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The sources themselves are interesting. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell was, by far, the most popular source for users to quote in Tweets.
This might give you a better sense of which quotes were taken and how many from each source. In particular, the Jim Morrison quote illustrates just how much error and misappropriation effect Blake’s presence online. Traditionally, literary studies approached scholarship as something that separated the literary from the popular, the archive from the ephemera, the sound from the noise. The upper image is a taxonomy tree used by Google to explain how computer products should be categorized in a simple product hierarchy for companies. It might be easy to see our cultural knowledge as something that is kept, articulated, and broadcasted by experts.

Note that taxonomies are generally supplied by an authority, while folksonomies are generally mapped by algorithms. Pegritz includes this comment at the bottom, which is probably sarcastic – since the story was never written.
For example, all of the surveyed poets are men, and it was difficult (if not impossible) to compare the Romantic poets to Shakespeare (who generated about 6 times the number of quotations) or the Bible (about 20 times).
In an age when data on non-academic, or even non-human, actors citing William Blake is plentiful, we need new approaches to better understand how (directly or indirectly) Blake impacts our world.
Argument: Outside of academia, Blake is being deployed in ways that treat initiated readers and experts as largely irrelevant. But what role do forum comments have in a larger understanding of Blake’s online ecosystem?

More generally, though, we wish to show how this type of study illustrates how a social media apparatus like Twitter generates Blakean noise that can be visualized. Those of you who don’t know him, he is a famous avant-garde artist, the founder of The Church of William Blake, and known for his eccentricities. This video showcases just how much student reactions mirror those of Blake, some are enchanted, others see him as a curiosity. This image is a bitmap copy my vector illustration – Stock Illustration Seamless texture with noise effect television grainy for background.

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