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After years of being a jewelry consumer you will finally realize that quantity will not beat out quality, and for this you want to go with a minimum of VS1 F color. SI is the most practical way to purchase diamond jewelry that will impress onlookers and satisfy the diamonds true purpose which is to shine.
G color is the finest achievable color that can be sought after for being near colorless without breaking the bank.
When dealing with precious metals the total value is determined by the weight of the metal, usually per gram and the labor involved in working with it (such as polishing, casting etc.). This product is handcrafted by Traxnyc jewelers in the heart of the new york city diamond district.
Orders are typically delivered in 3 business days or less from date shipped but few may take as long as seven.
We are committed to providing the best products at low prices and creating the most pleasant shopping experience on the web.

But that's not what's important, what is important is that the higher the carat weight of your jewelry or diamond the more it will shine, provided that you backed your carat weight with other characteristics that make the diamonds so special.
The heavier the weight of the metal in your jewelry the more value it has and the more you will have to pay for it. We stand behind that statement with an extended warranty to ensure the product you are purchasing is of the caliber that lasts a lifetime.
Our diamonds and Gemstones are accented by stunning 14k or 10k white, yellow, and rose gold and are perfect for any occasion. We’re standing by to help you find the jewelry you want at the lowest price on the web.
A grade between G and H is what we call G-H which is a great way of enjoying near colorless diamonds without paying the colorless price. Its sturdy and safe however a quality prong setting is one using really small and light prongs as not to take away from the gemstones.

You’ll find that our custom-designed Gemstone Jewelry adds a sophisticated touch to any outfit at a reasonable price. This minimal prong setting is achieved by master jewelry's that know that nothing ruins the luster of a gemstone more then large metal rods holding it.
So when considering the quality of a prong setting you should seldom see the prongs at all or where one prong holds more then one stone.

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