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It is pictured in plywood, but could be covered in any material to suit its surroundings. It features a rainwater collection system that gravity feeds the the sink and shower. The kitchen features plenty of counter space and storage. It also has a sink, two stove tops, and a refrigerator. Below is the inside of the home set up for dining or optionally just extending the counter space while cooking or maybe reading, studying, or using your laptop.
Since I’ve submitted this idea I have been perfecting it even more and making a building plan.
Well, I realize that this is an Old Topic but I’m posting for future readers who stumble upon it as I did. I’m an architect, so when I saw the bed situated DIRECTLY over the waste container, my head spun around like Linda Blair’s! I grew up with an outhouse and bedpan from birth to 16 and then every Summer after that for years, until the farm was sold.
If the dweller had Hep A they wouldn’t be worried about catching it from themselves now would they?
This impressive Barnsdale 8x8 Log Cabin available here is a brilliant size outside building that has been constructed using premium materials that are responsible for its excellent feedback.The Barnsdale 8x8 Log Cabin is the middle size cabin from Shires range, a range that is known for its long lasting building and amazing value. At 9x9 this Barnsdale Log Cabin is the largest in its range and provides you space outside for working, working out, relaxing or just attractive storage. This design would make for an excellent backyard guest house, off-grid cabin, or even office. It has just a 64-square-feet footprint but boasts an upstairs sleeping loft with about 4 feet of head space in there. LaMar did an excellent job of fitting everything that’s necessary to enjoy all the amenities of a kitchen here. Opposite of the kitchen is an area you can use for eating, working, reading, and studying with enough shelf space for your books and other belongings too.
Here’s the same area with another angle so you can see where you can maybe put your TV, books, and a good shot of the cabinets.
LaMar published a post with these photos, his thoughts, and more information on how he’d build this cabin.
If you want more posts like this in your email join our free tiny house newsletter and receive 6 framing plans free! Shouldn’t the goal be a better tiny house than an arbitray number based on max legal road trailer width without a cheap, permit that lets you tow up to 12′ for a yr?
Not everyone is looking for house on wheels plans and I design more cabins for guest house, vacation and permanent housing. This can be adapted many ways and the window, door and furniture placement is optional and could be changed to fit any needs. I would definitely add more windows, and I’d eliminate the desk in favor of a couple of comfy chairs with a small table between them.
Have your new Log Cabin built for you whilst you sit back and relax.Building installation ONLY.

He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. You do realize that Airborne fecal coliform bacteria can get not only penetrate the mattress but also get into the food area, which is located no more than 2′ from the toilet, don’t you? I didn’t attack Hunter or the bulk of his design, just the mattress on top of the loo. And the Roman’s were famous for their complex sewer networks, going all the way back to 46 BC and 400 AD.
So, I guess if wanting my waste products not part of my mattress or liking a flush toilet is considered spoiled, then I’ll sign on the dotted line, right along with the Romans. I’m new to this website so I was just looking at this now, so I can guarantee that nobody will read it, but still. The manufacturer has sourced top of the range materials which is what gives the cabin its market leading status.The 9x9 Barnsdale Log Cabin is built using seriously strong 19mm thick tongue and groove cladding.
It was just a little bit late so we didn’t get to include it in the entire roster but I finally got around to doing it now so here it is for you to enjoy. As you see he includes storage compartments in the design for up there as well so you can keep all of your stuff out of sight.
I’m also thrilled that so many people not only contributed, but spent so much time and thought on this.
It’s would be prefect to give homeless people who need place to live in with very very cheap rent. You definitely need to look at our beautiful Fernie 19mm Log Cabin, the perfect compact log cabin option for those with slightly less available outdoor space. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too.
Methyl sulfides, Benzopyrrole volatiles, and Hydrogen Sulphide (smells like rotten eggs) are ALL gases emitted from voiding ones bowels. The Barnsdale 8x8 Log Cabin is manufactured from 19mm thick tongue and groove cladding which has been created from a slow grown softwood that has been sourced from sustainable forests. The shower base is 3×3 and you can use either a standard flush toilet or a composting one. The placement of the bed is great because it allows people to stretch out up there and relax. I’ve also looked at the other plans in the contest, and in my opinion, yours is the most liveable.
Create a real escape in your garden with this stunning log cabin and veranda, ideal for enjoying views across your garden whilst reading a good book, no matter what the weather is like.Manufactured from 19mm Tongue and Groove cladding this log cabin has been built with durability in mind.
The timber has been granted extra time to grow and this therefore provides the wood with a much stronger development. And I appreciate the larger shower it’s nice to be able to move your elbows as well as just stand in it. Interlocking cladding is the perfect way to provide moisture resistance and rot whilst also giving a incredibly high quality finish.

The owner of this website disclaims all warranties expressed or implied regarding the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the information provided.
19mm tongue and groove cladding has also been used to construct the roof and the floor in order to ensure a solid build from the bottom to the top. I realize that this is a theoretical house and a contest but still, I’d hate for someone to look at this and think it was a great idea.
Hey, when 1 out of 6 cell phones can be swabbed and find fecal matter on it, just what would a swab pick up after a month of a mattress positioned directly over the toilet?
Both the floor and roof as well as the side panels are all made from the hardy tongue and groove cladding that assures the weatherproof guarantee. Also I would have put solar on roof on one side and other one window to get more light into house at daytime. This structure has been designed to provide an extremely durable building that will stand up against all weathers.An opening window and a large window panel in the single door have both been fitted with 4mm glass single glazing that allows the natural light and air to flood the space and create a spacious and ambient environment.
This Crinan cabin is manufactured from 19mm thick interlocking boards – which are nearly 60% thicker than the average shed or summerhouse. By code, you should have a minimum of one door separating a waste area from the kitchen area; ideally, it should be two doorways away but that rarely happens, especially with Powder Rooms.
Do not wire money in any way without first seeing the home (or other product), checking title, and doing your proper due diligence. A mineral bitumen roofing felt sits on top of the roof and maintains smooth rain run off whilst keeping the roof dry. The single door has also been fitted with a lock and key mechanism leaving you safe in the knowledge that your belongings are safe and sound even when you are away. The manufacturer gives this Crinan Log Cabin a 1 year plus 10 year conditional anti-rot guarantee. The overhang that the apex roof has keeps the front of the cabin dry and will keep bbq’s and other items such as benches dry without needing to be stored inside. The apex roof also increases headroom, adding to the spacious feel of the Fernie 19mm Log Cabin.This stunning cabin is the ideal choice for those that want to make a feature in their garden, attracting attention and making you the envy of all your family and friends. Create a space that will enhance your family life, sit out on the veranda watching the world go by or perhaps even use the space as a garden office.
The doors open outwards and during the summer allow in fresh air as well as acting as a natural light source when light is permitted. This multipurpose space can be tailored to your needs so that you can utilise it as you wish.
When building the cabin you also have the choice of a window on either side which opens outwards also for fresh air and another light source.Assembling the Log Cabin is incredibly simple following the instructions that are sent alongside delivery. The manufacturer assures a ten year guarantee against rot damage when the cabin is treated annually with a timber preservative, which we advise as this will maximise your cabins life span.

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