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This month Arkansas Hearing Aid Service wants to take pause and consider ways we can improve our health or life at work. If we have a loss, and quit wearing our hearing aids, we begin to lose the ability to interpret the sounds because we tell our brain we don’t need those services any longer. These are molded to fit inside your ear canal and can improve mild to moderate hearing loss in adults. If you have hearing loss in both ears (bilateral hearing loss), then you are most likely a candidate for two hearing aids. Speech intelligibility is improved in difficult listening situations when wearing two hearing aids. Better sound quality, you increase your hearing range from 180 degrees reception with just one instrument, to 360 degrees. Logically, just as you use both eyes to see clearly, you need two healthy ears to hear clearly. This month I was extremely excited about the release of Matt Fraction’s newest issue of Hawkeye. When I started reading about Hawkeye, I honestly did not know this fact until I bought his 1988 solo run. For whatever reason, Marvel rarely mentioned it after 1990 until the entire Marvel universe was retconned (meaning the universe or plot is wiped clean and starts over).
After I read the solo issues and started reading other comics he appeared in, Hawkeye began to work his way into my list of favorites. In 2012, Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye released its first issue and I bought it less than an hour after it went on the shelf.

Matt Fraction’s Tumblr account was flooded with questions similar to mine–will Hawkeye become deaf again?
So she turned to Facebook and asked if anyone knew of any deaf superheroes she could show Anthony to convince him to wear his hearing aid. Phonak, the Swiss hearing systems company, even created a poster based on Anthony and his story that involves Iron Man encouraging kids to wear their hearing aids (Iron Man states that his suit is just fancy technology that helps him out, like hearing aids do).
This happened in February, an entire year after Fraction confirmed the sign language issue. The reason I am upset is because finally there’s going to be a superhero (a deaf Hawkeye) that I can look up to who is not perfect, and has the same imperfections as I do. What I liked about Hawkeye in the 1988 comic was that, after he lost his hearing, he just…ran with it.
Clint is a graduate student at Eastern Kentucky University working on his Masters in Clinical Psychology, focusing primarily on the deaf as well as the LGBTQ community.
But we can preserve what we can or not allow what we have to get damaged simply buy wearing hearing aids to keep our ears from getting damaged. As a result when we might occasionally put on our hearing aids, we will discover that we don’t hear as well as we used to.
However, hearing aids do come in a number of styles, which differ in size and the way they’re placed in your ear.
The hearing aid picks up sound, amplifies it and carries the amplified sound to an ear mold that fits inside your ear canal.
Sound travels from the instrument through a small tube or wire to a tiny dome or speaker in the ear canal.

In a social gathering, for example, localization allows you to hear from which direction someone is speaking to you.
When only one hearing aid is worn, the unaided ear tends to lose its ability to hear and understand. If you work in a factory, around guns or loud noise, or loud music, you should consider wearing ear plugs to protect your hearing. We like to see you here of course, at Arkansas Hearing Aid Service, but you don’t really want to come see us, do you? This type of aid is appropriate for almost all types of hearing loss and for people of all ages.
These aids leave the ear canal open, so they are best for mild to moderate high-frequency losses where low-frequency hearing is still normal or near normal. Simply put, with binaural hearing, you will better detect where sounds are coming from in every situation. A voice that’s barely heard at 10 feet with one ear can be heard up to 40 feet with two ears.
Also, in some instances you may need more than ear plugs, as in hunting or other gun related activities.
Did you know that a good portion of hearing is not just the physical anatomy of the ear but the brains interpretation of the sounds we do hear?

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