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Anyhoo, despite a few hiccups along the way, numerous vision adaptations and those customary moments of self-doubt, things actually turned out perfectly and I’m honestly stoked with the results! I started by carefully measuring the bedside tables then pretty precisely cutting all of the cladding from large sheets of pine ply.
Once all the cladding was cut, I thoroughly sanded each piece, finishing with fine grit paper for a nice, smooth finish. The colour reducer was perfect for achieving the exact tone I wanted, which, if I had to describe it, is kinda like a rich honey caramel – yummo! For ease, I attached them to the bases (using liquid nails and three screws) prior to connecting the bases to the actual bedside tables (once attached the screw heads will be completely concealed). To create an illusion of depth between the faux drawers I decided to paint the underlying real drawers black. I was originally going to clad the entire sides of my tables with solid pieces of ply (like the top and base) though decided that using shaker style trim would be a bit more interesting and leave room to add a subtle colour pop!
I started with the drawer fronts, working with one drawer (five pieces of cladding) at a time. Using a brush I applied five (yes, five!) coats of Feast Watson Scandinavian Oil to the timber cladding, ensuring each coat was thoroughly incorporated. Scandinavian Oil (more commonly known as Danish Oil) is my absolute favourite timber sealer.
The label holders are from eBay (60mm x 17mm Antique Bronze Label Holders – $13 for ten).
I was a little daunted by the prospect of having to accurately measure and attach 30 small label holders and 60 mini knobs though it actually wasn’t that bad. Some of you might be thinking this all sounds like too much work, I mean, why not just make the whole thing from scratch? Remember, along with the pieces of the other seven designers involved with this campaign, these babies are being sold for charity, so if you love them (or know someone else who would) be sure to stay tuned! PS Lots of hugs and kisses to my wonderful husband who helped immeasurably with this project.
Kristine, These look so high end…straight out of Restoration Hardware or a designer catalog.
You should definitely give some power tools a go – very empowering (no pun intended).
As you mentioned, it comes with a guide track so you get perfect lines without the need for a full table saw (we don’t have the space for one of those either) plus it is completely portable! My little man actually seems to be enjoying the beach again… and you know Lena loved every minute of it!
That green promontory in the background is beautiful Taormina.  For looks, Fiumefreddo takes the cake, although Cassibile is still our favorite.  More photos from Cassibile later this summer, I hope!
I have been following your blog for awhile now and I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the adventures of your family! When my children are screaming for breakfast, coffee is the only thing keeping me from losing my god damn mind. In doing so, along with challenging myself, I really wanted to encourage people to see the potential in those sometimes over-looked second-hand pieces of furniture (which are often affordable and abundant).
This included the faux drawer fronts (30 pieces in total), the shaker-style side trim (20 pieces in total) and the tops and bases (four pieces in total). At this stage I also applied one coat of Feast Watson Scandinavian Oil (oh, how I love thee!) to easily seal all of the edges before attaching the cladding to the bedside tables. For example, my bedside tables were 42cm deep without cladding however once attached the faux fronts (which are 6mm deep) increase this to 42.6cm. I originally planned to use these grungy industrial metal castors I had found online, though when I saw them in person decided they were a little too chunky and might compete with all my brass knobs and label holders, making everything look too busy.

