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The ZEISS VR ONE is a one-of-a-kind device allowing us to take our first steps in the world of virtual reality. Leading-edge optical design and ZEISS precision lenses for the ultimate immersive visual experience.
The VR industry is split. No, not between Oculus and HTC as many enthusiasts would have us believe, but rather a much larger chasm has formed between high-end desktop VR and cheaper, but less advanced, mobile virtual reality. Of course, few would dispute that the Rift and Vive (and thereby connected PCs) provide a much more convincing and immersive VR experience than the likes of the Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR.
Xavier Selva is the founder of Trinus VR, and he’s building a bridge between the two forms of virtual reality.
It sounds like a pipe-dream, but Xavier has been proving his Trinus VR concept a reality for several years now.
Having a nice display on my phone, a Galaxy S1 at the time, I thought it would make sense to just use that (as a display). In simple terms, Trinus VR is a mobile app that can be downloaded onto most Android smartphones. Games that have already been shown working on the Trinus system include classics like Half Life 2 and modern favourites such as Fallout 4.
More than just a cheap alternative to expensive headsets, however, Xavier believes that Trinus is a superior way to deliver a VR platform: “Trinus being a software product means it is more flexible than the alternatives, it can adapt more quickly to the market demands.
Of course, being hardware agnostic also brings its own problems for Xavier: “It is not an easy development, I can tell you that. That’s the true test for Xavier and Trinus - getting his inventive VR system to function across a huge, and rather unpredictable, array of Android devices.
So while Trinus certainly seems to be a positive step for VR consumers, how does Xavier think it will affect developers? We are all very excited about VR, but the price ranges of dedicated solutions are a deal breaker for most users, which     means it's a bad investment for content developers.
It’s a solid theory, although one that’s totally reliant on Trinus finding an expansive user base.
Maybe you have been looking for more games you can play in a VR environment with the ZEISS VR ONE.

Explore Google Street View in Virtual Reality you can now explore Google Street View in ZEISS VR ONE.
ZEISS is offering an innovative open source model by introducing a new basic tray CAD design tool. The new ZEISS VR ONE GX is a new premium virtual reality (VR) headset that will begin production in October for November availability along with the award-winning ZEISS VR ONE. The outdoor specialist provides exclusive access to the alps with the help of the ZEISS VR ONE. Its lightweight design and 100% portability make it the perfect companion for videos, games and augmented reality. Over 515 virtual reality enthusiasts, technologyaficionados and creative people submitted 526 app ideas and finalized apps forthe ZEISS VR ONE headset.A lot of high-potential ideas and apps were submitted to the contest, so selecting the winners was a difficult process.
Yet the latter devices offer complete ease and mobility compared with the relative complexity and fixed-location nature of the more expensive devices. Through this app, an internet connection, a cheap head-mount and a PC the user can transform a huge range of standard non-VR videogames into immersive virtual reality experiences.
Of course, it also works with normal VR games, essentially ousting the need for an expensive headset for those willing to forgo the relative ease of setting up and using an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. The software can be frequently updated to solve problems and cater for any particular need. Trinus has many more varying and combining factors, between smartphone OS versions, home networks and desktop systems. Recent demos of Trinus have certainly proven to be popular and successful, however, and a four and a half star rating on the Google Play Store suggests the service is functioning well out it the wild.
VR World Congress is clearly part of that effort, as Xavier will be demoing Trinus at the conference on April 12th. Download the updated Google Street View app for Android or iOS, and grab your VR ONE to immerse yourself in destinations around the world. Visitors to the Mammut sales rooms can virtually feel the steep rock faces and the rough winds. After an intensive and interesting evaluation phase, the international jury with representatives from China, America, Austria, England and Germany announced the two winners in each category on March 18.

The only caveat being the need for a smartphone, but you’d obviously be hard-pressed to find many VR users without one of those.
As a flight sim player and glider pilot in the real world, I wanted a more immersive experience to play with on rainy days. Combining the Android device you already have and a headmount like Google Cardboard (or any other currently available) you can enjoy a Virtual Reality experience similar to that of dedicated systems, at a fraction of the cost. Award winner: Mind Wall by Sumit GoskiThe best app idea in the ZEISS VR ONE Contest is Mind Wall submitted by Sumit Goski.
This creative idea brings the mind palace technique to a new level and uses the VR ONE headset for the visualization of the human memory lane in virtual reality. With Mind Wall, users can store and retrieve their own memories in a virtual palace and generate  their personal memory aids.
Award Winner: Paraplegic mirror box by EpskampieMany people who have lost a limb often suffer from phantom pain and experience severe discomfort in their missing limb. Award Winner: Trinus Gyre by oddsheepThe first award in the second category of the ZEISS VR ONE Contest goes to Trinus Gyre. Award Winner: Project Anywhere by cmiltiadisThe second winner of the finalized apps is Project Anywhere. Together with its entire app system, it enables people from distant locations to coexist in other virtual landscapes. Project Anywhere aims to break through the limits of physical human presence, by replacing kinesthetic, visual and auditory with artificial sensory experiences, in a fully interactive virtual environment.
By submitting your innovative ideas and app projects, you provided a preview of the future of virtual reality.

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