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In dire need of some theological conversation that would feed my soul, I decided to try this group out despite being the youngest by a margin of somewhere around thirty plus years. So here is where there is a great divergence between the wise women who taught me much and the modern movements of Titus 2 Women: courage to speak the truth, to identify injustice supported by our church traditions, to call out theological arrogance for what it is, namely, sin.
While none of these women, sans the pastor, was formally educated in theology, each one had, over the course of her life, reflected deeply about God and life, about living and dying, about pain and faithfulness. I suppose in some ways this group of women is simply reflective of the best tradition of Methodism, the notion that we can disagree about our beliefs and yet create a vibrant and healthy community of faith. My concern with the Titus 2 Woman movement is not the idea that older women have much to share. But when the Titus 2 Woman is one whose message is confined to a certain segment of the church, when she is valued because of her willingness to support sexism in the name of the church, when she is heard only if she echoes the patriarchal values of some segments of Christianity, then I mourn the loss of what could have been. When it comes to this series of blog posts, I want everyone to understand that becoming a godly woman isn’t about following a list of do’s and don’ts. Now before anyone jumps down my throat about this: Our actions are important, but our actions are important because they are a reflection of our hearts, a reflection of our character. I believe that when we approach verses like Titus 2:3-5 and Proverbs 31 we need to be looking at the character of the women that they are describing, not the list of things that they do. I know it says “to love their husbands and children” but love is the key word here when it comes to looking at the character of the Titus 2 woman. This one is quite evident, and this is not the first or last place that Paul talks about self-control. Submission…The world hates this word, but I think that is because the world has a twisted view of the word.
When we are single, we have a tendency to look at the word “submissive” and think that it doesn’t apply to us.
When I was younger, I used to wish for the times when young women lived at home until they were married, but those times have passed us and the majority of single women today have to work outside the home in order to support themselves.
But even if you work outside the home, you have to learn how to take care of a home and I believe that is what Paul is talking about here. As I have read through and studied the character traits of the Titus 2 woman, I have begun learning more about the woman I want to be whether single or married.
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Marketed as the biblical injunction of older women to teach younger women to be modest and sober, to be good mothers and wives, Titus 2 women strive to pass on from one generation to another the acceptable traits of a good biblical woman.
It happened several years ago when I attended a Wednesday morning Bible discussion group at my church. Over the first few weeks as I dashed out of my university office in order to make it to the church in time, I began to notice how the anticipation of being with this group of wonderfully wise women gave my day—and often my week—a much needed lift. And in so doing, each one had arrived at a unique understanding of God and the ways in which God interacts with the world. Yet, what I found so remarkably refreshing about this group was they really practiced this Methodist claim.
There are many characteristics or virtues to be found in these verses that all women should be developing in their lives. Being a kind woman means giving a helping hand to someone in need (and sometimes this includes you). I don’t have a husband to love, and how am I supposed to work at home when I have bills to pay? There are few young women who are blessed enough to have the choice of staying at home and not working outside the house until they are married. Even if I never marry I want others to see the characteristics in me that I see in this woman that the apostle Paul describes. Too, these women were willing to hear what others said, to take it in and fully wrestle with it, and decide whether or not she saw some fresh insight. In fact, I would venture to say most churches would benefit greatly to have older women speak from their pulpits regularly. And you’ll know you’ve truly found them, when the wisdom they offer invites you to wonder about the mystery of what it means to be truly human and when they encourage you to realize there is nothing faithful about certitude. Yes, specifically the apostle Paul is talking about loving husbands and children, but shouldn’t we love whomever we meet? The topic of purity is usually addressed to singles and teens, but here Paul is actually addressing married women.
Even when you are single…No, especially when you are single it is important to take care of your home.
I want to be seen as a loving, godly woman who take care of the things that the Lord has blessed her with.

I am a 30-something single woman who loves Jesus, family, books, crafts & everything country. We talked through things I’d never heard anyone mention in church and all theological ideas were on the table, too. But there was never the sense that anyone had the corner on truth, not trained theologians, not the pastor, not the denomination. Purity is a characteristic of a godly woman, and it takes a lot of self-control to remain pure. It is something that has to be taught, and we first learn to be submissive as children when we learn to obey our parents. Here was a community where life experience and critical thinking infiltrated all reflections upon biblical texts. Instead, it was a genuine sharing, trusting that the mystery of what we contemplated, in some small way, was beneficial. And women who have lived long in the shadow of church and yet refuse to let it supplant their experience, well, they are the ones who have much to teach. You see a sign that says “yield” and when you look around you see another car turning and you yield to that car.
It is a reflection of you and when you take care of it, you can open it up and make it a place of warmth and welcome that reflects not only who you are, but it can reflect God’s light. None of us are born with self-control, but self-control is needed if we are to live a godly life.
Purity is about learning to control our thoughts and emotions, and purity is ultimately about loving Jesus more than we love ourselves. Your home can and should be a place of worship and light and life, a place where you can rest in God and a place you can use to serve God. But that you trust him to lead your family and will will stand by his side on the decisions he makes for the family.

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