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We are sensitive to the fact that women from various regions and cultures have unique histories and backgrounds, and their needs are sometimes very different than the needs of other women. We noticed the lack of resources available to minister to the uniqueness of many modern day women and their lack of participation in the popular women’s ministries is evident.
Even though we are not a church, we are a viable non-denominational ministry and your donations to us are tax deductible. Our financial records are completed by financial experts and are audited regularly.We also accept sponsorship from like-minded individuals, businesses and organizations, and we will exhibit them and their businesses prominently on our website and at our conferences.

We invite you to pray for us and financially support us, helping us achieve our mission for our God.Ministry ConferencesOur conferences will feature godly women teaching and exhorting other women to become all they can be for the cause of Christ. Many women, including many of our presenters, have made the transition from the outside workforce with profitable home-based business. Our business workshops will teach women how to start and manage successful home-based businesses.
On the night before the main events we will have a time of, meet, greet and prayer to usher in the Holy Spirit for the meeting to follow.

We encourage all participants to arrive a day early, relax and join us in prayer the evening before the main event.Ministry Networking PartiesStatistics tell us that 78% of Christian earnings go to support worldly businesses, goods and services. Our networking parties give Christian women the opportunity to fellowship with Christian businesses to learn from and purchase from others that give into the kingdom of God.

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