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To be honest, I didn't realize that the Range Rover MK111 had the same M62 engine as the BMW E38 7's and E39 540's.
Yes thanks for the input Seven , i have an M62 engine also on mine , and for the moment its the quietest engine i ever had , sometimes i even miss the V8 gurgle .
What i will ccheck certainly when my truck is serviced next time , is the oil viscosity , just to get back to the suject of this post . I have done a few jobs on my engine, such as, replaced radiator, thermostat and numerous plugs, oil and filters. Just for the hell of it, I would strip out and re-new the Vanos myself but, it's a very involved operation that requires lots of technical knowledge and expensive BMW special tools. Many BMW owners seem to report that their ticking noise was due to loose oilpump bolts (with lower oilpressure at idle as a consequence). Of course, Ford said that there were no long term effects of this, it just sounds horrible.
A friend of mine that used to have a Nissan 200SX once told me that the cam phasing gear on those engines was prone to getting noisy too. Don't get me wrong, every engine is different and I'm not trying to say that you don't neccessarily have a problem, but it seems that a lot of these variable cam timing systems seem to get a bit rattly after a few miles is put on them.
2003 chevy trailblazer start - discussion topix, 2003 chevy trailblazer will not the throttle body gets dirty and causes the engine to if you hear a knocking noise coming from your engine,. Chevrolet car repair questions answers lists, 2003 trailblazer vent dont putting the car in reverse causes the engine to my engine is making a ticking or knocking noise.. 2005 chevy trailblazer dtc #p0014: noises problem 2005, Although there is a ticking noise that 2002 chevy trailblazer emission code p0014 only. I didn't realize that the range rover mk111 had the same m62 engine as the bmw e38 1998 and 2002 'ish, it would maybe report that their ticking noise was. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The Safe Line 100 offers SIX levels of protection to deactivate, neutralize, monitor, and alert you to eavesdropping attempts. The new Peephole Reverser was developed to assist law enforcement officers assess potential threats or activity behind dwelling doors. The new Spy-Stik lets you investigate the "nooks and crannies" - those inside-the-drainpipe, around-the- corner, under-the-refrigerator kinds of places. If you ever ride in a car, this is the only film you need to study to survive in the real world. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Your choice of precision cut straight or beveled edge acoustic tiles designed to match up with a near seamless result for any scale wall design.
Create captivating and visually exciting ceiling displays that aid in reducing excessive reverberation.
Multi-dimensional panel arrangements designed to treat common room sizes, available in pre-coordinated fabric color schemes. Includes a sample Image Panel, coated eco-C-tex®, fabric swatches and information about our products.
Includes a sample Image Panel, coated Eco-C-Tex, fabric swatches and information about our products. View Other Sample Pack Options: Image Panel Sample Pack, Fabric Sample Pack, and Fabric Swatch Samples. We create simple, attractive, and affordable acoustic solutions for a variety of home applications. Our beautiful acoustic treatments keep your customers and clients happy--no matter what your business. Let Audimute's experience with large scale institutional acoustic treatments work for you, whether you need an urgent solution or an entirely customized design. We want you to "Try Before You Buy!"  That's why we created our Panel Sampling Program--it gives you a chance to see and feel our acoustic panels before you make a decision.
One Audimute customer, whose large kitchen had high ceilings lots of wall space, realized that an acoustic room treatment using acoustic absorption panels would improve the acoustics in the room.
By joining our community, at no cost, you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. So it was interesting to find out that we are getting the same symptons with the same engine but in different vehicles. In fact, most M62's are, but there are quite a few owners that are increasingly becoming aware of the tapping syndrome, especially, as I've just been informed, they go up to 2005. To let the ?100 an hour main dealer boys have a go at it would be even more out of my money league. I have a 2005 f150 with the 5.4, the tapping at idle is very annoying but rev it up to 1000-1200 rpm and its nice and quite.
Eavesdropping and "bugging" telephone lines are illegal, but for many businesses and private citizens it is a common practice.

