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Mechanisms of origination and social influence of extremely low frequency Eartha€™s electric fields of conservative type and very low frequency spinning electric fields of vortical type are considered in the article.
Unlike well-known technical rotating fields, spinning electric fields of natural origination can be considered as a new class of phenomena. Eartha€™s currents, electromagnetic radiation of Van-Allen belts and natural cavity resonators predetermined EMF spectrum in which everything living evolved.
In particular, electrical activity of human brain is related to extremely low frequency (ELF) Schumann waves, extracted by the closed, 40000 km, Earth-ionosphere resonator. On the other hand, same resonator has another, a short-range mode, extracted between Eartha€™s surface and a floor of the ionosphere, 50-80km above.
The profound impact of Eartha€™s magnetic fields on living organisms is fundamentally considered in [1].
Unlike vortical magnetic fields, influence of Eartha€™s conservative electric fields is less studied, partially because of difficulties of overcoming artifacts associated with electric fields produced by an operator (simple grounding the operatora€™s body doesna€™t eliminate the problem completely and isna€™t acceptable sometimes).
However, Eartha€™s own fields can produce even more drastic results than localized industrial fields, because they cover extremely vast areas of human habiting. A simple comparison of Fig.1 and the table above reveals matching the frequency band in the table with the originated ELF spectrum induced by turbulent water. The comparison underlines the social importance of the problem: natural sources can produce ELF fields which dangerously match in spectrum that of human organisms while being more powerful. Naturally-originated alternating electric charges cover vast areas, producing great integrative contribution in originated alternating field in every point. The conservative Eartha€™s fields can induce such the under-crania electric potentials, which drastically exceed that of the brain. Parametric oscillations manifest themselves through so-called secondary sources: surface electric charges, which origin on a border between two medias in a primary field of some source. For the Nature, electrophysical properties of the media can be shown as a complex dielectric permittivityi??.A  Generally, i??. Considering a social aspect of this type of oscillations, we have to note that existence of pathogenic zones is related to presence of subterranean waters.
Another example: a flow of subterranean water comprises the bubbles, which collapse pretty frequently, generating even higher frequencies, which correspond to theta waves, 4-8 Hz, associated with drowsiness, hypnosis, lucid dreaming and light sleep.
Virtually, each disease has its own EEG-pattern, which sometimes is seen on EEG-record even before the clinical symptoms appear [9]. VLF-action of the Natural EMF is related to phenomenon of a spinning electric vector, SEV [6-8]. The SEV is formed by superposition of two AC fields, extracted by a natural resonator within VLF band, and then gained a phase shift j.
A A  Fig.1 shows the resonant VLF-band at 6kHz, a whata€™s more, the frequency of its maximum can vary depending on condition of the ionosphere.
SEV is a material object, having angular momentum, and, therefore, it can be defined as a virtual gyroscope [8]. N.A Kozyrev, prominent Soviet astrophysicist (1908-1983), has shown gravity reduction effects in his experiments with mechanical gyroscopes, which was confirmed by other researchers. The author has developed special means to study both Eartha€™s and industrial EMF fields [10]. For studying spinning fields, SEV, another instrument was developed: Spinning Electric Vector Analyzer, SEVA. The experiments with both the instruments revealed both industrial fields and Eartha€™s fields. The experiments with ELF-meter revealed strong correlation between weather and ELF-portion of the spectrum: impending clouds, their electric charges, drive heavy activity in this portion of the spectrum, as much as 10 times. Scanning country landscape with ELF-instrument also revealed some spots of the elevated subterranean activity as possible indicators of turbulent water streams. Special experiments were conducted with the motion conversion: the ELF-meter in the moving car registered electric-pulse activity as the car was driven along the road with regular planted trees aside. Also, the meter displays heavy ELF-activity around moving human being and especially inside an active crowd.
The considered above conservative ELF and vortical VLF fields are related to a social factor.
