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Every sufferer of Tinnitus, Vertigo, Dizziness or Meniere's Disease can apply to the clinic. Tinnitus, Vertigo, Dizziness and Meniere's Disease are not medical conditions that are limited to the field of Ear Nose and Throat.
In the International Congress of the TRI (Tinnitus Research Initiative) in Stresa (Italy), I was glad to hear from many internationally renowned colleagues that they accept the approach according to which a tinnitus patient must be related to as a whole person rather then focus only on the auditory system.
The medical approach based on clinical studies started in 1981 as a co-production between the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) and "Hadassah" university Hospital along with consultants from other scientific institutions.
A comprehensive evaluation of the main metabolic factors is essential in order to continue the medical assessment and establish a suitable treatment program.
Since we are talking about western medicine, the basis for establishing the treatment program is the western medical literature. There are patients who ask: How do you treat your tinnitus or vertigo patients–nutritional therapy? The main part of the treatment is a method of collecting data and analyzing the relevant information from the Anamnesis (medical history) and objective tests.
Each patient has a different and unique medical profile that requires a thorough investigation on my part.
The individual treatment program, tailored for every patient, is directed towards creating a normal metabolic environment around the nerve cells in the auditory and vestibular systems. As a physician who fights for the cure of his patients I know that it is important to reach the depth of each medical problem: Disease, Cluster of symptoms, Discomfort or "Just" stress, in every patient who is asking for help. I sometimes encounter very motivated geriatric patients who are cooperative, and have realistic expectations.
Another cause accordance to Tinnitus Miracle Review eBook is dizziness, tinnitus in humans and unstable gait associated with atherosclerosis. It is a three-dimensional structure, which is created by nature, and it determines the position of the body in three-dimensional space.
This paired vessels that depart from the artery and transverse processes taking place in the cervical vertebrae, as these vessels are inside the bone channels. Each transverse process of the sixth cervical vertebra on the second hole is, and travels through the vertebral artery. These vertebrae on the one hand protects it from various unpleasant effects, on the other hand causes what we call the basilar insufficiency syndrome and when over time, the cervical spine is beginning to change under the influence of the state, which we call low back pain. In this case, there are a variety to grow, spikes, while the height of the intervertebral disc dramatically reduced accordingly holes are connected vertebrae become closer to each other, the distance is reduced, and vertebral artery starts to get irritated, these bony growths. Any irritation it and the contraction becomes chronic, and the artery does not pass the proper amount of blood that leads to certain symptoms, the first symptom is instability when walking, another symptom present dizziness, nausea, blurred vision and tinnitus. So, the first syndrome is dizziness, tinnitus in humans and other phenomena that are formed as a result of compression of the vertebral artery because syndrome develops, resulting in a lack of blood to the brain. When developing atherosclerosis, the sclerotic plaques partially overlapping access blood for arteries to the brain, causing these symptoms appear. To reduce these symptoms, you should take aspirin, statins, which stabilize sclerotic plaques smokers to quit who have diabetes, try to treat him well, and of course, to reduce weight. When tinnitus and dizziness while, you can treat these symptoms as Meniere's syndrome, and tend to blame the inner ear. The whole three-dimensional structure, the size of a grain of rice and is located in the bone structure, but within the liquid and stones.
According to Tinnitus Miracle that if dizziness occurs with noise in the ears, in this case, increasing the volume of fluid and creates a fluid pressure on nerve endings and starts vertigo and tinnitus.
The finding of Endolymphatic Hydrops has driven many clinicians to focus on that pathological sign and establish "Hydrops Centered theories and treatments". Some of the clinicians are are using a different terminology, based on the finding of "Hydrops" and call it: Idiopathic Endolymphatic Hydrops. Meniere's disease treatment should be given to patients that underwent a comprehensive evaluation of their auditory and vestibular systems by a specialist. The treatment program in this clinic based on clinical studies started in 1981 as a co-production between the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) and The "Hadassah" university Hospital (Jeruzalem). The typical course of meniere's disease is attacks of vertigo and tinnitus that come together. When the vertigo is the dominant symptom – the patient is almost paralyzed and cannot move by himself. Many times it takes years to know that a patient who started with tinnitus – continued with vertigo and hearing loss. Viral infection was suspected very frequently, and theories of autoimmune disease or allergy may be considered as a cause or precipitating factors.
On the basis of the 4 symptoms: tinnitus, vertigo, hearing loss and plugged ear, the clinician has to rule out the possibility of other medical conditions. A comprehensive Otto-neurological assessment should be performed in order to rule out tumors, blood vessels abnormality or "canal paresis" in one or more of the semi-circular canals.
The clinician should check the list of medications that the patient takes for other medical conditions. Men and women have the same probability of suffering from the disease, typical age range: 20–50 years.
