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A courier of Ele.me food delivery smartphone application travels on his electric bicycle along a street in Shanghai, China, October 9, 2015. Imagine Ruth, full of all the hope of a new bride, when suddenly her husband is taken from her.
Think of Hannah, she marries a man who loves her, but time passes and she’s unable to become pregnant.
Consider the woman of Shunam in the book of 2 Kings, when the prophet Elisha told her she would have a son, she begged him not to toy with her emotions.
And maybe you do feel like that, maybe you feel like me — that at some point your dreams just curled up and died in your arms. But before you think the death of dreams is unique to the women in the bible, remember the prophet Jeremiah who spent his whole life warning the people of Israel of the coming deportation, despite derision and death-threats, only to watch the very thing he had preached about come to pass before his eyes. We so often lose the very revelation of those words by stripping away the desperation of their context.┬áIn the ache of loneliness, His love never ceases. And thank YOU, Priya, for being one of those amazing testimonies of the power of waiting on and trusting God in this area of our lives.
Thank you for the encouragement Emily ?? I have been looking to soothe my desperation and praying and I believe God led me to read this.
Thank you Emily, for the amazing ability to sermonise the story of women who went before us in their struggles and weave it with our current ongoing desperations.

Actually, all of my life since I left my parents house to attend university halfway across the country has felt like a time of transition. All her hope for the future is extinguished, and her choice is to return home to her family to see if another man will take her, or follow her mother-in-law and become a destitute beggar in a distant land. To make matters worse, year after year she watches as her husband’s second wife bears him a family. Imagine how she felt when the son she had been promised and given by God, her only heir and hope for the future, curled up and died in her arms. His heartbreak (and God’s heartbreak lived out through him) makes up the book of Lamentations. Desperation for a guy (or a home, or a family) avails nothing, desperation for God avails much.
She lived on four continents and traveled to nearly 30 countries before finding her home in New Delhi, where her heart still remains -- though life has relocated her twice since then.
It’s been a journey but I know this to be true more and more, day by day, not only from the way I see His faithfulness in my life but the testimony I see in the lives of others.
It can feel scary to be open and raw about these things, but hearing that God used it to encourage another person in the same place, makes it more than worth it!
And thank you for your powerful words on the forum — Catherine forwarded me what you posted.

You aptly describe the various stages of women’s lives and how at the end we find our hope and rest in God.
In those years she must have felt like she was carrying her hope around like a stillborn child. She loves finding the adventure in every circumstance, plumbing life for its depths and striking up conversations with strangers.
I pray God continues to show you how open his heart is to you, in this, and everything else. I hear little snippets of your story from others but I hope to hear the whole thing from you soon! But truly, what I am most grateful for is the way you give voice, without shrinking back, to the raw honesty of despair.

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