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After many months developing side window rubbers for fixed window replacements for GQ LWB (only) they have arrived. Window run channel to suit  non electric mirror front windows, rear windows are all the same. Pro Tint’s Rod Magill with an illegal window tint on the left and a legal tint on the right. List of localities containing a 10 Leighton : This list contains Leighton Avenues, Courts, Crescents and Roads. You can select this from the list - township names are followed by (T) - or start typing it in. The name showing in the list will be the one used for the search - you do not have to click on the list to actually select the name. If you do not type in the lot number, and there is more than one lot for this plan, you will get a list of these lot numbers.
The result if successful, will be a Melway (or Vicroads) grid square highlighted on the map. PFI stands for Persistent Feature Identifier, and is the number used to identify an item in the database. The local council allocates a Property Number to each property - this may be shown on the Coucnil's rates notice.
Commonly this is not the property number - instead it is the "invoice number" for that year's rates. There are two separate tables in the database - PARCEL contains information about the parcel, while PARCEL_VIEW contains the linework needed to display the polygon.
There are two separate tables in the database - PROPERTY contains information about the property, while PROPERTY_VIEW contains the linework needed to display the polygon.
As you type in the Mark Name field, the Parish list above displays the possible parish names for you to select. When you do a search, or you select a property from the map, the property will automatically be added to the Property List on the Get Reports panel. This will open a new window with the first page of the Title and Property Certificates process.
This allows you to switch map layers on and off to give you a different look to your interactive map.
This can be used to clarify the area you are looking at, or to remove superfluous information. To add or remove map layers from the map, check or uncheck the box for that layer, then use the "Refresh map" button.
Click on the red star next to the layer name, and the map will zoom to a scale suitable to show this layer. The list of layers is dynamic, and you can close (or open) some of the folders by clicking on the folder symbol.
To zoom in to a smaller area on the map, click on the top left corner of the area you want, and holding down the mouse button, drag the cursor to the bottom right of the area. The next 5 points are along the curve of the road, and the most recent point is on the back boundary. The accuracy is dependent on the map data, and the scale of the map, and on how closely you click on the boundary of the property. One advantage of this method is that you can measure several properties as if they are one. A line will be drawn from the first to last point to close the polygon (at least 3 points).
The print tool will open a form which allows you to set the size and the scale of the map to create.
Note - the Print option in your browser will not print the map - you must use the Print tool above the map.
Unlike most web sites, you cannot "right-click" on the map image and save it - you must use this tool.
The file name is made up from the site_name, the date and time, and the map projection - eg.
If the aerial photography layer is displayed (not available on all maps) the saved image will include this as well.

A georeferenced file has a second "world" file which includes the coordinates and size of the image so another program can display the image in the correct location. Depending on the scale of the map and the location in Victoria, you will either get Vicmap data, Melway or Vicroads directories. Boundaries from the Australian Bureau of Statistics determines whether properties are in "Built Up" areas.
When rural properties are displayed, the road pattern is shown in the adjoining urban areas, with a white (rather than pale yellow) background. A property has been classified as "Urban" if any portion of that property is inside the ABS Built Up area, so many urban properties extend outside the actual Built Up Area boundaries. When you search for a property, or use the Select tool to select a property, it will appear highlighted in a different colour. Any property highlighted will automatically be included on the list under the Get Reports tab.
Copyright of materials present on the Victorian Government Web Site resides with the State of Victoria.
This shows the approximate coordinates of the current location of the cursor, rounded when appropriate for the scale of the map.
MGA coordinates can be zone 54 (approximately west of Ballarat) or zone 55 (east of Ballarat), but coordinates for both zones are shown near the zone boundary. Note - if you do not see the coordinates, it is likely to be a setting on your browser which needs to be changed. Down near the bottom of the list is an option under Scripting - Allow status bar updates by script. For these browsers, the map is resized to create a "status" bar area for the coordinate display.
If you are using another browser, and the coordinate display is not visible, please contact us using the email link below. Users can search, find, browse and locate thousands of events including community events, food and wine festivals, and sport throughout Victoria. The app also has the ability for users to share events via email, twitter and facebook with friends and family as well as integrate with a phone's map and GPS system. Users looking for inspiration can simply shake their smartphone and VicEvents will suggest a random event. Act Wild is Zoos Victoria's new action packed website and mobile app that helps people do little things that can make a big difference for wildlife. Many of our zoo visitors and others in the community want to do something to help wildlife but are unsure where to start. You can also keep up with the latest news about our animals directly from our keepers and conservationists working in the field. The Department of Planning and Community Development is encouraging even more kids to learn how to swim this summer through the new $1.6 million VICSWIM Summer Kidz Program. The program will make swimming more affordable, offering learn-to-swim lessons for less than half the regular price at 11 metropolitan, 60 regional and seven open water venues around Victoria.
This exhibition brings to Ballarat 40 of the most important 20th century Australian paintings from collection of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
It includes prominent pieces by Margaret Olley, Margaret Preston, Arthur Boyd, John Brack, Grace Cossington Smith, William Dobell, Donald Friend and Sidney Nolan, John Olsen and Brett Whiteley among others. The Communities for Nature Grants is a new $20 million dollar program over 4 years, funded by the Victorian State Government. A state-wide campaign to ensure all Victorians understand the importance of bushfire preparation and planning will be launched in November ahead of the summer fire season. Fire Action Week events give people practical tips and advice on fire preparation and includes many family-friendly events including CFA and MFB family days, fire planning days and other important education programs that will help people get on the front foot and understand fire risk.
The Kidsafe Driveway Safety Campaign aims to increase community awareness with a car window sticker and poster which will be distributed through Victorian Maternal and Child Health centres and early childhood services. Kidsafe Victoria's Driveway Safety Campaign has attracted support from Victoria's Transport Accident Commission, Holden, the Royal Children's Hospital, the Child Safety Commissioner, Monash University Accident Research Centre, the Municipal Association of Victoria, VicRoads, the Coroner's Prevention Unit, Victoria Police and the RACV - as well as the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the Department of Health.
Kidsafe Victoria is part of the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia, a not-for-profit charitable foundation. First published in conjunction with the Building Commission during the Year of the Built Environment in 2004, it was revised in 2007 by the Heritage Council of Victoria and, due to popular demand, has been reissued in 2011.

