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The Cut fashion blog is excited by the single, large earrings seen on Christian Dior’s Fall 2013 runway. I photographed a lot of my original ’80s earrings last spring, including this favorite singleton. If you look very closely, you can see me wearing that particular earring with my friend Jim’s turquoise jacket in this circa-1984 photo. I was so consumed with my memories of single earrings last year that I hurried to add single styles to my WENDYB by Wendy Brandes diffusion line.
I spent the entire decade of the 1980s wearing mismatched and single earrings – mostly huge,shoulder brushing ones. I am the designer of the Wendy Brandes fine jewelry line and winner of a 2012 FGI Rising Star Award. Copyright Notice All original jewelry designs and photos are © Wendy Brandes 2007-2013. When the fall season rolls around, sweaters and boots are two of the first things that come to mind when it comes to fashion.

If you love so many of your rings that you can never decide on which one to wear, this year you don’t have to choose.
And now that the pre-fall issues of all the fashion mags are hitting the stands (I know, while you are just breaking out your bikini and hitting the beach), it seems that the editorial staff is really promoting this look.
So here’s the thing…just because we see something on the runway and in a fashion mag, does it mean that it’ll translate to the general public? This entry was posted in Designers, Earrings, Trends and tagged celine earrings, earring trends, fall 2014 jewelry trends, louis vuitton earrings, wearing one earring.
But, considering that the one-off look has been out of the mainstream for a long time, I decided to go small in order to let people get accustomed to the idea. My pieces are so petite you can easily wear a mismatched pair in a conservative work environment without scandalizing your colleagues. I blog about jewelry, fashion, medieval history, feminism, dogs and other things that inspire or annoy me. However, one of the best things about autumn is all of the layering and accessorizing that you can do.

And so, you’ll be sure to find at least a few things that will work perfectly with your own signature style. So, while you’re out shopping for a pair of (faux) fur booties, look for a (faux) fur stole too. For the fall 2014 shows, various designers had models sauntering down the runway in one earring, from Louis Vuitton to Celine. While reading the July issue of Vogue, here are some of the images that were in their spread.
And if so, will it be in such a dramatic fashion, or will the interpretation be more of a watered-down version, with a minimal earring worn on its own? At the same time, you’ll still be edgier than the matchy-matchy peeps who are scared to mix metal colors, let alone earrings.

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