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I must be about my Father's business and some ME time tooooo.A  I won't be online, nor will I have a computer.
A A When you spend time outside in hot weather you probably start to feel thirsty in a fairly short time. In fact, the Greek tense used in that verse tells us that God actually commandsA us to come to Him when we need wisdom.
That's a normal response and one you should pay close attention to -- it means your body needs more water to deal with the heat.i»? A Your body functions best within a certain temperature range, and when you get too warm, it needs to cool off. The word para means alongside of, and it depicts a very close, side-by-side, intimate position next to someone else. But after the first summer rains, cactuses burst into bloom, displaying delicate petals of pink, gold, and white. A A Likewise, in the Holy Land after a rainstorm, dry ground can seemingly sprout vegetation overnight. If we want wisdom,we must come right up alongside of God in order to obtain it.A You see, God wants a relationship with us.
But for us to get what we request, we must ask a€?of God.a€? In other words,we must come right up alongside of God, getting as close to Him as possible, and then make our request. If we will fulfill this requirement of coming close to God and opening our hearts to Him and to His touch, He will then gladly open His hand and show us every answer we need.A But be prepared for God to show you additional things you werena€™t expecting to see! When you come into His glorious light, that light penetrates you and reveals defects and dark places in your soul and behavior patterns that need to be changed. That is why James says that God a€?a€¦giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth nota€¦.a€? The word a€?givetha€? is the Greek worddidontos, which comes from the word didomi.

The wordA didomi means to give, but the form used here is didontos, which describesA one who is in the habit of constantly giving.
This assuredly tells us that God is not one who holds out on His people or who refrains from giving them wisdom when they need it. Instead, James tells us that God isA in the habit of giving wisdom to His people when they need it. 38), which means aligning oneself with Him, trusting Him, receiving His teaching and obeying His commands. It depicts something that is given generously, abundantly, plentifully, bountifully, and open-handedly.
Such faith will enable one to receive the Spirit and enter an abiding relationship with Christ after his glorification.
You see, if wea€™ll meet Goda€™s requirement to come close to Him, He will profusely answer the questions we have and impart the wisdom we need.A The words a€?upbraideth nota€? are from the Greek wordA oneididzo, which means to rebuke or to reprove.
This is something we can easily do first thing in the morning, before meals, and throughout the day.A i»?A Ita€™s healthy for us as Christians to be thankful and to practice thanking the Lord all the time. Youa€™ll find God to be open-heartedA and ready to answer any question you ever put to Him.
Ita€™s time for you to learn how to spend time in the Presence of theA Lord so He can shine His glorious light upon your life!
Right after instructing us to give thanks to Him, verse 4 directs us to call upon the Lorda€™s name.i»? A A We can also drink by making Christa€™s deeds known among people.
Let HisA glory shine on you and reveal the dark areas in your life that need to be changed.

Stay in His PresenceA long enough to let the wisdom you are seeking sink into your spirit and soul.A Never forget that God is a€?the giving Goda€? who wants to meet your need. Opening our mouth and singing hymns to the Lord is one of the best ways to drink from the fountain of living water.
I am so sorry for the times Ia€™ve been in such a hurry that I neglectedA spending time with You.
He wants to give me all the wisdom and answers I need, but firstA I must meet His requirement to come close to Him.
When I get right next to God, He isA obliged to open His hand and show me everything I need to see.
What results have you experienced in your life because of the dailyA quiet time you spend with the Lord?A 3. Youa€™ll find God to be open-hearted and ready to answer anyA question you ever put to Him. Therefore, Jesus is what my spirit needs in order for me to be able to live eternally with Him.

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