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This very month, in the town of Manhattan, is brought forth for thee a book, and its name shall be called The Next Queen of Heaven. The reason is that she can't help herself: people ask her to sort something out for her, and she does. I'm confident people are bright enough to tell the difference between me telling the truth and me being funny.
In The Lost Art of Gratitude (now in paperback) she delves into murky financial goings-on and in The Charming Quirks of Others (new in hardcover) she helps a boys' boarding school out of a tight corner. In this book, you get both.Everything I Never Wanted to Be is the story of my family's battle with alcoholism and addiction.
Isabel, of course, remains cool, and sorts things out, while all the time reflecting on a range of issues, drinking coffee in a variety of coffee bars, and enjoying the company of her delectable fiance.

The battle has included my grandparents, my father, me, and all three of my daughters -- including my youngest, who started using heroin at age fourteen. To save my daughter, I had to manage through multiple relapses and detox, rehab, health insurance and government programs.
I presented a book that breaks the mold from that for which I am best known (the literary fantasy novel for adults, Wicked being the most popu-lar). I set the story just before the year 2000 because I wanted to consider Christian ideology in the light of millennial anxiety and before such matters were affected both by the rising anti-Islamic sentiment following 9-11 and also the rising anti-Catholic sentiment due to the sex abuse scandals. Does it to you? The Next Queen of Heaven is a romp, a farce, but its central thesis is that even the most depraved of us are worthy of salvation -- indeed, were that not true, salvation wouldn't deserve much street cred. And let there be peace on earth, good will to men and women of all creeds and credit ratings.

Her daughter, Tabitha, and her sons scheme to save their mother or surrender her to Jesus, whatever comes first. Meanwhile, choir director Jeremy Carr, caught between lust and ambition, fumbles his way toward Y2K.

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