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The New York Times hailed them as “wonder drugs.” Doctors use them as the first line of defense against heart attack, stroke, inflammation and whatever else they can make sound dreadful and scary.
In their study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Thomas B. Interestingly, these facts are not reflected in the highly coveted Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) or by the pharmaceutically-compliant media. Ignoring these facts and despite having a majority vote among their advisory committee against approval, the pharmaceutically- campaigned FDA-approved these drugs anyway!
Sheperd and colleagues for PROSPER noted in the Lancet that “…new cancer diagnoses were more frequent on pravastatin [Pravachol] than on placebo [those not taking the drug].” Similar findings were made in the CARE (Cholesterol And Recurrent Events) trial. The British Journal of Cancer reports that VEGF plays an important role in the spread of colorectal cancer. The fact that cholesterol-lowering drugs can potentially cause cancer at doses commonly used by humans will never be accepted as mainstream knowledge. By now, most people are starting to see the big picture – wonder drugs aren’t that wonderful.
Salcombea€™s first development of new properties right on the watera€™s edge for almost twenty years. Despite the spin, cholesterol lowering drugs (fibrates and statins) are proving to be not so wonderful.

For instance, the PDR shows that cancer is a side effect for fibric acid derivates and statins only when as much as ten times the recommended human dose is used.
Gloria Troendle, deputy director for the Division of Metabolism and Endocrine Drug Products for the FDA, noted that the cholesterol-lowering drug gemfibrozil belonged to a class of drugs that has repeatedly been shown to increase death rates among users.
Specifically, when asked to vote whether or not the cholesterol-lowering drug gemfibrozil should be approved for prevention of heart disease, only 3 out of 9 voted in favor of approval.
Evidence from the trial showed a significant increase (a 1500% relative risk increase) in breast cancer among women taking Pravachol (a cholesterol-lowering drug made by Bristol-Myer Squib). Further, for those who already have tumors, VEGF and compounds that mimic VEGF significantly diminish that person’s survival time. Drug company-funded studies for cholesterol-lowering drugs are conveniently short in nature, typically five years or less.
As outlined in the book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, by Shane Ellison, MS continuing research showed how these blockbusters failed to prevent heart attack and stroke to any clinical significance. Unfortunately, these votes are only “advisory” and – against the better judgment of the committee – the FDA decided to approve gemfibrozil for human consumption. More likely, such an extrapolation would only hold true if human studies also showed an increase in cancer rates. Michael Simons of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston shows that statin drugs mimic a substance known as vascular endothelial growth factors (VEGF).

Troendle stated that she does not believe the FDA has ever approved a drug for long-term use that was as cancer causing at human doses as gemfibrozil. The biochemical VEGF promotes the growth of new blood vessels, a process known as angiogenesis. Both website are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world. While angiogenesis may help the growth of arteries, the benefit is quickly negated by the potential for growth of cancer. I have spent the last 36+ years researching Bible, History, Alternative Health, Secret Societies, Symbolism and many other topics that are not reported by mainstream media. Therefore, as long as statin drug trials last only five years, the fact that these “wonder drugs” aren’t wonder drugs will continue to fly below the radar.

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