of FUCKS TO GIVE 100 YEARS AGO! My mother would've stuck her foot out and tripped me, before she let me walk out the house with my boobies showing like that.
You may have caught an eyeful of their controversial BET performance, but you may have no idea who the OMG Girlz are. Perhaps they may have not made a lasting impression with the world since their performance on the 2009 BET Awards, but the OMG Girlz intend to prove themselves.

What kind of mother with a darn brain would allow her 16 or 17 year old to wear a dress showing that much cleavage? Childhood is short adulthood is forever and now is the time for her to dress act and behave like a child. The world's a huge place and we always don't know what's going on outside our certain area.
HAHAHAHA Now move right along and find you some BUSINESS..I'm done playing with you kid!!!!!!
The OMG Girlz are in fact a singing group which consists of four girls ranging from ages 10-13. I finished school and went to college and to this day I don't have kids and I have a GREAT career in the healthcare field. When we dress little girls like grown women we run the risk of others talking to them and treating them like women before their time. So don't sit here and tell me that BULLSHIT about them becoming grandparents because of a prom dress or how she dresses PERIOD!

She is dressed provocatively no question and this picture is surely spread over social media it's no telling what may be said to her. Not saying it's right that people speak sexually to a provocatively dressed woman it's just life and is it really worth running that risk to have your child face that for a dress I don't think so. People kill always trying to judge people and their parenting skills..what works for you and your family DONT work for the next! And tell me this then I'm SOOO done..How do you know if they don't already know what college she is going to??
I'm so lost at how the FUCK people think they really know what these celebs..do in their personal lives!

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