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The darkness or VLT (Visible light transmission) of the window film that you choose to have applied to your vehicle is very important.
The heat rejection of a window film is generally determined by the quality of the window film itself, and the components used during construction of the product. However, the biggest issue for a vehicle owner that has a window film installed that doesn't meet the requirements of the state that the vehicle is registered in, is that the motor vehicle insurance for that vehicle is nul and void. All states of Australia require a minimum VLT limit of 35% for the front drivers and passengers window, that simply means that a minimum of 35% of light must pass through the glass after the film is installed. For further info on window tinting limits, please contact the Roads and Traffic authority in your state. Clear Shield paint protection system is a time proven paint protection film that protects an automobile’s most exposed painted surfaces from road debris with a tough, virtually clear urethane film. Tint Pros Clear Shield pre-cut patterns are available for most vehicles, covering the leading surfaces of the hood, fender wing-ends and mirrors together with an application instructional video for as low as $179.99. Tint Pros instructional video for window tint application is available together with enough high-grade film to tint all vehicle windows as well as an additional window should it be necessary for as low as $109.99. If you just got the car and have never even unravelled a roll of tint, then get it done professionaly. On a serious note though, do you want to crap yourself every time you drive past a police car?
Not only do window tint films provide an enhanced appearance to your vehicle they are also a great way to improve security, both whilst driving and when left parked unattended.
Although window tinting is available by professional fitters, this can be very costly and the same professional look can be achieved using window film rolls available from most high street car accessory shops at a fraction of the price. With a bit of practice and a lot of patience, you can drastically improve your cars looks, and when combined with other accessories, such as alloy wheels, or lowering springs, you can soon become the envy of people driving what used to be identical cars to your own!
There are legal limits as to how dark your windows can be (please see below), and in most cases this means that window tint films or spray on tints must not be applied to the front windscreen or front driver and passenger windows. Please measure all your windows before buying any window tint as different size rolls are available.
Preparation is the key to a better finish and for easier application of the film, remove the glass from the vehicle, if this is not possible, then sometimes removing the interior trim can help. Cut a piece of film larger than the required size, then after thoroughly cleaning the glass both inside and out!
Position the film, and making sure both sides are wet begin removing the water with a squeegee. Windows that are more severely curved (many rear windows) may require several pieces of film rather than just one. Rear windows can be tricky, but with the right attitude, and a bit of respect for the film, anybody that has fitted window film to side windows should find they are capable of rear windows as well.
WARNING: DO NOT attempt to cut the strips of film on the inside of a rear window fitted with a rear demister, as you may cause damage to the demister wires. 70% or more visible light must pass through the front side windows otherwise you are committing an offence. As most glass comes factory tinted, applying any tint (be it light smoke, dark smoke, or limo black) will take your windows below the 70% VLT required.Even light smoke on clear glass is usually too dark - You have been warned! At ChipsAway Worthing our fully qualified Llumar installer uses the very latest window tinting techniques and the best quality films to enhance the visual appearance of your vehicle, adding style and elegance.

