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I seem to remember there being some bone conduction headphones on the market a few years back, but these are the first that I’ve come across in a while. Some people might think our own Bernie Leighton, AirlineReporter Managing Correspondent, is crazy.
And that is not to mention the “normal” airplanes he flies on too, like the 747, Q400 and G650.
I guess my point is that aviation history is something that all of us should appreciate more, but I happen to go out and do something about it. DPB: What do you say to people who think you might be a little crazy to fly on these old birds? DPB: During many of your trips, you are not allowed to take photos at the airport, why is that? A lot of countries that are, or at least used to be, under the Soviet Sphere of Influence (if not full blown SSRs prior to 1991) have a serious case of paranoia about their military. Not, like, pictures shared via sneakernet in dark alleyways – I mean pictures on major aircraft enthusiast websites. The headphones rest on the temporal bone on the side of your head and won’t go into your ears.
The 32 mAh battery will give you 10 hours of playback, and it comes with an integrated microphone if you want to use your phone hands-free. He has had the opportunity to fly around the world on some old and unique airplanes others might be afraid to step foot on. Since he has experienced so many different types of aircraft, I wanted to interview him and have him share his ideas. There are about five of us who will travel anywhere, on anything, at any expense, if it means flying on something cool. The little hardware store ear protectors we were given were the absolute minimum I’d want to fly with on one of those.

Frankly, I have a visceral response to turbulence in general, and would prefer all my flights to be glassine. Well, the AN-225 is the largest aircraft in the world, and it’s also from the former Soviet Union. Sometimes the dual-use part is a bit of an overstatement, but they like to say it might be. David has written, consulted, and presented on multiple topics relating to airlines and travel since 2008. These headphones also come with a 3.5mm jack, which lets you plug in regular earphones if you ever feel the need.
But Bernie throws caution to the wind and looks to fly on planes that make many AvGeeks jealous.
Being a mere infant I can’t tell you the exact altitude of the Air Canada 727-233s and similar errata flying over, but my mum says you could easily see the rivets.
If they’re not around, some of my adventures come from being goaded by fellow AirlineReporter correspondent Jacob Pfleger.
Any longer flight and I’d have wanted some proper aviation headsets that could knock down more than 23dB. I’m always convinced something is going to spill on me, ruin my laptop, make me cover myself in my own bodily functions or digestive fluid. If that was not enough, most places that operate awesome aircraft are not the kind of places where a couple U.S.
He has been quoted and written for a number of news organizations, including BBC, CNN, NBC News, Bloomberg, and others. This seems a bit counterintuitive, because when I switch on my headphones, I don’t want to hear the outside world.
She also used to tell me stories about the Russian aircraft that would refuel down the highway in Gander.

I fly hundreds of thousands of miles a year (often to go see more interesting aircraft) and it’s rare for me to even get on an A340 or 747.
If he has nothing to goad, I go to enthusiast websites and look at photos of Russian planes, or just weird places.
What is most impressive is that the Isotov (Klimov) GTD-350 has over twenty million hours in service. I prefer jet whine, but of all the bizarre aircraft I’ve flown on, those two are by far the most impressive. You know, terrible things – but on said reasonably aspect-ratioed aircraft, you can also really hear creaking. He is passionate about sharing the complexities, the benefits, and the fun stuff of the airline business. I can’t recall if she told me about their nyanski (Russian cold war slang for the crew member deigned to prevent mass-defection), but I do remember wanting to go see the different planes. If I can find a flight within one of my Frequent Flyer membership airlines, I start planning. Also the plane looks like it was hand picked to be part of 1950’s Soviet Socialist Realist propaganda. I’d love if they were – but bribing most people in the countries I go to would not only get me arrested, but the families of those I tried to bribe!

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