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Apply a 2-3 inch layer of mulch in planting beds to conserve water, suppress weeds, and protect the soil from compaction and erosion. This evergreen shrub will grow 6-12' tall and has leathery green leaves with clusters of pink buds that bloom into white, fragrant flowers from fall to spring. We've inherited a Viburnum tinus ‘Gwenllia’ in the house we live in, it doesn't seem to grow very much yet I've seen others much taller!
Viburnum tinus is one of the great all-year evergreen performers which can grow virtually anywhere! To help it grow away next year top dress the soil around its base with a generous layer well-rotted farmyard manure, garden compost or a large handful of bone meal in late autumn. This evergreen shrub will grow 6'-12' tall and has leathery green leaves with clusters of pink buds that bloom into white, fragrant flowers from fall to spring.
Viburnum Tinus 'Eve Price' is an attractive evergreen shrub with small white flowers in winter and spring.
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Orders placed via our Online shop if placed by 12 noon Monday –Thursday can be delivered to you the very next day. Should you require a specific delivery date, let us know in advance and we will arrange for your delivery to arrive on your required date. We will deliver to you in our local area and we will be pleased to arrange this with you whilst you are visiting our Nursery or via the phone. We have our own installation teams to carry out planting in Southern & Eastern England. Viburnum Tinus has dense dark green foliage and flowers which appear over a long period from late winter to spring.
From late winter, flattened clusters of deep pink buds open into small, starry white flowers.
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Simply call us on 01376 340469 and one of our experienced team are always available to discuss your order 7 days a week. If the leaves show signs of being munched (small semi-circular indentations) then it'?s more than likely that the roots are being devoured by the grubs of the vine weevil beetle - if this is the case drench the soil around the base of the viburnum with a pesticide that contains imidacloprid, it works better than any other method. If there is an error in your order requirement, please contact us as soon as possible quoting your order number, so that we can rectify prior to dispatch. It cleverly adapts itself physically to the environment it is growing so that it is able to survive and thrive - for example if grown in a container Viburnum tinus is more than likely to remain small, reaching a maximum height and spread over 1.5m, however, if it is growing in deep, fertile soil in full sun in a sheltered garden it will let rip and can reach up to 2.5m in height and spread! Viburnum Tinus provides an excellent evergreen backdrop for feature or ornamental plants, also suitable for a low-medium height hedge. This might explain why your Viburnum tinus 'Gwenllia'? is not a record breaker on the size front!

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