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Tar ju lite langre an de har xt bromsarna, for att man har mer utrymme mellan belaggen antar jag? Ta bort hjulet och klam ihop bromshandtaget med lite kansla sa kommer belaggen ga ihop och stanna dar.
Men visst veven kunde ju vara smidig att lamna kvar pa cykeln saklart, sa det kan jag nog kompromissa om.

In a first for CycleTechReview, Dan Saunders took on a mountain bike review, with the Titus Rockstar Carbon 29er.
I had a 6 hour cross country mountain bike race on the docket and thought that would be a perfect opportunity to pit a test bike, the Titus Rockstar Carbon 29er, against my trusty old 26” wheeled hardtail mountain bike, but then the latter had a mechanical on the day before the race, with no time to fix and no spare parts. Your answers will help Vital and the MTB industry better understand what riders like you want.

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