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Black rice, once considered a forbidden food, is now gaining popularity in the Western world.
Following the latest diet trend often leads to disappointment for many on a weight loss journey. 9Diseases, Disorders & ConditionsInflammatory Breast Disease and IB Cancer Symptoms2 years agoBreast inflammation can be a symptom of several different breast conditions or disease.
9Food AllergiesA Connection Between Latex, Fruit and Nut Allergies16 months agoThere has been a common link found between latex allergies and some fruit and nut allergies. 28Nutrition4 Important Health Benefits of Kiwi9 months agoEven though kiwis are a small fruit, they have as much vitamin C than a larger orange and contain of number of other important antioxidants and nutrients. 9Personal Health Information & Self-Help10 Surprising Food Poisoning Statistics and Discoveries16 months agoFood poisoning causes billions of dollars in health care costs each year. 14Landscaping15 Plants for Edible Landscaping16 months agoEdible plants and blossoms can be used to create beautiful landscaping.
EDITOR'S CHOICE10Materials & Industrial Technology13 Green Natural Resources for Bio-based Products and Textiles2 years agoEco green companies are continuing to explore environmentally friendly and sustainable natural fibers to make bio-based products. 7Personal Health Information & Self-HelpFour Types of Food Poisoning and Common Causes3 years agoThere are many different types and causes of food poisoning. 9Diseases, Disorders & ConditionsWhat is Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease (SCID)?3 years agoThere are more than 150 genetically inherited immunodeficiency diseases.
8GeneticsWhat Are The Benefits of Sequencing the Human Genome Again?16 months agoThe genetic material from a single human being was decoded in 2003. 6Medicine & Health ScienceSilver Nanoparticles In Household Products Can Have Effects on Human Reproduction9 months agoNano silver particles are now being used in hundreds of consumer products. 5DiabetesThe Diabetes, Cancer, PCOS and Acanthosis Nigricans Link4 years agoThree major diseases and one skin disorder have a common link between them.

25Medicine & Health Science3 Health and Environmental Risks Associated With Nanoparticles7 months agoNanotechnology in the last decade has led to the use of nanoparticles in a number of manufactured products and foods.
32Antioxidants3 Health Benefits of Black Rice4 years agoBlack rice, once considered a forbidden food, is now gaining popularity in the Western world. 4Life SciencesNew Discoveries in How Bacteria Grow: potential medical and environmental implications7 months agoRecent research has identified a new method by which some species of rod-shaped bacterial replicate. 22Salads & Salad Dressings7 Unusual Edible Sprouts and Shoots for Salads16 months agoCreate a DIY gourmet salad by adding unusual sprouts or shoots. 8Nature ConservationSaving The Historic Apple - Heirloom Apple Trees9 months agoA huge push is being made to conserve historic apple trees. 7Kids10 Goals to Set With Your Kids or Grandkids7 months agoThe new year doesn't have to be the only time of year that goals and resolutions can be made. EDITOR'S CHOICE25Salads & Salad Dressings5 Unusual and Healthy Seeds for Salads3 years agoFor those that get bored with salads on a regular basis, there are a variety of ways to bring new flavor and texture. Therefore, you should avoid diagnosing yourself and believing that you have vitamin deficiency.
It has recently been studied for health benefits and found to surpass a number of other "superfoods" - learn why! Establishing a good foundation with key mindset principles can help create positive and lasting health changes. The frequency of occurrence and the number of different bacteria, viruses and parasites that can cause it might surprise you. Is it true that these little seeds have energizing, anti-aging, and anti-cancer properties? It has recently been studied for health benefits and found to surpass a number of other "superfoods" - learn why!

You should consult doctor or dietitian, who can help you in finding if you suffer from vitamin deficiency.
Patients who drink alcohol have thiamin deficiency, which causes symptoms like eyeball involuntary movements and staggering. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. You should know the symptoms of deficiency of various types of vitamins that are a part of Vitamin B.
If beriberi is dry, the patient suffers from nerve degeneration and tingling in the whole body. Pregnant women who have folate deficiency have the danger of suffering from neural tube defects, due to which the child can have spina bifida. If you want to prevent Vitamin B deficiency, you should take a balanced diet consisting of nutrients. It is not possible for most people to find if there is vitamin deficiency without consulting a doctor.
Biotin deficiency causes symptoms like depression, loss of appetite, scaly dermatitis, hair loss and weakness.There can be hallucination, nausea, fatigue and abnormal heart actions. The role of Vitamin B is to use the nutrients as fuel and the formation of new DNA, thereby helping in cell multiplication.

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