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Best Hedging PlantsHedging Plants are widely used as screens and informal barriers and some are better than others. Finding plants that perform in Winter can be hard work, but this gorgeous Viburnum is just the thing to perk up those dull days.
Viburnum tinus produces masses of very fragrant white flowers emerging from blush pink buds in clusters right in mid-Winter - from December well into April, followed by red-purple berries. However, it is rarely sold in this wonderful 'standard' form, with a 90cm plant with a 50cm clear stem, and a crafted head on top, bursting with bud and flower in Spring. YouGarden CommentsI am sorry that you are disappointed with your tree, however we do not agree with your assessment of the quality. Supplied as a 4 year old tree, 1M tall in 3L pot, with 50cm clear stem, and shaped standard head.
Although I am not necesarily a fan of palm trees, I do feel that they would look fine either side of the porch.

Quite honestly I am very keen on establishing a strong visual structure within a garden space, particularly near gates, entrances etc. ExpertiseHi, I am an ecological landscape designer and I have lived in Italy for nearly 15 years.
Hedging plants may be short, such as box hedges trimmed to size or taller growing plants such as Photinia, Acacia, Pittosporum and others.
And it's evergreen too, and totally hardy, although the leaves may suffer a little cosmetic cold damage below -10C. A fabulous focal tree on it's own, great in pairs, and even better in an avenue along a path - where the scent and colour will amaze you in Winter. My colleague explained in some detail and whilst the disagreement is regrettable, I think that 'dismissive' is unfair. This would provide you with an elegant visual statement that underlies the symmetry of the entrance (porch) area.

I am specialised in the design of ecological Italian gardens but also in the reduction of water, maintenance and damage to the environment. These can all be shaped into spherical shapes and can be placed around the garden to provide structure. Again, I am sorry if you feel that this conclusion is dismissive, however several senior people within the business agree that your tree is as advertised. The maintenance involved is minimal and the palm trees would have needed their dead leaves cleaning annually anyway.

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