However, when the tinnitus was severe and prolonged, I found that using hypnosis was no more than a desperate attempt to extinguish a huge fire raging out of control with a glass of water. Since all my patients had already undergone comprehensive ENT evaluation, I decided to check whether additional factors, from other areas of medicine, can be related to the appearance of tinnitus. One must remember that until then (and even today, unfortunately) the conventional therapeutic approach was primarily based on suggestive treatments designed to ease the suffering of the patient, without locating or treating the medical factors that caused the tinnitus. The suffering of the tinnitus patient has a psychological aspect as well as a physiological aspect. When we tested Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers who complained of acute tinnitus that lasted about 1 month, (aged 18–30 years), after 6 months without any medical intervention whatsoever, 85% of them reported complete recovery.

A thorough medical examination, followed by objective tests, is important to exclude other causes, such as cerumen (wax) in the external ear canal, infections, changes in ear structure, malfunction of the auditory nerve, abnormal function of the cochlea, etc. There are patients who report that the interpretation of their examination by their physician was normal, their objective tests didn't find any pathology, but their condition is still severe and is even getting worse.
This is certainly not an easy situation, but it is important to know that the normal results should encourage you, since this means that there is no pathological change in the structure of your inner ear, brain, or eighth cranial nerve (auditory nerve).
My recommendation at this point is to consult your specialist and ask him if there is any medical treatment that he can offer you.
If your condition is severe and the treatments given by your ENT specialists were unhelpful, or if your specialist has no solution at all, it is the right time to contact me and find out what else can be done. Follow up on soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) who came to my clinic during the first month of their tinnitus, showed that 85% of them recovered spontaneously within 6 months. This means that most patients who started suffering only recently will recover with no medical intervention whatsoever. My unique medical treatment method was developed through a series of clinical studies that began in 1981 at The "Hadassah Ein-Kerem" University-Hospital in Jerusalem, and were later (1986) continued as a co-production with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The first stage in my study was directed towards helping tinnitus sufferers who came to the Hadassah Hospital. In 1990, experts from Tel Aviv University joined as consultants to the research projects in the IDF (see - Clinical Research).
The treatment plan is directed towards creating a normal metabolic environment around the nerve cells in the auditory and vestibular systems. The essence of the treatment I offer in my clinic is normalizing the metabolic environment which enables the body to repair its damaged systems. The integrative treatment approach I apply is based on medical study performed in conjunction with the Institute for Noise Damage of the IDF.
In other words, it is a disease associated with injury to one or more various body systems, many of which can be diagnosed by a thorough metabolic investigation. The main part of the treatment consists of collecting data and analyzing the relevant information from the Anamnesis (medical history) and the objective tests. As a physician who fights for the health of his patients, I know that it is important to reach the depth of every medical problem, whether we call it a disease, cluster of symptoms, discomfort or "just" stress, in any patient who sees help. I was pleased to hear in the last international annual conference of the Organization of TRI (Tinnitus Research Initiative) held in Stresa (Italy), that many researchers recognize that every case must relate to the patient as a whole and not focus solely on the ear. Many patients ask me "what is the chance that your treatment will be successful?" One needs to realize that in medicine there is no such thing as a 100% success rate, however, based on my experience, in the majority of cases it is possible to achieve a significant improvement and even a complete recovery. After a preliminary discussion, which includes a series of clinical questions, I will able to evaluate the suitability of my medical approach to your medical condition. Based on my experience, the course of the disease and the associated symptoms may differ significantly from one sufferer to another.
What Do Tinnitus, Vertigo, Bell’s Palsy, Lazy Eyes, and Chronic Laryngitis Have In Common? Similar to arthritis, it’s the lack of bone and joint nutrients on top of decades of eating food that’s not good for your bones and joints that’s the root of these problems.
When a patient is coming to Israel after examination near home, I can be sure (in most cases) that the expert covered all the aspects of the Tinnitus, Vertigo, Dizziness or Meniere's Disease according to the Text Book. The medical history is different, the symptom profile is different and the findings in the medical evaluation are different. After completing the first stage of the medical evaluation, I unify the data and discuss the meaning of the finding with my patient. The result of this extensive medical evaluation enables a careful adjustment of a treatment plan for the individual patient.
Such environment enables the "Curative Mechanisms" to initiate regeneration in a case of mild damage to the neurons. I study the patient's medical history and do my best to check each problem from all medical aspects in order to find the effective medical treatment. The highest probability for drop out is in skeptic patients, people who are not motivated enough, those who are not ready to invest time and effort in the treatment, or those who are looking for a miracle: immediate cure.
According to my experience, the course of the disease and the associated symptoms may be very different from one sufferer to another.It is very normal for you to have many other questions regarding your specific medical condition.
