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The picture above is not, as most people think, a picture of the leftover glow from the Big Bang, known as the Cosmic Microwave Background. The very early Universe has density fluctuations at all scales, meaning that it will produce sound waves at all frequencies. So now that you know that there is something to hear, what would you actually hear (assuming you could survive the radiation and the near-billion degree temperatures)? But if the Big Bang occurs in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? However, once you get past a day in age or so, the sound mostly drops out of the audible range, and the medium density becomes too low to carry audible sounds. Ethan, are the density fluctuations of the sound still theoretically detectable (given a microphone the size of the paper folding sheet) or does Boltzmann distribution of speed sufficiently randomize the interstellar gas to make all fluctuations gone by now?
Second, my understanding of the dB scale is that it’s defined in terms of pressure, rather than density fluctuations.
Okay, then if 195 db are the level at which you go deaf, and a jackhammer is about 100 dbs then would standing betwen two jackhammers make you deaf? Actually a TV receiver’s front end, the part closest to the antenna, does not have a sufficiently low noise figure to allow the background radiation to be heard.
I used to work with someone who in a previous job had done a lot with air powered ultrasonic whistles and had totally trashed his hearing. In space essentially the only effects of an atomic explosion are the heat and light, the bomb products are so hot that the heat and light comes out as high energy gamma rays.
On some of the films of atomic bomb explosions you can see patterns in the fireball which reflect the distribution of energy release during the last few nanoseconds of fissioning. Recent CommentsNaked Bunny with a Whip on Comments of the Week #110: from dark matter and black holes to supernovae and dark energyNarad on How Would Our Universe Be Different Without Dark Energy? Being pummeled by explosive stage sound and overly loud amplified music in tiny rehearsal spaces is kind of a bummer for the longevity of your hearing. There are many in-ear monitor (IEM) options available, and depending on your budget and needs, there is something in the mix for you. There is a wide selection of universal-fit IEMs on the market, and acquiring one of these is perhaps the quickest way to get started with in-ear monitoring and easiest on the wallet.
If you have the ducats, a customized fit can provide a better seal from external sounds as well as enhanced comfort. Richardson opted for a set of Futuresonics Atrios with custom soft silicone sleeves, which ended up costing around $400 total, and she is very happy with them.

To get either custom sleeves or custom molds, you must get a full ear impression made so the company can tailor the product to your ears. Since I first started writing this blog, I have always solicited questions, and promised to answer the best ones. But the reason sound doesn’t travel through space is that sound needs a medium to travel through. Additionally, for a human ear, the compressions need to happen at the right frequency: between 20 and 20,000 Hz for a human to hear it.
If we extrapolate the Universe back until it was as least as dense as Mars’ atmosphere, this means that for about the first day after the big bang, the Universe is dense enough that sound audible to humans can travel through it. In other words the energy from the photon is transfered into a change in shape of the molecule. Consider a two dimensional representation such as a balloon where its surface becomes the model of OUR Universe. But are you saying that the *volume* of two jackhammers going would not be doubly loud as one? In the example of the laser from the earth to the moon; if you could see the laser beam itself (smoke, fog etc) would the beam stay straight or would it appear to bend looking from a point overlooking the earth moon.
And playing gigs where you can’t hear all the elements you need to in order to play your best can be like walking a tightrope blindfolded with an unbalanced load.
A variety of sleeves is available that each work to provide a good seal in order to significantly reduce ambient sound from reaching your eardrums the same way earplugs do. One could either upgrade a set of universals by commissioning custom sleeves to be made by a company that offers such a service, such as Sensaphonics, Futuresonics, or 1964 Ears, or by going all out and ordering a set of custom IEMs from Ultimate Ears, JH Audio, Westone, or any number of manufacturers that offer top-quality customs to meet a range of budgets – from as low as $175 to as much as $2,000 for a top-of-the-line, fully featured custom set. You can get this done through an audiologist for around $50—$100, or you can acquire a kit to make your own impressions. Recently, this has come back to bite me, as I’ve started getting more questions than I possibly have time to answer. Most of the sounds we hear come through the Earth’s atmosphere, which is dense enough (about 1 kg of air per cubic meter) to allow sound to propagate. But it was muffled by all the matter and energy in the Universe, and so it comes in as a loud, but unremarkable noise in all directions. This change in shape triggers the first impulse that is eventually sent down via a protein signal cascade ending with a nerve impulse at your optic nerve to your brain. Does this mean that the only effects of an atomic bomb in space would be in the form of heat and light?

Moreover, let the surface be resplendent with ink dot galaxies with one representing ours, the Milky Way. The sleeves may be foam (cylindrical or shaped) or single, double, or triple silicone flanges (Fig.
These can be molded out of soft silicone or hard plastic such as acrylic or PVC depending on your preference.
Companies like Alien Ears and Big Bang offer such a kit so you can do it yourself if you dare. The average density of space, however, is about one proton per cubic meter, or about 10-27 kg per cubic meter.
It turns out that the decibel level of the sound that you hear is simply related to the magnitude of the amplitude of the waves relative to the overall density of the medium.
Different rhodopsins respond to different wavelengths of light and thus allow for our color vision. As the balloon is blown up it expands, hence all dots on the surface of the balloon appear to recede from one other. It can be especially tenuous if you sing in addition to holding down the drummer duties, if you want to play to a click, or if you need to cue into and synch up with loops and samples. John also shed some light on creating a good monitor mix and shared some tricks for dynamics processing. There is an instructional video on Alien Ears’ Web site on how to do it without damaging yourself.
The simple answer is that you get waves of a certain frequency, depending on the size of the density fluctuation. It’s easier for sound waves to travel through water than air, but water is denser than air, so the sounds are muffled, and have lower relative amplitudes. A set of the most affordable IEMs with a fixed cable from Sennheiser goes for around $60, and a set with a detachable cable from Shure can be had for as low as $100.
This is not a perfect representation of the facts as we perceive them, but allows one to grasp the idea.
A more factual answer, however, is the supposition that OUR 4-dimensional Universe expands into a multiverse of higher dimensions which perhaps includes an infinite variety of other such universes of widely diverse properties.

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