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The Departments of Defense (DoD) and Veterans Affairs (VA) worked together to make disability evaluation seamless, simple, fast and fair with the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES). To make the system fast and fair, there are options available and appeal processes which a Service member can choose, to get decisions reviewed along the way.
A pilot program of the IDES was launched November 26, 2007, at three Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs). Based on the success of the pilot, the integrated process expanded to all remaining worldwide locations, renamed as the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES), and is available to all Service members.
The DoD published guidance for an Expedited Disability Evaluation System in January 2009 as a special benefit to those Service members who sustain catastrophic injuries or illnesses from combat or combat-related operations.
Receive updates about upcoming events, our office, messages from our leadership, as well as notifications for new blog posts and information. If the Service member is found medically unfit for duty, the IDES gives them a proposed VA disability rating before they leave the service.
PEBLOs and MSCs guide Service members through the entire IDES process to ensure they are counseled on their options.

The pilot simplified the disability evaluation process by eliminating duplicate disability examinations and ratings, and placing VA counselors in MTFs to ensure a smooth transition to Veteran status. In thousands of surveys, participants of the pilot and their families consistently reported higher average satisfaction with fairness, customer service, and the overall DES experience, than did participants in the non-integrated legacy system. This voluntary process moves the service member quickly to permanent disability retirement to obtain benefits from the VA and other federal and state agencies. The board cannot lower a disability rating and any change to the rating is effective on the date of final decision by the Service Secretary. Since I do not own a tv or absently tune into any BigMedia or news of any kind, I read when I feel the need, and I do so without distractions.
The proposed rating informs the Service member of the approximate amount of compensation and benefits they will receive from the VA. They also completed the pilot faster than the legacy systems, and separated with VA claims in place, so their wait time for receipt of benefits was shorter than before. Kinda like watching a great film with the sound turned off: it allows you to observe the acting (especially the bad) in the absence of booming orchestral punctuations at 130-dB, the ones designed to hijack your emotions.

Through the IDES process, Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officers (PEBLOs) guide Service members through the entire IDES process to ensure they are aware of their options and the many decisions they, or their families, need to make. Quarterly assessments of the pilot and regular surveys of Service members in the system helped identify areas for improvement.
Posted on Sep 14, 2015 By Ron SykstusSeptember 14, 2015 by Ron SykstusI always tell my Veteran clients to expect long delays by the Veterans Administration in their attempts to get VA disability benefits. VA Military Service Coordinators (MSCs) help Service members file their VA benefits claim before they leave the service so they can get their benefits as soon as possible after they separate from service.
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