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Hello to all of the Brian Jones fans out there!Wow, love these photos of Brian with his guitars!
Very impressive stephen, i'm assuming your an avid guitar collector cos there in absolute mint condition.
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PRESENTATION Jason Voorhees est le personnage principal de la serie de films d'horreur slasher Vendredi 13. The dealer in question traded the guitar for a fender with Brian Jones who was staying in Glasgow after a concert in 1967. We provide the expertise one expects to find in a large law firm, together with exemplary personal service and a fair and reasonable fee structure clients appreciate, while upholding the highest standards of professionalism. Comme ces cavernes pourraient former l'habitat d'un ecosysteme inconnu, ils decident de faire appel a une equipe de specialistes pour les aider a explorer cet univers mysterieux. Tueur en serie, jeune garcon un peu derange, Jason est ne le vendredi 13 juin 1946 a Wessex County de parents Elias et Pamela Voorhees. Aupres de leurs tuteurs, les ados s'imaginent trouver un monde d'opulence, d'amour et un style de vie purement californien. Presume mort noye en 1957 a 11 ans, apercu toujours en vie en 1981, il ne sera vraiment declare mort qu'en 1984 mais revient en mort vivant en 1986. Ils s'apercoivent bien vite qu'ils sont entres dans un territoire etrange et malsain, a l'image du personnage qu'ils ont pris en stop, un etre vicieux en proie a des obsessions morbides. Purchased for him by his good friend Richard 'Dick' Hattrell in 1962 as documented by Bill Wyman. Jones is pictured using this guitar extensively on stage with his fledgling band, The Rolling Stones, at the Marquee Club, Oxford Street, London and at Studio 51, Richmond Surrey, circa 1963. Ses soupcons sont-ils fondes ou sont-ils le fruit de l'imagination fertile d'une adolescente rebelle?Ma critiqueUn thriller comme il y en a deja eu pas mal mais tres agreable a regarder. Brian apparently continued to use this guitar until the autumn of 1963 when the Rolling Stones signed with Decca Records and received the financial backing to buy new equipment.

Existant depuis les annees 1980 dans l'histoire du cinema, Jason est devenu une grande figure de l'histoire du cinema d'horreur. Peu de temps apres, une panne d'essence contraint le groupe a s'arreter a une station-service. The Stones' manager at the time, Eric Easton, later sold this guitar to the son of a close friend circa 1964-5. Il est egalement devenu une icone pour enormement de personnes dans le monde et est devenu le tueur par excellence dans l'histoire du cinema.
Meme si l'histoire est plutot banale, les acteurs sont bons et l'on deteste des le debut les parents adoptifs ou en tout cas, on sent directement qu'il y a quelque chose qui ne tourne pas rond.
Most recently the guitar was displayed at the opening of The Brian Jones Museum, in Cheltenham, as broadcast on BBC Midlands Today in October 2007.Brian's connection with the guitar's benefactor Dick Hattrell began in 1961 when they met at a concert for Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen at the Cheltenham Rotunda.
D'ailleurs, selon un sondage americain, Jason est le tueur le plus aime de la planete tant a cause de son apparence et de ses facultes a tuer qu'a cause de son enorme puissance et de son immortalite. PARTICULARITES Jason a une tete hydrocephale qu'il cache continuellement sauf dans quelques episodes. Deux d'entre eux decident de s'y aventurer, mais lorsqu'ils tentent de penetrer a l'interieur, un boucher masque surgit et massacre les deux adolescents. I visited Brian's Goldtop at STicky Fingers cafe in London a few times now and it's a wonderful thing to see that it's safe and ppl can viist it. The pair immediately hit it off through their passion for music and they remained friends throughout the formative years of The Rolling Stones.
Dick even shared a flat with Brian and Keith Richards for a time, the infamous Edith Grove apartment in Chelsea, London. Dick moved into the cramped two bedroom flat in the autumn of 1962, after Pat Andrews, Brian's girlfriend at the time, moved out, along with the baby son Julian she shared with Brian, on grounds of the unsuitability of these conditions for raising a child.
Jason a des cheveux uniquement dans Le Tueur du vendredi ensuite il sera chauve avec quelques touffes de cheveux par-ci par-la. Bill Wyman suggests in his autobiography Stone Alone that Jones in particular, took advantage of Dick's generosity Brian was incredible. Une atmosphere tres pesante, leatherface tres impressionant, une famille completement deglingo et tout ca il y a plus de 30 ans avec beaucoup moins de moyens et d'argent qu'aujourd'hui.

I have it in the Sunburst colour and the originalpickguard was replaced with a tortoise shell one.
Il ne parle pas mais on peut entendre son souffle et meme des especes de grognements dans Vendredi 13 : Jason en enfer. Jason porte des chemises, une a carreaux dans Le Tueur du vendredi et ensuite des chemises de couleurs foncees.
And I found a place in Canada that created a copy of the original one that is white with a red firebird on it.Awesome!So this is Brian's 41st Anniv. Dans Le Tueur du vendredi, il a un sac facon Elephant Man avec un trou pour son ?il qu'il quitte pour le fameux masque de hockey a partir de Meurtres en 3 dimensions et jusqu'a Freddy contre Jason. We got to the point where we got really flash and would suddenly switch; the one doing the lead picks up the rhythm, and the one doing the rhythm picks up the leadThe following February saw the Stones perform their first gig at The Crawdaddy. It was here at this club in Richmond that Decca Records' scouts, on the advice of George Harrison, first saw the Rolling Stones.
Once signed by Decca, Eric Easton, along with Andrew Loog Oldham, took over the management of the band.
In the accompaying letter from Richard Hattrell he recognises some distinctive scratches to the guitar edge which apparently were obtained while Brian was recording Come On at Olympic Studios, London 7 June 1963.
Brian continued to use this [Harmony] until late summer 1963 when he retired this guitar.The accompanying documentation from the vendors family states that, in response to a request for any musical equipment he could spare, Easton sold this guitar to the son of a close friend in circa 1964-5, telling him that this Harmony guitar had been owned and played by Brian Jones. Shortly afterwards, the guitar changed hands again to another family friend, before it was purchased back by the original vendor's younger brother, who has kept the guitar in his possession even since.This make and model of guitar was very affordable in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and as such was popular amongst struggling musicians in their formative years. Brian Jones clearly made an impression with this guitar on one of his peers, Eric Clapton, who for nostalgic reasons, some years later purchased a similar Harmony, the same model and sunburst finish, for his collection as it reminded him of his Yardbird days on the same music circuit as The Stones in the early 1960s.

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