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Tennis injuries, and check out Tennis injuries on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. It is common for tennis players in all level of play have experienced back injury throughout their career. Blister can be described as a patch that appears on the skin filled with a clear fluid and sometimes filled with blood. Shoulder injury caused by the repetitive use of shoulder[5] when serving and striking the ball. Dines, Joshua S, Bedi, Asheesh, Williams, Phillip N, Dodson, Christopher C, Ellenbecker, Todd S, Altchek, David W, Windler, Gary, and Dines, David M. In order to relieve pain in the lower back people are often told to rest it, but not for more than two days because of its potential damage to the bones, connecting tissue, and cardiovascular system. It is more prominent at the lower levels of play and usually comes from any incorrect use of the wrist or grip on the forehand or one-handed backhand strokes[18].

Once the back pain has dispersed stretching is recommended in order to prevent the stiffness from the initial pain, with examples being the squatting position or spinal extensions. Players at higher levels often have more relaxed grips and have a larger racquet extension out to the ball after they make contact, where professionals have less emphasis on the arm and more on the use of every part of the body in order exert the natural power behind the ball, lower level players dona€™t get the training to discover how to use their whole body for a tennis stroke and are often reduced to using their arms in order to exert all of the power therefore putting heavy strain on the arm[18].
In order to prevent future lower back injuries strength training to the abdominal muscles is necessary because with a stronger abdomen it will protect the back from excessive intervertebral disk strain.
Holding the grip tightly will put more tension on the arm therefore when going for a swing the muscles will be absorbing all of the shock from the initial contact of the ball[19].
The straight crunch, the Oblique crunch, and balance exercises with the gym ball are some of the workouts for abdominal strengthening, but the exercises should be done with caution because if done incorrectly the strain on the back will be amplified. After the injury is dealt with, players of any level return to the court, the higher level players will often go through a thorough stretching period before any matches so they can assure that they wona€™t hurt their back or any other part of their body[22]. Simple tasks such as shaking hands or moving the wrist with force, like lifting weights or doing push ups, will worsen the pain[21].

Tennis Elbow has actually shown that inflammatory tendons are only part of the early stages or acute stages with a treatment of anti-inflammatory or steroids being appropriate uses for this symptom[20].
Most players respond well to simple rest, but other means of treatment include physical therapy, strength training, and electrical stimulation[18].
Some players make alterations to their racquet such as increasing grip size which will ultimately prevent any unwanted movement of the wrist when extending out and finishing the tennis stroke[19].

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