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We offer the latest allergy treatments, including Sublingual Immunotherapy – an exciting new option that can be used at home, and may eliminate the need for allergy shots. Our physicians are experts in Balloon Sinuplasty, a minimally invasive technique that opens sinus passageways to restore nasal and sinus function. ENT & Allergy Specialists is a designated Tier 1 Preferred Provider with Independence Blue Cross Proactive Plans. We Coordinate with Referring PhysiciansWhen your primary care physician refers you to ENT & Allergy Specialists, we will coordinate and communicate with your doctor to assure the best approach to your condition. If you've tried medications that treat uncomfortable or painful sinus symptoms and still can't get relief, you may be a candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty. Children often have a significant level of Ear, Nose, Throat and Upper Respiratory problems.

Our centre strives to provide a conducive and friendly environment for both adult and paediatric patients ensuring a seamless delivery without compromising on care and standards. Our ear, nose and throat doctors and allergists believe in building relationships with our patients and our referring physicians.
That means we can help minimize your cost of care through lower co-pays if you are participating in this plan. ENT & Allergy Specialists physicians are Board Certified in the diagnosis and treatment of Adult and Pediatric ear, nose, throat and allergy issues.
This breakthrough procedure is safe, proven, can be performed in the doctor's office and offers a quick recovery time. Because of their inability to vocalise , often the symptoms are neglected till they flare up into severe infections.

Allergies vary in their manifestations depending on the organ system that has been affected. Start a conversation with us – and learn why so many patients and doctors throughout Montgomery, Chester and Philadelphia Counties trust ENT & Allergy Specialists!

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