Both "on hook" and "off hook" line voltages are constantly displayed, alerting you to any type of equipment or "bug" that has been added to your line. It allows the law enforcement officer visual access to all sorts of places never before seen, without tearing down a car, dismantling a cell, or moving heavy furniture while searching for drugs or other contraband. Car jacking, parking lot robberies and rape have become so common, that a car is now the new battleground of today's cities. This jammer is effective against any microphone based eavesdropping devise including tape recorders, RF transmitters, hard-wired microphones and shotgun microphones. Do you have a living room, recreational space, dining room, or hallway where the echo of conversations and other sounds become a distraction? The family chose Audimute’s Acoustic Panels "based on effectiveness, cost, and appearance" and installed the panels themselves. Unfortunately, the space was an echo chamber that only got worse when we made some changes to furniture and rugs. So I'm just hoping someone will come up with a cheap fix sometime soon, or, at least tell us what the real cause is.
The reality is that there is a problem though, when these motors were new they did not make this sound, its just funny that your all the way in australia and your hearing the same annoying sound as me in canada. Now you can virtually assure your privacy with the easy-to-use totally automatic Safe Line 100 telephone analyzer and tap deactivator.
Common "voltage sensing" telephone recorders (readily available at electronic stores) will never know you are on the line, remaining in the standby mode. Spy-Stik is a flexible fiber-optic tube that provides clear images through its focusable eyepiece. Vladimir Vasiliev, one of the world's best trained specialists, gives you this serious presentation of the most effective tactics selected and used by Russia's secret agents. If you do not read Chapter 2 thoroughly before you read this chapter, you probably will not be able to properly diagnose your machine!!!!The Whirlpool belt-driven design is well over thirty years old. You can reduce this unwanted noise at home with acoustic room treatments using Audimute's acoustic panels.
In fact mine has just passed the MOT, with flying colours on the emissions especially, but you can't help worrying. I might be a bit paranoid about the Vanos, and the noise could be something totally different, but you have to start somewhere don't you?
No need for batteries or bulky AC adaptors as the SL-100 gets all the power it needs from the phone line itself.
In just a few clear steps you will know exactly what to do when the attacker attempts to strangle you with a rope around your neck or with a bag over your head, when he points a gun at you or puts a knife to your throat, grabs you by the hair or clothing; or tries to kick, punch or pull you out of the car. Made from all-natural materials, our standard and custom acoustic room treatments absorb sound waves, preventing the echoes and reverberation that causes much of the unwanted noise at home. I even took the sump off to see if the oil pump was working ok, and, yes it was, no loose bolts or anything.
High tech crystal controlled parallel line transmitters will be "shifted" off their frequency to transmit nothing but static. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in martial arts this fascinating film will provide you with all the required knowledge, skill and confidence to overcome any potential or direct threat or surprise attack in your automobile. Our panels are hardly noticed by people visiting, but when they are noticed, people find them a soft addition to the space and not the least obtrusive. Even the often-feared VOX (voice-activated) systems are neutralized by the SL-100's Anti-Vox System. Fortunately, having been around for so long, the peculiarities of the design are pretty well known.3-1 BASIC OPERATIONThe design uses a single direction motor, with solenoids to engage and disengage the agitate and spin cycles and pump. You are alerted to any extension eavesdroppers by a special "muting" circuit that stops your conversation until the offender disconnects or you decide to "override" the system by switching off the safe switch. The Spy-Stik allows for simple operation; you can both focus and operate the illuminator with just one hand. The cam bar moves towards the front of the washer, pushing the clutch bar and yoke upwards. Also check to see that the switch striker is not broken off. If this doesn't solve the problem, test for power at the left (spin) wigwag solenoid when in the spin cycle.
The easiest way to do this is to unplug the washer and switch the red and yellow wigwag leads as shown in figure W-6. Test the switch as described in sections 3-4 and 2-6(b). Often one of the wigwag wires will break, usually very near the wigwag itself. Test for continuity through the spin solenoid circuit of the timer as described in section 2-6(c). If the motor turns with no load, check the drive pulley and pump pulley to see which is locked. See section 3-15. If the centerpost (spin tube) bearings are worn, replacing the basket drive will not solve your noise problem. You will need to call a qualified service technician to replace the bearings, or simply junk the washer. If the machine is making a squealing or groaning noise, the problem is more likely to be the basket drive. If it is more like a rattling sound, the centerpost bearings are probably worn out.A secondary check is to look at the clutch lining.

