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When the status of the ear drum is unclear (perhaps because it is hard to see) we favor using a non-ototoxic antibiotic otic drop based on a floxin such as ciprofloxin or floxin.
We advise against putting in drops containing alcohol or an ototoxic antibiotic if one is unsure as to the status of the tympanic membrane (ear drum). The Acu-Life ear irrigator cleaning system clean ears and helps to prevent ear wax buildup.

Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi, reducing the risk of infection and inflammation of the ear. Antifungals or Burows solution (a mixture of acetic acid, aluminum sulfate and calcium carbonate) are generally used in this instance. If the TM is broken, the drops may get into the middle ear and cause hearing loss, dizziness or or severe pain.

There are many other ear drops that can be used if one is sure that the eardrum is intact (preferably with direct visualization).

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