I first thoroughly sanded each drawer front using an electric palm sander then applied one coat of Dulux Wash & Wear Flat (Black) using a brush.
I know, I know, no-one is ever gonna see them though I think it’s a nice touch for whoever buys the tables. To the rear of each piece of cladding I applied a sparing bead of liquid nails, spreading it evenly with a scrap of cardboard (to eliminate any overly thick areas and potential seepage). After attempting to clad them on my own and taking over an hour to attach five measly pieces I enlisted some help.
These needed to protrude the existing sides of the bedside tables (as can be seen in the above pic) in order to conceal the sides of the drawers (as the drawers originally sat on top of the sides – as can bee seen in the before pics). The raw, open-grained nature of ply makes it incredibly thirsty so five coats was needed to achieve the gentle lustre I was after. It goes on like water and creates a lovely soft sheen which enhances the natural grain and colour of the timber plus provides a protective finish. I decided to complete the oiling process once all the cladding was connected to the tables (rather than whilst it was still in separate pieces) so there was no risk of damaging the finish during attachment.
Rather than using label holders with pulls (which I have done on numerous occasions in the past), I opted for plain label holders flanked by small brass knobs. I created some simple number labels on antique paper to fill them (see link above to view and download). I was originally planning to use geometric patterned wrapping paper (like a chevron or trellis) though was having trouble finding what I wanted when I had an alternate idea. Well, it is definitely an option, though furniture construction (at least complex builds involving components like drawers) isn’t really my strong suit.
I’m not across all the eBay auction deets yet, though can tell you they go live on Thursday 24 July. We live in a beautiful town on the California coast, but our hearts are in Virginia and our last home was Italy. A No matter the age of your child, as a parent, youa€™re going to need a big ola€™ cup of Joe to get you going in the morning.
Remember, I’ve got two tables to work with so all of the pieces and processes are pretty much doubled, having just one item of furniture would probably make things quicker and easier.
Because ply is so porous it’s easy for penetrating stains to come out looking way too dark. I know that 6mm might seem pretty insignificant, though over-looking it would have created major problems, including leaving my horizontal side cladding 6mm short and my top and base overhang looking disproportionate. Also, at around $20 each, although not overly pricey for industrial metal castors, they weren’t exactly cheap. I didn’t bother with primer or multiple coats of paint because they were being clad over anyway and only the tiniest amount would be visible.
Remember, these tables are laminate and I really wanted to make sure any exposed paint was going to stick.
So, with the drawers in place we lined up the first piece of cladding perfectly, held it in position then removed the drawers to screw it on.
I decided to use a combination of glue and screws to eliminate the need to clamp (saving time) and for extra insurance in terms of the cladding bonding. At first I thought I’d made a mistake and should have stuck to one central label pull, though now I absolutely LOVE the look!
Given my design for the bedside tables was loosely based on antique map drawers I thought using pages from my old street directory to create a random collage-effect would be perfect! Having a structurally sound starting point saved me a heap of time, effort and even money, not to mention the worry of it spontaneously imploding! In addition, I’m excited to let you know that Feast Watson will be covering shipping costs Australia wide!

A With all the bubbling energy it gives us, therea€™s no doubt about it: A coffee makes you a better parent.
You can read my first post about itA hereA and learn more on the Feast Watson website here. I used our plunge track saw (an invaluable tool for a job like this) for the long cuts, switching to a basic drop saw for the shorter cuts.
It just might mean spending a little more money and maybe being a bit restricted in terms of size.
In addition, check your sheets prior to purchase and avoid those with noticeable imperfections, such as cracks or filled knot holes. I used a foam roller to apply one coat of Dulux Prep Lock Primer followed by two coats of Dulux Aquanamel Semi Gloss (Pastel Mint). Each piece of cladding was smeared with liquid nails and held firmly in place by one person whilst the other person pre-drilled then screwed them on from the inside. This piece was then used as the guide for aligning the remaining four pieces of side cladding – no measuring or marking took place, it was all done by eye. I attached some of the pages using Mod Podge though found that the thinness of them caused some bubbling (nothing major, and it pretty much dried out completely, though enough to bother me) so I completed the lining using double sided tape – simple and perfect.
Don’t worry about the apparent missed areas you can see in the below pic, the edges are being clad over. Bearing in mind the faux fronts will also be held in place with the handle screws, the purpose of the glue at this stage (although a worthy bonding agent in its own right) is really just to keep everything in place and make the process of attaching the knobs simpler.
One of the great things about the fact that these bedside tables are actually modern in construction is that the drawers are on smooth glide rollers which, even with the small knobs, makes opening them a cinch.
Red Bull Sound SelectorA Connor Nestor is an exceptional example, who has spent the past year in LA plying his trade and sourcing inspiration to bring home. And Red Bull have already put him to work.We put to him a few questions about the upcoming shows he has put together in Auckland and WellingtonA this week. And of course, with his bubblingA enthusiasm for life and impeccable taste in music, it looks likeA there is some bad news for music lovers who wish to have a quiet one this week.
Talk us through Red Bull Sound Select and why it is so shit hot?Red Bull Sound Select is a music platform for breaking music. Redbull offered me this opportunity to work with some of my favourite artists who are tight and put on some shows for music fans and nice humans to come and see what they do in a live setting with great production. The platform is in a constant state of growth globally too, it's starting to launch in more countries which means it'll help to step into other markets with insight of what's happening locally. I went in expecting to nab up a rad job straight away and got shut down seriously like 50 times so that was pretty humbling. I started do more music management and publicity, that lead to Taste Nasa's second EP being released on LA label Vitalic Noise.
My time in New York was probably a bit more inspiring on a personal level, just getting thrown in with a mixed bag of cultures and people. Did it.Laptop SpeakersThis round will also see a new artist join the roster, Laptop Speakers. We became close friends while I was away - he was in San Fran and we became digital pen pals sharing music, design and general cool things. He started sending me his tunes and I really resonated with it and what he wants to do with it, so asked Laptop Speakers to come play these shows and help to develop him as an artist.People can RSVP for free entry before show day or you can pay $15 at the door.

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