Unlike ELF electric fields, action of natural VLF spinning fields is based on more subtle mechanism of space-time distortions.
For the Nature, electrophysical properties of the media can be shown as a complex dielectric permittivity .A  Generally, . Conductive keratoplasty (CK) is a refractive procedure in which regions of the cornea are heated to cause collagen shrinkage and change the corneal shape to correct mild to moderate hyperopia. A lathe is a machine tool that removes unwanted material from a cylindrical work piece by rotating it against a cutting tool. In a marble plate found at Elefsis (near Athens) there is an order for some metal parts of specific quality and specific shape and cylindrical poles. From this we can conclude: They knew how to use and make sharp material harder than copper and iron. Also at the village 'Steno' 6 km east of Tripolis there is found metal furnaces from 2500-2200 B.C.! At Mycenae and Pylos have been found iron rings made from iron mixed with nickel to make it stainless.
In order to convert the iron to steel it must be heated up to 750 - 900°C in an environment with much carbon.
An old tradition on metalworking says that in order the hot metal to become as strong as possible should be turned to the north while it was cooling. If we take a good look at the findings from the Minoan period we conclude that these people could easily hammer and smelter metals to make tools and excellent jewellery. The Romans made considerable advances in the technical aspects of bronze casting, particularly in the use of prefabricated parts and in methods of joining metals to each other. The copper used during the Minoan and Mycenaean period was mixed with tin to become harder. The most impressive fact related to metals is a mine for copper found in Rhodesia and seem to be working before 47.000 years! At the Greek village Steno 6 km east of Tripolis there have been found kilns for metals from 2500 -2200 B.C.
At the Greek island Ikaria at the coast of Kionion at the place Siderocapso has been found a very big kiln for metals.
At the Menjamor of the Soviet Armenia, professor Korioun Megertzian found an ancient metallurgical factory. Let's take a closer look to the metal that since the beginning of history causes the most troubles to humanity, the gold.

At the close picture we can see part of a Scythian comb made of gold and decorated with a battle scene. At Peru, at the champaign Tsan Tsan, found coins of a civilization before Incas, the Tsimous. At the Egypt has been found some objects with a very slim gold plating on them such as we can achieve only with modern electrolytic methods. Close to Dorchester of Massachusetts (USA) has been found a metal vase decorated with layers of silver.
Another almost unknown metal is the Asokas' column that is made from iron that does not rust (not steel) and the gold from Incas that has the half of the gravity weight of the ordinary gold.
There are two different types of hearing impairments, conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss.
A conductive hearing loss is present when the sound is not reaching the inner ear, known as the cochlea. Dysfunction of the three small bones of the middle ear, the hammer, anvil and stapes may result in conductive hearing loss.
A sensorineural hearing loss is one resulting from dysfunction of the inner ear, the cochlea, the nerve that transmits the impulses from the cochlea to the hearing center in the brain or damage in the brain. Another common reason for hearing loss due to hair cell damage is noise-induced hearing loss. Total or near-total sensorineural deafness may be the result of congenital malformations, head trauma, inner ear infection, genetic factors, or long history of excessive noise exposure.
Conductive threads are made of a combination of either cotton or polyester with alloys of several conductive materials such as silver, copper, tin and nickel.
The resistivity of all conductive threads increases drastically with length, making them inappropriate for long connections.
I’m often asked what are the first materials one should get to start making soft circuits. If you’d like to contribute content or corrections regarding electrotextiles, please use the comment form below. We install a micro computer into the coat and want to integrate into the cloth circuits capable of carrying 5 volts, 1 amp (ish) 3 meters around the cloth.
Any ideas; yarn or pre wired cloth at first we are looking for a small sample (to buy , how much?) about 10m long. Ita€™s shown that the first category (conservative fields) of natural fields overlaps the spectrum of own frequencies of human organism and can disturb pace of organism.
