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Well, I guess there’s no doubt that the ear piercing is the most common form of body piercing these days.
It can be actually argued whether the earlobe piercing falls under the body piercing category because it’s so common and widespread that many would think of it something unrelated to other body piercing types like nose piercing, tongue piercing and genital piercing. Oh yes, even the simple earlobe piercing can be brought one step further and the lobe can be pierced from different angles. Tragus piercing – has become quite a common type of ear piercing recently and there’s loads of nice tragus earrings available. I my tragus pierced a couple months ago and its a really cool piercing but its hard to get in and out.

And of course, since the ancient times our ancestors have pierced their earlobes and worn adornments in them! It goes in where an anti-tragus piercing would begin, but instead of coming out right above the earlobe goes all the way down. The most common version of it involves piercing the outer rim of the ear in two places and then connecting it using a straight barbell.
The piercing goes inside through the lobe parallely the ear instead of running through it from behind the lobe and emerging in the front. The industrial piercings can go just about anywhere throughout the ear connecting two or more piercings.

Whereas a simple ear piercing would take a few weeks to heal, the vertical one may take up to a half-year to heal properly! However, the standard ear industrial piercing is placed like where it says in the picture above and specific ear piercings – industrial barbells are being manufactured to adorn them. It is similar to the vertical lobe piercing with the upper part of the barbell entering through the cartilage above the earlobe.

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