Also check out our interactive online version for additional information on interiors and interviews with owners and architects.
The awards showcase the outstanding achievements and practice of early childhood professionals and teachers, leaders andeducation support officers in government schools. Applications close Friday 16 December 2011 and winners will be announced at the Victorian Education Excellence Awards gala dinner during Education Week in May 2012. Applications for the The Victorian Government's Electric Vehicle Trial will run until mid-2014 and will help Victoria to better understand the process, time lines and barriers for transitioning to electric vehicle technologies.
To keep up to date with the latest developments subscribe to the monthly newsletter or visit how you can be part of the Electric Vehicle Trial for more information. On Monday 24 October, the Minister for Bushfire Response, Peter Ryan, announced the landowner information and consultation sessions on the Bushfire Buy-back Scheme. The sessions will be held in Bendigo, Chum Creek, Churchill, Flowerdale, Kinglake, Marysville, St Andrews, Strathewen, Wandong, Whittlesea, Yarra Glen, and Melbourne CBD, between 10 November and 9 December 2011.
The government is implementing a buy-back scheme as part of its commitment to implement all of the recommendations of the Bushfire Royal Commission. Mr Ryan also announced Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund Chairman, Pat McNamara, would chair the Bushfire Land Acquisition Panel; the Panel that will oversee the operation of the Scheme and recommend the future use of the land. Visit the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents website for a list of all Victorian acts and statutory rules.
The DIY Conveyancing Kit for Vendor and Purchaser provides all you need to know on how to buy or sell your property without a solicitor.
A captive-bred Regent Honeyeater (Anthochaera phrygia) has delighted wildlife researchers in Victoria by re-appearing unexpectedly and nesting, around 18 months after it was released. Portland, located on the far south-west coast of Victoria, was the site of Victoria's first permanent settlement back in 1834.
Portland is a place of historic discovery with over 200 buildings within the town classified by the National Trust, many of which are constructed out of bluestone.
Portland is the only deep-water sea port between Adelaide and Melbourne, making it a major centre for sea transport of goods and produce from the surrounding areas. One of Portland's major industries is the Alcoa aluminium smelter which commenced operations in 1986. If you no longer wish to receive the Info Vic Newsletter, please unsubscribe using this link.
However, if the search critera is not unique, you will be given a list of matching results.
Some may be superseded (such as a plan of consolidation being re-subdivided) or were withdrawn, or not approved.
The size of the box you create determines the final size and location of the existing map area. If the main map is a significantly large proportion of Victoria, a red boundary will be shown denoting the main map extent. When moving your cursor over the main map area, two sets of coordinates appear in the status bar of your browser. Apart from fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research, criticism or review, as permitted under copyright legislation, no part may be reproduced or reused for any commercial purposes whatsoever. True north is approximately 3 degrees west of grid north at the South Australian border, equal to grid north in Melbourne, and is 3 degrees east of grid north at the extreme east of Victoria. Act Wild features exclusive images, videos, fun facts, a Zoo keeper blog, student forum and an events calendar to enable you to get grubby by joining local conservation events. It provides a unique insight into the history of Australian modern art from the 1920s to the 1970s, recognising the extraordinary ability of Australian artists and the pivotal role they played in capturing the lives and moments of Australians in recent times. It provides an understanding of the development of our built heritage, as well as providing sections on paint schemes, how to make your home more energy efficient and how to avoid mistakes when renovating.
The first set is the VicGrid GDA94 Easting and Northing, and the second set is the Geographical (Latitude and Longitude) coordinates.

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