It supports very low frequencies, VLF, 3-30kHz.A  Quantitative difference between both modes brings to their different qualitative action on mankind. The blue lower line shows the original not-disturbed spectrum, while the bright upper line is a result of influence of turbulent water. In particular, the spectrum of Eartha€™s fields overlaps that of electroencephalography (EEG).
Its action is based on originating a vortical electric field, which has low amplitude at such the low frequencies.
Beside that, the motion forms an alternating magnetic field, which, however, can be ignored at relatively low speeds of our everyday life.A  Physiological action of the formed electric fields considerably depends on speed. The instrument comprises a quadrupole sensor with two pairs of mutually orthogonal plates, connected to two parallel channels of band-pass filters having VLF center frequency. This can explain change for the worse of human physiological sensation during changing weather: brain and other organs waves entrainment takes place. The motion converted patterns of electric fields around the trees into periodic pulsed of theta-wave spectrum, as was discussed above. In cities, harmonics of industrial frequency furnish conditions for developing spinning fields. It has to be said, that this activity depends on a season, time of a day, weather and other factors. Fig.3 shows an oscilloscope image of SEV originated at the corner of the metal box in a room. Field rotation possesses gyroscopic properties, which in-turn, can influence space-time reality, as this showed N.A. Also there is a specification in the text for lathe to be used for metals and not for wood or hardened clay.
Did they know that this way the small magnets inside the iron look all the same way making it stronger, or they were just lucky trying it?
Bronze was used for various kinds of military equipment, for the decoration of furniture, and for domestic utensils. Zinc was much cheaper than tin these days and also helped more the flow of the melted metal alloy to difficult shapes.
At the time of the victory of Athens over the Persian navy in the sea fight of Salamina the mines were at their peak production at 750 talants each year. Soon after that came the gold mines of Pagaio mountain that made the kingdom of Alexander the great the most powerful in Greece and Macedonia the next Greek leader.
Another iron mine at Ngouenya Swaziland seems to be 25.000 years old and having hematite (iron like stone). Almost 200 kilns found with items of copper, bronze, lead, zink, iron, gold, tin, arsenate, antimony, magnesium and some more. Since the beginning of history at the grave or tomb of every important person has been usually put a lot of gold objects. If we overlook the literary details the fact that remains is that we have a description of a traditional art of collecting cold to this specific area.
The specific gravity of the usually used gold is 19.3 but the gold used by Incas had only from 8 to 9. Its strength is excellent because it handled easily the explosion of dynamite but we don't know what kind of metal is it. The mobility of these bones, or ossicles, may be impaired for different reasons and disruption of the ossicular chain due to trauma, infection or other process may also result in hearing loss.
Chronic ear infection can result in a defective eardrum or middle ear cavity, and often in addition to the conuctive hearing loss the individual may have a sensorineural hearing impairment.
The back side is covered with a non-conductive hot melt adhesive, which activates at 130?C (266?F), meaning that it can be ironed on to another fabric, wood, glass or paper.
Its conductivity in one direction depends on how tightly it is stretched – if you pull it the resistance increases and then drops again when stretched even tighter. Just as most conductive fabrics, conductive thread is uninsulated making it excellent to connect electronic components to each other or to other electrotextiles. The 4-ply contains twice as much metal as the 2-ply, making it more conductive, but it’s also thicker making it harder to thread and sew with.

For this reason, consider making long connections with ribbons of a good conductive fabric and using the thread only to sew the electronic components to the conductive fabric. I use it to coat conductive thread knots to prevent them from fraying and also to attach metal snaps to metals that can’t be soldered to. You can solder or wire glue metal snaps or metal rings on these pads to attach them to your circuit.