ChipsAway Worthing window tinting enhances your privacy from prying eyes, and improves the safety of you, your passengers and valuables. Window tinting film will help to hold together broken glass if it is shattered in an accident, protecting vehicle occupants from flying glass.
ChipsAway Worthing window tinting reduces potentially dangerous glare from the sun, headlights and reflective surfaces, minimizing eye strain and providing you with a more comfortable driving experience. UV sun protection will help to reduce fading effects on the interior of your vehicle, particularly on seats and carpets. Window tinting will keep your vehicle cooler on sunny days by reducing solar energy heat penetration by up to 60% compared to untreated glass.
Call us today to discuss the range of window tinting options available to give your vehicle a richer, more distinctive appearance. ChipsAway Worthing are a family run business providing expert repair of car dents, scuffs and scratches in Worthing, Littlehampton, Arundel and surrounding areas. There are many complications that come with a window film being installed on your vehicle that doesn't comply with the limits and regulations in your state. A light metal based car window film can reject far more heat than a darker dye based product.
And if an accident was to occur, in which the insurance company deemed that the darkness of the window film could have contributed to the accident, then the owner of that vehicle could likely face further prosecution.
Laws regarding the remainder of the glass behind the driver does vary depending on the type of vehicle, and the state that the vehicle is registered in.
It is an essential accessory for anyone wanting to maintain their car in showroom condition.
My gf is getting it done for me for my b'day but i don't want them too dark so the police tells me to rip them out! Most side windows can be cut out from 20" deep rolls, but for some vehicles, and most rear windows you may require the taller rolls.
Not only does this make it easier to apply the film, but its saves getting the interior soaked! Place your piece of film on the outside of the vehicle with transparent layer facing outwards. Apply a small piece of masking tape to either side of the film at one of the corners and pull apart. If only one piece of film is used on a curved window creases will appear from the center outwards.
Our window tinting gives you a more comfortable driving experience, and protects you, your passengers, pets and valuables.
Window tinting reduces the risk of vandalism and breaking-in, by deterring any unwelcome visitor who will not be able to see what you may have on display.
The solar film used for car window tinting will filter out 99% of UV rays A and B, which will benefit everyone, particularly small children and passengers who are acutely sensitive to ultraviolet light. It prolongs the life of rubber, wood, vinyl and leather inside your vehicle, and protects the dashboard, audio equipment and speakers. And the rejection of Ultra Violet light doesn't vary between the darkness of the film in almost every single case. Tint Pros maintains a library of patterns for individual makes and models ranging from new, late model and vintage vehicles so that every contour and curve is matched in the pattern.

Tint Pros will demonstrate window film hand precision cutting to fit any window on a vehicle. Ano the sumtimes the tints don't sit properly on the rear of a 106 and if its dun by a company they have to keep at it till its properly finished.
The trick to applying any window tint, is to keep both the film and the glass wet at all times with a water filled spray bottle with a squirt of washing up liquid added. Try and keep the film wet at this stage, and transfer the tint onto the inside of the window with the adhesive side towards the glass.
Do not squeegee dry film, keep spraying the film as necessary till all the air bubbles and water have been removed. For curved windows cut a few strips and overlap them one at a time,beginning at the top, on the outside of the window, cut through two strips at a time and remove the overlap. Sun strips on the front windscreen can also be of great help, especially in the winter months when the sun is low in the sky. Window films also help your vehicle cool more rapidly, even after hours in the blazing sun by reflecting heat out of your vehicle. Our attention to detail and skilled workmanship will make a huge difference to your vehicle's appearance, and the end result will look superb.
Our car body repair, scratch repair and dent repair service is backed by fully qualified, experienced technicians and our low prices represent great savings in comparison with bodyshop garages and main dealers. A darker film will reduce more light which will often result in poor vision out of the glass whilst driving at night.
A got mine dun-Limo tint all 3 back windows and the limit that strathclyde police allow up here! And really its the luck of the draw if you get pulled wae the polis, some dn't care n sum are pricks!!!! The film will then take about a week to cure (while the glue sets fully), so avoid operating the windows for at least a week afterwards.
Keep doing this and you will be left with strips which you can then apply one at a time from the top downwards to the inside of the window. A cooler car means your air conditioning can be used less, helping decrease your fuel consumption and saving you money. If you take pride in your vehicle, don't put up with those frustrating dents and scratches. The clear shield is cut by a high precision plotter driven by a computer program and then is rolled safely into a durable cylinder and shipped within 24 hours with an instructional DVD.
Window film adds a level of security and privacy to your vehicle and passengers while creating a comfortable cabin experience. Tint Pros may also have a DVD depicting the nuances and application for your individual make and model.
The window tint that is provided in the purchase for each individual vehicle is enough to tint at least 1 additional window, if necessary. The film is rolled into a durable cylinder and shipped within 24 hours with an instructional DVD, Tint Pros may also have a DVD depicting the nuances and application for your individual make and model so please inquire as to availability when ordering.

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