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In regulating VLT under law, most states specify a minimum VLT for the front side windows, another for the rear side windows and another VLT for the vehicle's rear window. Although state laws regulating VLT limits are constantly changing, certain states have become known for their strict restriction of window tinting. In Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, laws are even more stringent, requiring all of a vehicle's windows to be shaded no darker than 70 VLT.
Most states allow a moderate amount of window tinting that is seen to fall within limits that allow for driver safety. Similar laws exist in states such as South Carolina, Idaho, Kentucky, Nebraska and South Dakota where medium-range VLTs are allowed but may vary for the different windows on a vehicle.
In some states, the allowable VLT is different for front side windows where a driver views the road around them, but dark tint is allowed on rear side and back windows. Just as window tint regulations vary widely from state to state, the enforcement of such laws is handled differently as well. One of the issues surrounding window tinting involves police officers being able to identify a vehicle's driver through the front window. You may want to have window tint installed on your vehicle to enhance its appearance and give it a custom look. We use only top quality auto window tinting films that will provide years of trouble free service for your enjoyment.
In San Diego and all of California, the law states that the percentage of an auto window tint refers to percentage of visible light allowed in through the combination of film and the window. Looking for professional window tinting in Lexington, Kentucky for your car, truck, house or business? Window tint blocks 99 percent of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays and deflects harsh, uncomfortable glare while allowing glare-controlled sunlight to still pass through the glass. Our window tinting is backed by a lifetime warranty on the professional installation & Suntek high quality tinting films from all bubbling, peeling or fading for the time that you own your vehicle. Lifetime WarrantyOur window tinting is backed by a lifetime warranty on the installation & film from all bubbling, peeling or fading. Join for CouponsYou can sign up for our mailing list and we will occasionally send you updates on deals about our professional window tinting services.
Before having a car or truck tinted it’s likely you’ll want to decide on a shade and color first. Most commonly this film is constructed with a polyester layer with dye and metal combined into the film. Most manufacturers also offer a lifetime warranty on extreme or high-end Carbon grade film. VLT represents the percentage of light allowed to pass through the tinted window; the lower the VLT, the darker the window.
Windshields are usually required to be left at factory specifications that may actually include a mild tint or partial shading to reduce glare. Other states with generally low amounts of tinting allowed include Maine, New Hampshire, Alaska and Delaware.

These states may allow tinting in the "medium" range (35 VLT) on some or all of a vehicle's windows.
In these particular states, a vehicle's windows may be tinted anywhere from 20 VLT to 35 VLT depending on the location of the window.
Oftentimes, these are states where sunlight is intense and frequent, thus making the desire for tinted windows greater to help keep cars cooler on hot days and to reduce dangerous glare in a variety of conditions. In Illinois, for example, no tinting of any kind is allowed on front side windows, but the rear windows can be tinted to any level of darkness.
In some states, window tint is measured with an optical meter during routine safety inspections and cars with too much tint are denied safety certification.
This is the reason behind states that allow no tint on front windows, but do permit tinting elsewhere.
Each window tint film comes with a Factory-Finish Gloss, a 99.9% UV Protection Rate, and is backed by a 100% Lifetime Guarantee*.
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Does not cover damage resulting from abrasive, caustic, or solvent cleaners, mechanical damage from objects people or animals.
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Keep your receipt and warranty information so we can keep your vehicle’s windows looking nice.
That means that a machine cuts the tint before our technicians apply it to your vehicle’s windows which prevents the risk of damage to your glass or rubber seals.
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The color is charcoal and this is what has been used throughout the window tinting industry for years. Window tint, whether offered as a spray-on coating or an adhesive film, is sold with a VLT rating that falls into one of several categories: dark (20 VLT), medium (35 VLT) and light (50 VLT). In New York, drivers may shade their rear window to any darkness, but all of a vehicle's side windows must allow 70 percent of the visible light to pass through.
States such as West Virginia, Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Washington allow for 35 VLT on all windows other than the windshield.
Florida is among the states with the least regulation, specifying only a 28 VLT on front side windows and a 15 VLT elsewhere.
In other situations, it can be difficult to tell whether a vehicle's windows are in compliance.

In some cases, drivers are cited for too much tint on their windows after being stopped for another common reason, such as speeding. A We offer the highest quality window tinting films and precision installation without the hassle of drive in tint services. With over 40 years combined experience in our in-house trained tinting staff, we provide solutions for any size tinting projects. Our quality films also help the interior of your car or truck from fading and protect your skin and eyes while driving. The right remedy could dramatically change your life s e tinnitus can severely interfere celebrities with tinnitus your average routines. If you have the right car (and let’s face it, if you were not a petrol head you would probably not be looking at this page!), tinted windows can really add to the look. It is why limousines have their windows tinted – to keep the (sometimes nefarious, usually hedonistic) goings-on inside away from the prying eyes of the outside world.
Knowing your local tinting regulations is important to help avoid tickets and ensure a car will pass a safety inspection. Some brands of window tint are also available with a "limo" rating (5 VLT), which may be intended only for use on specialty applications and not passenger vehicles. California law is similar, but requires only that a car's front windows be kept light with rear side windows left unregulated. This is especially true when different methods of tinting are combined, such as applying tinted film on top of windows treated with spray-on coatings.
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