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If you are looking for Sinus Infection Herbal Remedies you have come to the right place for some really cool natural herbal sinus remedies. A Sinus infection means that you have an inflammation of the air-filled pockets in the skull i.e. Eat those onions!!Quercetin is a flavenoid contained in onions that protects against allergens, increases immunity and is a natural anti-histamine. Cinnamon is another well known herb used through the ages for sinus infection herbal remedies because, it too, has expectorant properties.Cinnamon makes a most pleasant tea or infusion and can even be added to other herbal preparations to improve the taste.
You have to put this herb on your list of natural sinus herbal remedies due to its anti-bacterial properties.
My Aunt used to work for a large hospital, and she told me that an immunologist there admitted that the absolute best, most effective treatment for a sinus infection was warm salt water rinses. Anyhow, sinus infections seem to be a big problem, especially in areas where dust and pollen are prevalent. Tap water contains many contaminants, including the possibility of microscopic amoebas or parasites that can gain access to your brain via the sinuses. As with almost every natural remedy, there is no harm in doing a salt water rinse just as a preventative measure. I do one routinely after a windy day outside, mowing the lawn, raking leaves, sweeping out the garage, an evening around a campfire, or any other activity that might cause dust or irritants to enter the sinuses. You can also try the Neti Pot, although I have heard reports that this one can be a bit more uncomfortable to use. If you have a sinus or nasal abnormality such as a deviated septum, it is imperative to catch a sinus infection immediately, and do preventative rinses often, as these problems cause the infection to be much more difficult to knock out once full-blown. You can use a dropper, but I just put a few drops in a spoon (rinse with really hot water first to remove any existing detergent residue or dirt) and drop it in there.
Lindsay, this has been a very helpful article and there are definitely tons of natural ways in which sinus problems can be alleviated but as it seems if they have sea salt, an essential oil like tea tree or the use of sterile water…. JANS – A sinus infection ,also known as sinusitis, causes inflamed sinuses and nasal passages. Trying to drain the mucus and loosen it up will relieve the painful pressure of a sinus infection.
Sneezing, runny nose, sore throat and a horrible headache all come along with a sinus infection and these can really make your day difficult.

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And remember, make use of these remedies, as always, in conjunction with whatever your health care provider has suggested.
Being a decongestant means it is used to help un-stuff, stuffy noses, and it will also help dissolve thick yucky mucus.Anise also makes an enjoyable and effective tea.
I have really bad sinus infections and was recently recommended the sinus surgery to scrape pollups from every inch of my sinus cavity.
Garrett BennettSince some of the symptoms of a sinus infection are similar to other illnesses, people often misdiagnose themselves. This inflammation can cause excessive mucus in the forehead and nasal area, which can be very painful. As unappealing as this sounds, you might want to give it a try, because many people gain relief from sinus infections this way. There are many ways to treat this type of infection, but many of these have the potential for side effects, some of which can be worse than the sinus infection itself. When it comes to sinus problems it is also important to know that they can be slightly prevented through eating properly, exercising regularly and avoiding allergens. I clicked on the link the lady posted above but it looks just like a sale site…another person just trying to make $$$. In fact, a sinus infection is frequently thought to be no more than a common cold a€” that is a€” until it becomes quite uncomfortable and painful. Before calling your doctor to get a prescription antibiotic, you might want to try home remedies to help relieve the pain caused from sinus infections.
Place your head over a humidifier and wrap a towel on top of your head to trap in the steam.
No duplication of the materials contained herein is permitted without the express written permission from the publisher. You can often treat this type of infection naturally so that there is no need for medications.
Be cautious and don’t get too close to the source because humidifiers can spew out burning steam vapors. I think your solution for the ‘home-made netipot’ is great buuut can I really do a sinus rinse daily vs surgery?

If you are allergic to a certain food or suspect certain food allergies, avoid them; allergies can cause sinus infections. I’ve never had surgery in my life and everything the dr described to me about it has me freaked.
If desired, get tested for food allergies by a doctor and avoid those foods, especially when symptoms such as those of a sinus infection occur. Although it is also the foremost symptom of a cold, the symptoms of a sinus infection generally last longer.Yellow or green mucusInstead of clear mucus, there is a colored discharge from the nose or throat. This mucous discoloration is caused by white blood cells fighting the infection.Partial loss of your sense of smell or tasteAlthough you can still detect when foods are sweet or salty, more subtle tastes and smells are difficult to distinguish.
So, when you have a sinus infection, ita€™s not the best time to splurge on a very fine, expensive dinner.Pain and pressure on your faceThe accumulation of mucus when you have a sinus infection results in increased pressure on your nerves. Since the sinuses are cavities behind the forehead, nasal bones, cheeks, and eyes, these areas experience pain as well as a a€?heavya€? feeling.A cough with phlegmCoughing up phlegm a€” which usually gets worse at night and in the morning a€” is one of the key symptoms of a sinus infection. This unpleasant odor is the result of the organisms that are the cause of the infection.Tooth painAlthough your teeth seem to hurt when you have a sinus infection, this sensation isna€™t caused by a dental problem. The pressure that builds up in the head only makes it feel that way.Loss of balanceInflammation of the sinus membranes disturbs the sense of balance. When you move your head forward, the inflamed membranes and mucus make your head feel heavier.
This changes the way your brain perceives the head position, and makes you feel off balance. The unequal swelling also throws off your balance.HeadachesClogged sinuses and the resulting swelling and pressure may produce headaches. Bennett has been recognized as a Top Doctor in the RealSelf peer voted community.Castle Connolly Top Doctor 2016Dr.

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