Feel free to use the blog as a message board or to blog on a topic that interests you in Bristol. This usually otitis or otitis media, which is common in children, and if not cured, the effects like dizziness and tinnitus in humans, it will be when they grow up, but there are medications that can help get rid of these symptoms, The assignment should make the doctor. A significant portion of dizziness and instability when walking due to cervical spine and blood vessels that pass in the cervical vertebrae, vertebral or it artery. This is caused by high cholesterol, and the reason is smoking, drinking, often changing pressure, mostly upwards, obesity or diabetes. This three-dimensional body is fluid or ear stones, they are microscopically small, but because of gravity and body position, they move in the liquid and affect nerves, and brain summarizes this evidence and determine the position of the body in which the person. Proper management of the Biological Clock may contribute to the relive of some of the symptoms. Sometimes the vertigo and the tinnitus are co-dominant, in other cases the symptoms are separated by long time intervals. When the tinnitus comes in attacks – the patient may suffer from hearing loss after every attack. Such atypical patients, prevents a good monitoring of the relevant factors at the beginning of their disease. Audiograms (Hearing test), Imaging (CT, MRI), ENG or Posturography (see: Glossary) may help.
Results were quite satisfactory for people with mild to moderate tinnitus (see research paper from 1990). For most people, tinnitus is a cerebral-neural phenomenon, and the causes may be many and varied.

Treatable medical findings related to Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) can be found only in a small portion of sufferers (Examples: ear wax removal, treatment of ear infections, and surgical removal of a tumor in auditory nerve). Most of the existing treatments are behavioral ,suggestive, or other psychological treatments.
Although suggestive treatments can be effective in people with a mild to moderate condition, when it comes to severe or intolerable tinnitus these treatments are not effective. However, every individual is different, and it is impossible to predict what your personal prognosis is. If you feel that your medical condition is not getting better, waiting six months is not recommended.
The aim of the second stage was to help soldiers suffering from Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) and chronic tinnitus who did not respond to the conventional medical treatments. Such an environment enables the body's "Curative Mechanisms" to initiate regeneration in a case of mild damage to the neurons (Example of a Curative Mechanism - Stem Cell).
If this healing process doesn't occur, it means that the biological systems that execute this process didn't carry out their job properly.
Each patient has a different medical history, a different symptom profile, and different findings in the medical evaluation. After completing the first stage of the medical evaluation, I analyze all the data and discuss the meaning of the findings with my patient. Every patient has a different and unique medical profile that requires a thorough investigation on my part. The results of this intensive medical evaluation unified with the results of the objective tests enable the establishment of an appropriate treatment program.
I study the patient's medical history and do my best to investigate every problem from all possible aspects in order to find and provide the most effective medical management.
It is very normal for you to have many other questions regarding your unique medical condition. We are educating the peeps on how to live a long live with good healthy habits & wholistic medical nutrition!!!
The patient tells his medical history, there is re assessment of his documents and objective tests, physical examination of the relevant systems and referrals to tests. In order to contribute to the blog please sign up to become a site member and ensure that you request to enable blogging. Your age, your medical history, and the course of your aliment are not necessarily the same as those of the young Israeli soldiers that we tested. Later, these original data together with progress analysis are used for monitoring the progress and careful adjustment of the treatment plan for the individual patient. Many sufferers report a variety of ailments and symptoms, many of them unrelated to the ear, such as diminishing concentration and memory, fatigue, heart palpitations that cannot be explained as panic or heart disease, joint pain, and more. The patient tells me his or her medical history, I reassess the medical documentation and objective tests, perform a complete physical examination of the relevant systems and refer to relevant tests. Interestingly enough, he says, ringing in the ears, vertigo, Bell’s palsy, lazy eye, chronic laryngitis are all caused by the same thing which is osteoporosis of the skull.
The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product. Today the usage of hypnosis is limited and used together with the current medical approach: Metabolic Intervention. Please ensure posts refrain from using improper language and that you treat other members with respect. Between the attacks of vertigo, the patient may experience episodes of Dizziness for few seconds or Imbalance. Today the practice of hypnosis is limited and used together with the current medical approach, Metabolic Intervention.
We eat the wrong food all the time so the bones and joints get weak and the body doesn’t have the stuff it needs to fix them.
We use science based, clinically verified, wholistic nutrition to support and promote the structure and function of the body. G’s webinar, you will be shocked to know that what’s going on here is the skull bone has lost its structural integrity and there’s a little nerve that comes out of the brain and goes to the eardrum. It’s only a matter until it’s going to break, which is what happened in the patient’s situation.
In order to get to the eardrum, this little nerve goes through a little tunnel in the skull. Additionally, he believes that there’s a little microorganism that is living in the joint capsule called the Mycoplasma. When the skull isn’t healthy that little tunnel starts to collapse and it presses on the nerve.
Now, when you get this little bug living in the joint on top of an under-nutrified joint then it will cause this problem. If it presses on to the nerve that goes through the eardrum then you get ringing in the ears.
And the only operative difference between normal arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis is the presence of the bug on the joint of the rheumatoid arthritic patients. Thus, when we’re up against rheumatoid arthritis we support and promote the structure and function of the bones.
If it’s the nerves that go through the muscles and the face then you get Bell’s palsy or Tic Douloureux.

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