However, most intermittent problems with these machines come from mechanical causes.For example, if the belt is loose, the machine may not spin sometimes, may not pump out at other times, and still other times it may not agitate. The solution is obviously to tighten the belt (or replace it if it is badly worn.) Another aggravating and difficult to diagnose symptom is caused by worn cam bars. The bolt can be replaced without removing the transmission, but it's a real bear of a job.3-4 WATER LEVEL SWITCHThe water level switch is located in the control panel on top of the cabinet. If you have a standard frame timer, mark the timer wires before removing them, so you can get them on the correct terminals of the new timer.
Sometimes, the switch may burn out altogether and it will seem as if the machine isn't getting any power at all.
To remove the threaded cap or nut, hold the agitator (this will keep the driveshaft from turning) and unscrew. Figure W-13: Agitator Mounting Stud AccessBut what if the agitator splines are stripped? You can hold the agitator all you want, and the shaft will keep turning with the nut or the threaded cap. Here's a good confirmation of a stripped spline. The nut will back off with each sweep of the agitator shaft. If you have a threaded cap, you can do the same thing by hand. Simply twist the ring counterclockwise to remove. The air dome is the fitting that attaches the water pressure switch hose to the tub. Loosen the motor mounting bolts and remove tension from the belt. Lean the washer back against the wall, following the safety tips in section 1-4.
Rocking the pump away from the drive belt will help disengage the belt, and also the pump lever from the cam bar.
DO NOT MOVE THE PUMP LEVER YET.Check the belt for wear as described in section 2-5(a), especially for burned or glazed spots where it rode over the locked pump pulley or motor drive pulley. Replace the belt if it is worn, following the instructions in section 3-13. INSTALLATIONSet the pump lever in the same position as the pump that came out. Make sure the pump lever goes into the slot in the agitate cam bar, and install the mounting bolts. Tension the belt as described in section 3-13. 3-11 WIGWAG AND CAM BARSThe wigwag is located inside the back panel of the machine. Replace the setscrew, making sure it goes in the hole on the wigwag drive shaft, and tighten securely. Normally, you will not need to replace the plungers, even when you replace the wigwag. If you see that one is bent or the pin is badly worn, replace the plunger. The plungers can be quite difficult to replace.
The pins that connect them to the cam bars are hardened and thus difficult to cut through. The first step is to remove power from the machine and cut through the pin. Sometimes it's easier to hacksaw through the body of the yoke than to cut the pin. Once you've cut through the pin, remove the wigwag as described above and replace the plunger, using the instructions that come with the new plunger. It keeps the machine quieter. To replace the spin cam bar, you must drop the transmission slightly as described in section 3-13. To replace the agitate cam bar, you must remove the transmission as described in section 3-14.3-12 DRIVE MOTORSingle speed, two-speed and three-speed motors were used at different times in these washers.
This may be the cause of the belt breaking.REPLACING THE BELTUnfortunately, the belt is not easy to replace on this machine.
To get the belt past the clutch shaft, you actually have to drop the transmission out slightly, and sometimes the transmission needs to be realigned afterwards. Hold the wigwag's "spin" plunger up and tap the spin cam bar towards the back of the machine.
Then pull the transmission straight out until it stops against the bolts. 7) Remove the belt.
The transmission should be just slightly loose, and all three bolts must be backed out the same amount. Set your washer upright and level.
Make sure there is no water or clothes in the basket, and START THE WASHER IN THE SPIN CYCLE. Without moving the washer, tighten the three transmission mounting bolts beneath it as evenly as possible. They are pretty standard items; most appliance parts dealers carry rebuilt Whirlpool transmissions in stock. If you wish, you can replace the cam bars, T-bearing and ball as insurance against future problems.
Two points to remember in exchanging the parts: 1) The drive pulley is originally assembled with a drop of glue on the setscrew threads. You may need to heat the hub of the drive pulley with a torch to get the setscrew out. 2) To get the agitator cam bar out, you will need to lift the agitator shaft. The easiest way to do this is to remove the "T"-bearing ball and pry the shaft upwards with a screwdriver, as shown in Figure W-22. Installation is basically the opposite of removal. Sometimes, the switch may burn out altogether and it will seem as if the machine isn't getting any power at all.

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