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Andrew Vahabzadeh-Hagh (R4) was awarded 2nd Place Poster Price at the Triological Society 2016 Combined Sections Meeting.
Sophie Shay (R4) was awarded Third Place for the ASPO Charles Ferguson Award for the best clinical research manuscript at COSM. Joshua Au (R3) was awarded the Cohen-Geller Award in Pediatric Otolaryngology at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. UCLA Head and Neck Surgery won first place in the Resident Bowl at the 2015 Triological Society Combined Sections Meeting, for an unprecedented 4th consecutive year! Soroush Zaghi (R5) won Best Research Poster in the Surgery, Sleep, and Breathing Poster Presentation and Competition. Caicedo-Granados E, Beswick DM, Christopoulos A, Cunningham DE, Razfar A, Ohr JP, Heron DE, Ferris RL. Camacho M, Zaghi S, Certal V, Abdullatif J, Means C, Acevedo J, Liu S, Brietzke SE, Kushida C, Capasso R.
DeConde AS, Lee MK, Sidell D, Aghaloo T, Lee M, Tetradis S, Low K, Elashoff D, Grogan T, Sepahdari AR, St John M. Lee MK, DeConde AS, Lee M, Walthers CM, Sepahdari AR, Elashoff D, Grogan T, Bezouglaia O, Tetradis S, St John M, Aghaloo T.
Maccabi A, Arshi A, Garritano J, Saddik G, Kohanbash E, Tajudeen BA, St John M, Grundfest WS, Taylor ZD. Irene Kim, MD (R3) was awarded the Cohen-Geller Award for Best Resident Performance at Children's Hospital Los Angeles for the 2013-14 academic year. At the May 2014 American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology (ASPO), Combined Otolaryngological Spring Meeting (COSM), Dr.
UCLA won first place in the Resident Bowl at the 2014 Triological Society Combined Sections Meeting, for the third consecutive year! Ed Kuan (R2) was awarded a Resident Travel Grant to attend the 2014 Combined Sections Meeting of the Triological Society. DeConde AS, Sidell D, Lee M, Bezouglaia O, Low K, Elashoff D, Grogan T, Tetradis S, Aghaloo T, St John M. UCLA won first place in the Resident Bowl at the 2013 Triological Society Combined Sections Meeting, for the second consecutive year.
UCLA won first place in the Resident Bowl at the 2012 Triological Society Combined Sections Meeting.
Microvascular reconstructive surgery involves the transfer of autogenous vascularized tissue to reconstruct extensive tissue defects.
A successful outcome in this type of reconstructive surgery depends upon meticulous suturing of 2 to 3mm blood vessels using a microscope and sutures that are finer than human hair to re-establish blood flow to the tissue graft. The UCLA Department of Head and Neck Surgery is at the forefront of achievement in its field. UCLA Head and Neck physicians are now scheduling appointments for pediatric and adult patients in our new Santa Monica location, 1131 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 302.
Faculty in the UCLA Department of Head and Neck Surgery and the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery comprise an interdisciplinary team for the evaluation and treatment of the gamut of neurotology disorders, including benign and malignant tumors, recurrent infections and disabling conditions resulting in loss of hearing and balance. The UCLA Neurotology Program has been recognized as an NIH "Center of Excellence" in neurotology in the United States. The program's Vestibular Function Testing Laboratory, established in 1961, developed computerized analysis and rotary testing that still serves as the gold standard for testing of vestibular function.