The originated field, in turn, causes passing electric current (so called eddy current) through the cells, disturbing their normal functioning. Indeed, a brain is a heterogeneous structure, where conductive areas alternate with non-conductive gaps. Shpilaman cause heavy SEV, and what is more, there is a spinning electric process remaining for hours after turning off the axion generators. The next stages of the instrument measure a phase shift between the signal at output of the channels, their amplitude and then calculate spinning S. The sporadic character of the train of pulses matches turbulent flowing subterranean water. The experiments with the digital spectrum analyzer, Fig.1, have revealed seasonable variation of the VLF 6kHz ionosphere resonance, which partially explains these facts. Spinning Electric Field As a Virtual Gyroscope: On Possibility of Existence of Kozyreva€™s Effect in Spinning Fields. The ancient things that we found and the indications according them don't always match the history, as we know it.
The ceramics seem too delicate to me to be used in a lathe but the technicians of this time probably knew better!
It was also used for monumental works as noteworthy and subsequently influential in the history of art as the majestic equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius (AD 161-80) in Rome. Most metals were imported and there been found 14 different types of bronze, probably according to their use. Such detail remains unusual even today and we also have to consider that the gold melts at 1100°C.
On the riverbed of some rivers that had gold inside them, there were been placing sheepskins.
Hearing impairments are categorized by their type - conductive, sensorineural or both, by their severity, and by the age of onset. This will often interfere with speech understanding, as it is in the high frequency range that we find the consonant sounds that are most important especially in noisy surroundings.
Stores such as Plug & Wear, Mindsets and Less EMF sell kits with a sample of each of their conductive fabrics. This fabric is a pretty good conductor, easy to apply and thus perfect for making longer connections between components. When cut into a thin strip, the material also warms up when current is passed through it and can thus provide the basis of a heated garment. In fact it feels a lot more like a thick aluminum foil which makes it perfect for paper projects. In order to ensure proper connection it should be sewn very tight and with more loops than normally used with regular thread.
Therefore, a local field in the physiological gaps can drastically exceed the external electric field. Geo-faults, natural heterogeneities, corners and other factors can stimulate origination of SEV.
Fig.1, representing the experimental data of the author, shows obvious 6 kHz- resonance in Eartha€™s cavity resonator formed by Eartha€™s surface and floor of ionosphere.
The axion field-SEV-relation experiments, conducted by the author in November 2006 revealed the phenomenon of remaining rotation of SEV after switching off the axion generator. Sources Of Bio-Active Radiation Collection (in Russian), Moscow Science-and-Engineering Association Of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Communication, 2006, pp.9-25.
In the tombs of Mycenae there has been found a lot of jewellery and implements made of gold and silver. They used a washing system as any mine does, but because they didn't have a lot of water they were recycling it!
Internal there is ceramic material that is turned to glass because of the high temperature that went at least up to 800°C.
Furthermore, a hearing impairment may exist in only one ear (unilateral) or in both ears (bilateral).
Head trauma, ear infections, tumors and toxic medications such as certain strong antibiotics and chemotherapeutics are other reasons for sensorineural hearing loss.
These samples provide an excellent way to get a hands-on feel for and test the properties of each material in order to find the right one for your project before acquiring it in a larger quantity. In a recent openMaterials workshop, a group of students cut it into an beautifully intricate shape and used as a touch sensor on the cover of a book. The How to Get What You Want and Fashioning Technology websites have some excellent overviews and comparisons of the conductive threads available in the market. To study this phenomenon, spinning electric vector analyzer, SEVA, was developed by the author. Therefore, big groups of people can be exposed to brain waves entrainment factors, which can influence their health and social behavior.
The metal workers of this time period already are working without difficulties with the most of the modern techniques that we know today. The washing area was arranged on such a cycle that the used water could return very close to where it started to be cleaned.
Depending on the definition it could be estimated that more than 50% of the population over the age of 70 has impaired hearing. There are many types of conductive fabrics and you can find an extensive (though not comprehensive) list on the oM wiki.
As for samples and buying: Open Materials is strictly an informational website, we do not sell any materials.
Wire glue takes several hours to cure so this coating should only be done after you’re done with all the sewing. They had also made some cisterns that were insulated to avoid water leaks with material that even today we can't understand what it exactly was!

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