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Vitamins and supplements have long since been depicted as a necessary ingredient to a healthy lifestyle.
Research has shown the benefits of ingesting certain antioxidants before and after exposure to severe noise can prevent damage to the sensitive nerves within the ear, and thus limit the potential for permanent hearing impairment. To understand the science behind the supplements, we must first understand how hearing damage occurs. Possible causes for Conductive Hearing Loss can include a foreign body within the ear, ear infection, perforated eardrum, buildup of fluid or earwax, malformation of the ear, or poor function of the Eustachian tube.
Sensorineural Hearing Loss occurs when the hair cells within the inner ear have been damaged or destroyed. Mixed Hearing Loss is a combination of both Conductive and Sensorineural and can result from a variety of reasons.
Of the many potential triggers for hearing impairment, supplements are usually used to prevent and improve damage caused by extreme noise exposure.
Supplements are designed to increase the body's natural immunity and therefore prevent the initial damage from occurring, or speed up possible recovery from temporary damage.
Research shows that intense sound vibrations caused by extreme noise exposure damage the hair cells within the ear by releasing what are called free radicals into the bloodstream. While initial studies were conducted to show the efficacy of certain antioxidants as a preventative measure and short-term treatment, further research has shown that continued intake can actually help prevent long term hearing loss attributed to aging.
Another common benefit found in supplements targeted towards hearing improvement, is increased blood flow within the ear.
The Hearing Loss Pill expands upon the concept that hearing loss supplements are a viable and safe treatment option.
A: No, the Hearing Loss Pill is not yet available in stores and can only be purchased here on this site. From nutrient-filled smoothie stands, to aisles of highly-concentrated capsules at the local supermarket, society is urging people to increase their daily intake of nature's finest. While there are only 3 main types of hearing loss, Conductive, Sensorineural and Mixed, there are a number of ways that these can develop. Conductive Hearing Loss is often treatable and treatment options vary from surgical procedures to anti-fungal medications, to conventional hearing aids. Causes range from noise-induced trauma, head trauma, and benign tumors to genetic predisposition and otoxic drugs (drugs which are used to treat serious illnesses yet can damage the ear). When attempting to treat Mixed Hearing Loss, medical professionals will first attend to the damage within the middle and outer ear (Conductive Hearing Damage) to ensure that sound can successfully pass through the eardrum.
Noise-induced hearing loss1 can result from one instance of sudden loud sounds, like an explosion, or chronic exposure to loud noises over time, like power tools, loud music, or aircraft noise. The body's natural reaction to release these destructive molecules is actually what causes the direct damage to the hair cells.
Scientists came to this conclusion when they noticed that the supplements were protecting a certain structure within the inner ear, known as the lateral wall, which is associated with age-related hearing loss.

A common effect of the presence of free radicals is decreased blood flow, so to combat this, magnesium is usually included as an integral ingredient.
The pill is designed to improve the performance of the nerves within the ear that are still functional. The composition of the Hearing Loss Pill is more advanced than a standard OTC supplement and provides increased benefits for improving existing hearing loss.
The truth is that most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, they dona€™t get ANY results. With the understanding that most people are not getting all the right nutrients through their food, oral supplements have been manufactured to assist with the prevention of bone disease, improve digestion, increase immunity, and promote healthy vision. Conductive Hearing Loss refers to any damage to the nerves within the ear canal, the eardrum or the middle ear. Obviously some instances of Sensorineural damage are more preventable than others and treatment options vary. When the high decibels reach the nerves within the ear, the tiny hair cells which process the sound information are then damaged, and the sound therefore does not reach or get registered by the brain. Supplements1 containing high amounts of antioxidants3 have shown to protect against this cell damage. Since antioxidants are understood to be beneficial in any diet, increasing the intake for the purpose of improved hearing has no known negative effects (under the assumption that one is consuming a reasonable amount as directed by a medical professional).
Ingredients of the pill target the nerves within the ear to provide protection and also targets the nerves within the brain to optimize the process for registering sound information. Only recently has hearing loss prevention and improvement come onto the scene as a viable option for the pill-popping inclined. When sound is not able to reach the inner ear to be processed as sound by the brain, it's indicative of Conductive Hearing Loss.
The antioxidants act as scavengers and prevent the free radicals form attacking the sensitive walls within the ear. By optimizing the organ for receiving sound and guarding against the free radicals that can cause further damage, The Hearing Loss Pill is covering all of the bases. The testimonials you see on this web site are some of our better results and are not typical.
In addition, there are a number of known compounds which are essential to proper hearing function; these compounds are another integral component to The Hearing Loss Pill.
They stuck to the dose as directed and maintained a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet alongside it.

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