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If there is a problem in the outer or middle part of the ears, this affects the way sound is carried, or conducted, through to the inner ear and the rest of the auditory system. Hearing loss that results from damage to or disorders of the outer and middle ear is therefore referred to as conductive hearing loss. The most common cause of conductive hearing loss, which mainly affects children, is otitis media. Brainstem Injuries: Although lesions of the brainstem are a rare factor of central hearing loss, a lesion must be present on both sides of the brainstem in order for central deafness to occur.
Persons afflicted with this condition often consider themselves to be deaf even while having reactions to sounds in their environment.
Causes of Hearing LossCommon Causes of Hearing LossThe most obvious cause of hearing loss is Mother Nature.
Allow your Audiologist to professionally evaluate the type and severity of your hearing loss.

However, in cases where medical or surgical intervention is not appropriate, individuals with conductive hearing loss may be managed with hearing aids, including such special devices as bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA) or bone conductor hearing aids.
Patients with this type of condition are often misdiagnosed due to inconsistent auditory behavior, whereby patients may react to environmental sounds, but show no reaction to sudden loud sounds.
Diagnosis:These patients have normal pure tone ability, therefore, pure tone audiogram alone will not identify the problem.
In addition, chemo therapeutic agents, and certain classes of antibiotics can produce hearing loss.
Although it is usually easily treatable, the incidence of otitis media is significantly higher among Indigenous children, for whom it represents a serious health and educational issue. When compared to conductive and senorineural hearing loss, central hearing loss is very rare, and involves damage to the nerves of hearing. Parents who have concerns about their child's responsiveness to sound, language development, or behaviour should talk to their doctor.

The person is unable inability to comprehend verbal or nonverbal sounds such as the startle reaction to a clap, and is the result of bilateral lesions to the brainstem.
The initial symptom of sudden deafness, that progress to the person being able to hear sound but can not recognize their meaning.
Cortical deafness is the result of a lesion in the cerebral cortex.Auditory hallucinations are most often found in schizophrenia, but can actually be due to brain damage. Auditory hallucinations can also be due to temporal lobe seizures, and occasionally due to damage to brainstem structures, such as the auditory cortex.If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with a psychological disturbance such as schizophrenia, there is a slight chance that the real problem is central hearing loss or nerve damage.

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