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The product that caught my eye was Jaybird’s JF3 Wireless Freedom Bluetooth Headphones. The main unique feature in these headphones is the proprietary ear cushion that is in each ear bud. This entry was posted in Health and tagged Ear Buds, Jaybird, Workout Accessory by Fidelino Jimenez. Fidel Jimenez is a fighting game fanatic and a member of the Fight Game Community in San Diego. While they’re not strictly designed for music, infact, they’re more suitable for home entertainment we thought we give them ago. In the box, you get the headphones, the sender unit, and charger unit, a set of sparse, all be it, adequate instructions and a couple of AAA rechargeable batteries. The bass is a bit weak, but the overall clarity is very good considering they’re wireless.
As for range, like all wifi headphones, the further away you go from the base unit, the greater the chance of hiss and the signal dropping out. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Infrared wireless headphones for players with an Infra Red transmitter built in or for use with the Nextbase Infra Red transmitter so that you can enjoy wirless listening pleasure with your portable DVD player. I bought 3 of these for my kids to use with the NextBase Click 9 Light Duo twin player pack. Headphones not bad for this price but they seem to have a weak point where the ear piece attaches to the head strap. Just turn DVD player volume right down, then turn up volume on headphones to level desired. As this has been bought for a Xmas present we have not tried it out yet, but I was very impressed with the swiftness of the delivery, the condition and packaging of the boxes was excellent, they arrived in perfect condition and I was thrilled with the overall purchasing experience.
We purchased this item recently and have been really pleased with the quality, ease of fitting & the click n go system.

It was more expensive than I intended to purchase but I chose the deal with one set of headphones included & then purchased a 2nd set.
I've scored this as 4star for all categories based on it being a good quality product had it been even ?30 cheaper or had two sets headphones been included, I would have rated it top marks.
Wasn't sure they would be compatible but quick email to 3YM and quick response confirmed they would.
I wanted to check that these would work with my nextbase in car system that is a few years old, email responded to quickly so ordered and arrived promptly.
These headphones have a fully adjustable headband and so fit both children and adults, although they do seem a bit loose on my three year old.
Easy to set up, Has an A or B selector so that you can choose which DVD player to wirelessly connect too.
A more subtle matte look and re-engineered sound, introducing the all grown-up, new Beats Studio Wireless Headphones.
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Yes, I did the holiday binge thing, so I can’t wait to get back into the exercising spirit. It goes right above the piece that goes into your ear, and fits snugly in your ear to prevent the ear buds from moving and dislodging from your ear. Now, as you may well know, wireless is the devils word for music lovers as it usually means that the quality of sound is lost when it’s sent across the air. You'll usually find him wandering the streets of Manchester attending gigs, interviewing artists and trying to persuade techno enthusiasts about the merits of melody. They work brilliantly and get rid of the problem of lots of cables trailing or the children pulling the cables out of the sockets. Excellent headphones - good battery life and comfortable for children 4yrs+ 3WiseMonkeys delivery was super fast.

Its the same headphone just no wires, with Adaptive Noise Cancellation (ANC), a rechargeable battery, a re-engineered acoustic engine and improved software meant to create music as the artist intended.
Its the same headphone with Adaptive Noise Cancelation, a rechargeable battery and re-engineered sound, just no wires to worry about.
The twin channel toggle is easy to operate and the red and green light indicator makes it easy for the kids to realise whether they have selected the correct channel.
Great to be able to have different DVDs playing keeps 2 children very happy on long journeys and great that they can use them out of the car too with the headphones. However, be aware that if you move away from the screens or even just to the side, then the sound deteriorates very quickly and becomes very hissy & crackly.
I’ve used many headphones that pop out of my ear, are uncomfortable during workouts, etc.
Single channel is fine if you are using the headphones with a single transmitter or if there is only a single player transmitting audio. This is because they are infrared rather than being truly wireless ie they need a direct line of sight with the player to work properly. The battery lasts up to twelve hours, and the Bluetooth stays connected up to 30 feet so you roam freely and keep enjoying the music. However, in the car this isn't a problem and would only be an issue if you were wantng to use the headphones indoors. You can use as many pairs of wireless headphones as you want with an IR transmitter with out any audio degradation.
The headband is altered from the original design for a light, stronger and more comfortable fit.

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