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Fragrantica Club » Perfume Selection Tips for Men » A scent that causes spontaneous female orgasms?! Back in 1996, the SA at Macy's told me that Erox Realm Men would produce similar results.
Here the legend:Never eat, or even pick stinkhorns in New Guinea, where the Iban people (former headhunters) call it ghost penis fungus. Dog penis mushroom colloquial Hungarian,  makes a whole forest smell likea decaying corpse.
Ummmm, I think I speak for most women when I say I'd find it a bit less than sensual for that to do the job!  it would be more than a little awkward!! So they're targeting one specific type from hawaii as being the one that gets the girls off?
In 1986, the charred body of 58-year-old retired firefighter George Mott was found in his apartment outside Crown Point, N.Y. In February, 65-year-old Danny Vanzandt was found burned to death in his home in Sequoyah County, Okla., with no signs of burns on nearby furniture.
And in 1985, Frank Baker, a Vietnam veteran living in Vermont, claims he spontaneously caught fire while sitting on his couch. In order for anything to combust, three things are required: very high heat, a source of fuel and an oxidizing agent, which is generally the oxygen in the air. The Unexplained Files follows paranormal investigator Larry Arnold, of the organization ParaScience International, as he attempts to recreate the wick effect by wrapping a ham bone in a cloth and igniting it. British biologist and author Brian Ford has another theory for the source of the enigmatic blazes. Although not mentioned in the show, another popular theory suggests that methane built up in the intestines might somehow ignite.
Despite these scientific justifications, some people maintain that cases of human combustion have no rational explanation.

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In the trial involving 16 women, 6 had orgasms while smelling the fruit body, and the other ten, whoreceived smaller doses, experienced physiological changes such as increased heart rate. It's the member of a warrior who was decapitated in battle, and the twice-mutilated fighter will rise from the ground and pursue you until he cuts off your head with his headhunting sword! It's the member of a warrior who was decapitated in battle, and the twice-mutilated fighter will rise from the ground and pursue you until he cuts off your head with his headhunting sword!Sounds like a plot for an adult Scooby-Doo episode. The coroner concluded Faherty's death was a case of spontaneous human combustion a€” a human being catching fire with no apparent cause. Most involve a victim burning almost completely a€” although their extremities may remain intact a€” while their surroundings remain unburned. Spontaneous combustion was suspected, but a recent medical examiner's report concluded Vanzandt died from a heart attack before a lit cigarette may have ignited his clothing.
Many cases involved victims who were alone and close to a flame, such as a cigarette or candle.
In a condition called ketosis, the human body produces small amounts of the flammable substance acetone (a component of nail polish remover). For them, the morbid idea of a human being mysteriously going up in flames is too alluring to pass up. Often, the victims have been elderly or intoxicated, and thus unable to put out the flames. Some have suggested the fat in a human body could act as a fuel source, and the victim's hair or clothing might act like a candle wick a€” known as the wick effect. Ford believes that when a person is ill, they may produce enough acetone that a tiny spark a€” perhaps due to static electricity a€” could cause the person to catch fire and burn. Then, along Highway 20, there were thousands of them.'So-called snow rollers are so rare and fleeting that the precise weather conditions needed to form them are not defined, said Jay Breidenbach, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

According to the authors, the results suggest that the hormone-like compounds present in the volatile portion of the gleba mayhave some similarity to human neurotransmitters released in females during sexual activity. As the fat melted, the body would burn from the inside out, leaving the surroundings intact. Snow rollers up to 18 inches are especially rare.'Those are some pretty big rollers,' Breidenbach said. Having never smelled a stinkhorn in my life before, I was expecting something stinky obviously because of the name, but I was so unprepared for what came from the sample vial. If some stranger was able to give you an orgasm just by walking past you without your decision or consent, that could be considered sexual assault.
Possible beneficial application of this would be an actual medicine for women with anorgasmia, used in couples therapy etc.. After the initial foul blast and a temptation to immediately wash it off, my curiosity prevailed and It calmed down a bit. I'm sure a pharmaceutical company would have jumped on this earlier, because that would be the next V ia gra(spam filter blocks it). It reveled layers of burnt coffee grains, nutty aroma and wet soil, but still it's very sinister. So I Google it and find out that it was used as an aphrodisiac in medieval Europe and the article above among other things.

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