New patients receive an initial consultation by a neurotologist and, if appropriate, a neurologist or a neurosurgeon.
Consultation reports on clinical findings and treatment recommendations are sent to referring physicians. Referrals are made to the Vestibular Function Testing Laboratory for patients with dizziness and balance problems and to the Audiometric Testing Laboratory for patients with hearing deficiencies. The head and neck surgery residency program is incorporated into the department's patient care and research activities in 6 affiliate medical centers and exposes residents to all of the subspecialties during the course of their training. He was recognized for his poster "Stem Cell therapy in a Model of dysphagia secondary to tongue fibrosis", which was coauthored with Dr. The award recognizes her work "Pediatric laryngotracheal stenosis following intubation: national incidence and trends" and her team, including Dr.
Oncologic and functional outcomes of partial laryngeal surgery for intermediate-stage laryngeal cancer. Effects of asymmetric superior laryngeal nerve stimulation on glottic posture, acoustics, vibration.
A Comparative Study of Cricotracheal Resection and Staged Laryngotracheoplasty for Adult Subglottic Stenosis. Systematic review and meta-analysis of total intravenous anesthesia and endoscopic sinus surgery.
Adipose-derived stem cells and BMP-2 delivery in chitosan-based 3D constructs to enhance bone regeneration in a rat mandibular defect model. Infarction of papillary thyroid carcinoma after fine-needle aspiration: case series and review of literature. Ultrasound-stimulated vibro-acoustography for high-resolution differentiation based on viscoelastic properties of tissue mimicking phantoms. Suppression of motor cortical excitability in anesthetized rats by low frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation. Utility of the Transnasal Esophagoscope in the Management of Chemoradiation-Induced Esophageal Stenosis. The effect of topical anesthetic hydration on the depth of thermal injury from the plasma skin regeneration device. Revisit rates and diagnoses following pediatric tonsillectomy in a large multistate population.
Modifications to the endoscopic approach for anterior skull base lesions improve postoperative sinonasal symptoms.
Airway management and endoscopic treatment of subglottic and tracheal stenosis: the laryngeal mask airway technique.
Sophie Shay (R2) was awarded Third place for the Charles Ferguson Clinical Research Award for her paper titled, Revisit rates and diagnoses following pediatric tonsillectomy in a large, multistate population.
Sophie Shay (R2) was awarded Excellence in patient centered care at the Veteran's Affairs Hospital-West LA. The expression of glutamate aspartate transporter (GLAST) within the human cochlea and its distribution in various patient populations. Functional reinnervation of vocal folds after selective laryngeal adductor denervation-reinnervation surgery for spasmodic dysphonia. Bone morphogenetic protein-2-impregnated biomimetic scaffolds successfully induce bone healing in a marginal mandibular defect.

A rudimentary tragus in the nasopharynx: case report, literature review, and discussion of embryologic development. Parotidectomy and neck dissection in the management of conjunctival melanoma: are they necessary? Changing indications for maxillomandibular reconstruction with osseous free flaps: A 17-year experience with 620 consecutive cases at UCLA and the impact of osteoradionecrosis. Christopher Thompson won the award for "Best Resident Clinical Paper" at the recent North American Skull Base Meeting in Miami, FL, Feb. Victor Duarte (R4) won a "Poster of Distinction" award at the 8th International Conference on Head and Neck Cancer in Toronto on July 21- 25, 2012. Congratulations to our team Jennifer Bergeron (R4), Chris Thompson (R3), and Darshni Vira (R4). Keith Blackwell, the Microvascular and Reconstructive Surgery section has been at the forefront of surgical expertise. Areas commonly reconstructed include the jaws and mouth, the throat, and all areas of the face, scalp, and neck.
Because of the technically demanding nature of this type of surgery, most medical centers report failure of this type of reconstruction in 5 to 10 percent of cases. Our experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities and technology, and translational research are an ideal combination for optimized patient care and treatment. A modern audiometric testing facility tests the newest hearing aid devices, including cochlear implants, making them available to patients as emerging technologies. Additionally, department faculty have an active commitment to basic science and clinical research as an integral component of the program of instruction.
Medical student teaching is a combined effort by faculty, fellows, and residents, consisting of lectures, didactic learning, and hands-on experience in clinical and research settings.
A rudimentary tragus in the nasopharynx: Case report, literature review, and discussion of embryologic development. Artur Shukuryan, Chair of Otolaryngology, Yerevan State MedicalUniversity (right) performing Armenia's first bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA).
The UCLA Department of Head and Neck Surgery has achieved a success rate that exceeds 99 percent in performing approximately 1,300 cases of microvascular reconstructive surgery during the 15 years since this program was established, and our institutional success rate currently equals or exceeds that reported by all other medical centers in the world. There is close coordination with other treatment specialists for trauma and cancer patients.
The department's 1 to 2 year fellowships are long-standing and sought after by graduates from the best residency programs in the country. A portion of his travel was funded by a travel grant award, issued by the AAO-HNSF Humanitarian Efforts Committee. This is a technically demanding surgical technique in which tissue grafts harvested from the arms, legs, abdomen, and back are transferred to the mouth, throat, or face to replace missing tissues.
Our commitment to maintain excellence in patient care, to achieve academically, and to advance research in the field is accomplished primarily through the continuation of exceptional educational programs within the Department of Head and Neck Surgery.
Vahabzadeh-Hagh was also awarded the ALA Resident Research Award for his work "Changes in Three Dimensional Geometry of the Vocal Fold Medical Surface Resulting form Individual and Combined Intrinsic Laryngeal Muscle Activiation", coauthored with Dr.

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