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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Buggy Aluminum Rim 8''x8'' -Perfectly Symetric -Alloy A356 used for marine equipment -Heating treatment T6 to improve the mechanical properties. If you simply decide that you no longer want your item, it must be returned within ten days of receiving your order.
If you are exchanging for another item, you will also be responsible for the shipping of the new item.
Amanda's “Wild at HeArt” collection features striking close up wild animal faces, available on a variety of products such as ceramic tiles, mother of pearl jewelry, ornaments, and more.
Payments for your store can be processed through Stripe, a leading online payment processor, or through PayPal. By registering you are agreeing to our Terms of Use, Seller's Agreement and Privacy Policy. The founders of Riverstone Industries have brought their decades of greenhouse experience to the new Monticello 8X8 Aluminum Greenhouse. The panels are of the highest quality as well, as the Monticello includes 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate wall and roof panels that are both UV-stablilized and impact resistant. The Monticello is designed to be assembled in just four hours or so depending on how much help you have with just common household tools. The tall interior height of the greenhouse gives you plenty of working space for even the tallest plants.
Automatic Roof Vent - Riverstone make it easy to add extra ventilation to your greenhouse with the roof vent kit.
Internal Shade Cloth - The internal shade cloth kit for Monticello greenhouses is designed to easily install inside the greenhouse so that it doesn't interfere with roof vents or side windows like regular shade cloths do.
Work Bench System -  The well-designed work station kit can be installed on either side of your Monticello greenhouse. The founders of Riverstone Industries have applied their combined decades of experience in the greenhouse space to a new line of products that are among the very best in the market. Based on extensive industry contacts and years of customer feedback, the Monticello line of greenhouses was designed to offer a commercial-grade structure for gardeners of all skill levels at affordable prices.

This has become a reality and the Monticellos have the same frame quality and heavy-duty 8mm polycarbonate walls that are used in commercial units that cost orders of magnitude more.
Riverstone Industries offers a variety of accessories for its Monticello greenhouses that include shelving, shade cloths, watering systems, portable sinks, pollinating systems, and even composting sacks for all for gardening needs. Click the button below to add the 8x8 Aluminum Post Cap - Powder Coated Black to your wish list. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.
Heating treatment to improve the mechanical properties, phosphorus treatment to ensure the rust-proof and easy maintaining. This close up white tiger face illustration is printed in full color onto a white aluminum metal plaque.
The frame is made of the highest quality extruded aluminum and the roof has dual joists to withstand high snow loads. These provide much more insulation than the typical 4mm or single-wall panels found on other units, and are the same panels used in commercial-grade greenhouses. Features like quick-connect screws, the integrated base, the integrated gutter and downspout system, and the pre-hung hinged door and vent speed up the process. The Monticello 8X8 provides the durability of a commercial greenhouse with the practicality of a hobby unit, ensuring that it will provide your family enjoyment for years to come. The vent is made from the same high quality aluminum and polycarbonate and features a 10 year warranty. It allows you to raise and lower hanging plants for easy access and watering using a simple pulley system with a patented manual pull brake. The product line now includes virtually everything needed by hobby and commercial gardeners alike and is popular with both.
Having a product line that is proudly made in America was a top priority for the team at Riverstone.
They are made to the highest standards in the United States for Riverstone by one of the nation's top builders of large-scale commercial greenhouses. Riverstone's friendly staff is available to assist directly with any questions and they take great pride in their products and work tirelessly to make their customers completely satisfied.

If there is a discrepancy with your order, you will be contacted by a sales representative.
After graduating high school at age 15, Amanda, now 19, is currently pursuing an electrical engineering degree as well as growing her art business. The greenhouse is coated with a special UV protectant to prevent discoloration, and it comes with an industry-leading 10 year warranty. It is designed to hang from the ceiling, and the two weighted sprinkler heads are separated by a 4 ft. The vent includes an automatic vent opener, and will work perfectly with the Monticello interior shade cloth system.
The digital timer allows you to automatically schedule your watering cycles to suit your climate and time of year. The hose is also a commercial product and is specifically designed to prevent mold and bacteria growth, ensuring years of safe use.
The cloth is easily opened by simply pulling it back and can be closed by pulling it tight to the opposite end. They are designed for easy assembly in just 20 minutes or so and can be set at any height within the greenhouse up to 4 ft.
Installation is easy, as one end of the system is attached to the timer, and other end of the timer is attached to the spigot. The kit includes grommets, commercial filament, and bungee balls for tying the shade cloth.
The shelves are made of commercial grade PVC and are vented to allow water and air to circulate as well as sunlight.
The design allows for maximum floor space without extra support legs and each bench can hold up to 600 lbs.

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