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The collection that did it for me was actually one that I haven’t seen covered much in other blogs – a real shame. But that’s not it – there’s an endless array of things, curiosities, items in this press Neverland.
Meanwhile Escada and Escada Sport SS 2015 are sticking to its sharp, no-nonsense and elegant etiquette, very wearable and easy to style whatever your look of the day is. From punchy to punctured – I move on to the crochet and delicate lace works of Self Portrait and Cacharel. The navy maxi skirt I am wearing is by ME+EM, a brand specialising in high quality capsule pieces. When flicking through contemporary clothing catalogs, what I advise you to pay attention to is not the look of a particular jumper, cardigan or sweater but its consistency. Fortunately, my style is so very in sync with this Escada piece, so I didn’t even need to think twice about warmth, comfort and style. With a sweet Cosmo in my left hand (the third one at that point), a pen in my right and ye olde trusty notepad on my lap, I found myself jotting down advice on the joys of blogging and how score cash while at it. Surrounded by fellow bloggers, most perhaps more in the know than me, I found myself feeling a tad overwhelmed seeing the fash pack in LBDs or smart-casual gear while I was donning an 80s Escada jumper. That was until I started chatting to StyleCupid‘s Gurd, who too was sporting some serious knitwear (image below), I started feeling that my outfit from more than three decades ago was what made me, well, myself. I left the event not only with stacks of new-found knowledge but also with a hair straightener, an item which I always have the intention of getting but end up forgetting to get. Award-winning personal style blogger, who wears so much jewellery, some compare it to heavy weight lifting.
Styling a soviet outfit has been a challenge as it is more likely to be seen as kitschy and distasteful rather than a nostalgic reference. You don’t have to understand these mixed feelings that loads of us Eastern European folk have. Village’s press day definitely had the press (well, at least me) making all sorts of sounds, including coo, woo, aww, eek etc. This is the one that has it all: character, mood and a very clear direction – tough, theatrical jewellery.

I personally fangirled over the Escada Sport floral print bag, a mix between practical and edgy. It’s always great to see these weighty garments up close and personal, as it just shows how much work has been put into making a punchy statement piece such as those from the brand’s SS 2015 collection. Basically no-brainers which look good under any circumstance and serve as outfit foundations. Look for wool, cashmere, mohair and their variations – alpaca or merino wool for example.
Yes, on a gloomy Monday evening I decided to attend Affiliate Window’s workshop on how to make my blog pay the bills. This is the woman who teamed up with my mother to make my future husband’s wallet suffer forever. It collapsed when I was 3 years old, so the general consensus was that it should be forgotten along with all of its matrioshkas, communistic ideologies, comrades, control, deceit, hate and fear. It is viewed as almost a sin to feel nostalgia to those times of oppression and obscene propaganda. I managed to throw in all of my needs for the day (think card, keys, smartphone, my Wudwuk sunnies when the sun went down, as well as lipstick and mirror), and there still a huge amount of space left for more stuff. I believe it was Marilyn Monroe who said that all a girl needed to rule the world was a good pair of shoes. While pleasant to the eye, it is destructively cold to the remainder of the body, thus only serious knitwear may grant salvation.
These man-made fibres may feel like wool; however it is highly unlikely that they will keep you equally warm. These natural materials will keep you warm but are costlier than their synthetic counterparts. Marina Rozen is the jewellery designer who’s pieces I had worn ever since I started breathing. I choose to embrace some of the elements though fashion, some wish to erase the era altogether, and the rest sees nothing but a sarcastic joke in this inconvenient past. I inexplicably have this desire to mix Moschino’s latest collections with those of Ashish to achieve the most humorous fashion editorial in history.

Meanwhile Cacharel is sticking to its core – natural, feminine, easy breezy pieces that will never go out of style, just like its signature fragrance, Anais Anais. Still in pristine condition, though I have been wearing it like no one’s business, this jumper requires a dose of attitude to be taken as a fashion statement.
My matryoshkas had a friend – the good old Vanka-Vstanka, a doll equally peculiar as the matryoshka.
She is one of the reasons I feel naked without stacking up layers upon layers of jewellery on a daily basis and why I started obsessing about stones and metals.
I saw grandma going to the market to get fruit and bread wearing a headscarf and heavy fur coats. Acrylic will fuzz and pill after a few wears, or if you are particularly fortunate – after a few washes. My dear friend and in this instance photographer, Agata, even commented that she did not expect 80s knitwear to look anything but banal. The necklace I am wearing here is hand-made with absolutely stunning corals which become as warm as your body temperature when they touch your skin.
I grew up seeing the wallpaper you see in these images and thinking that it is the most modern thing that ever happened. The fabric is also no stranger to rather annoying static and, although uncommonly, can cause rashes to very sensitive skin. How wise she is in her words; if styled expertly even cheesy knitwear can become a trendsetter.
Or vice versa – one mistake and you may be accused of wearing moth-infested granny sweaters. All I am going to say is that when I wear pieces made so lovingly by Marina I get speeches, not only compliments.

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