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What you need to look for in a good ear candle is the burn time.  HOW LONG DOES THE CANDLE BURN? Wax will also make a small difference in burn time.  Take a look here for more info on the different kinds of wax. Waited the weekend  to see if it would just go away–throwing up and needing someone to help me get up from the bed.
Went to the chiropractor on Monday.  He told me [THE EAR CANDLE LADY] I should get some ear candles! I just heard that my grand kid’s school will be closing because so many kids have the flu!  The news reported 47 states have epidemic proportions of flu going around and a shortage of shots. WASH YOUR HANDS, Don’t go out unless you have to, get a good, old fashioned ear candling done and homemade chicken soup (with lots of garlic) in your tummy! So what has garlic got to do with ear oil?  Any ear oil worth it’s weight has garlic in it!  When ear oil is used properly after a great ear candling session, it enhances your ability to heal yourself and absorb beneficial garlic into your system. HOW DO I USE EAR OIL?  After you ear candle, DO NOT PUT EAR OIL DROPS DIRECTLY INTO YOUR EAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When done this way, your body absorbs the oils it needs and the rest stays on the cotton ball.  You won’t have ear oil clogging your ear! If you have an ear ache (and your ear drum has not ruptured) you can do the same thing sans ear candling, and the properties in the oil will soothe the ear spasms causing the pain.  Warmth to the ear after you put the cotton ball in enhances the pain relief.
Remember when the medical “professionals” and the FDA said in order for a vacuum to actually pull wax out of the ear it would have to be so intense that it would cause damage to the ear drum?
Ear Candling would have done the same thing for around $5 and the smoke from the candle would have disabled the spider. Live Science & CNN reports that with our heat and drought conditions bugs are in abundant supply this year.

Watch for my upcoming post on what the FDA and the American Medical Association APPROVE as ear wax removal treatments.  OMGOODNESS!  You will be totally shocked what I found. I realized that I shouldn’t rant so much about the FDA, but darn it!  It’s sooooo much fun!
The Ear Candle Lady has been watching commercials on TV from the FDA approved drugs to stop our allergy symptoms.  Then, as most of you already know, the remaining 10 seconds of the 15 second commercial spot is spent talking about side effects and dangers of the drug they are trying to sell you. Then I have to take the RX, fight traffic, go to Walgreens, wait for them to fill it, charge me my co-pay, drive home, take the darn thing and wait for it to hopefully work! If you don’t spend time LEARNING how to do this, you very well may set your house on fire and die. Skeptics are in abundance and excitedly share, via the internet, their own unique experiment to prove the ear candle is a scam. Because of years of ear candling, I saw my own children NOT have to go to the doctor’s office for ear infections and sinus problems.
I’ve sent countless numbers of ear candles to members of the military because they swear that ear candling is the only relief they get from the sand and noise pollution surrounding them during their deployment. Once again, Ear Candles were put to shame because we actually thought they weren’t harmful. Last time I checked, the outside ear and ear canal were covered with skin.  Anyone want to argue that?

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